• Used to be the Mayorga Coffee spot… I kind of miss that place. I like the idea of Soupergirl, but wish they also offered non-vegan soup.

    • Cakelyn

      What happened to Mayorga? Did they move somewhere else or are they gone from Takoma for good?

  • Anonymous

    Is PoP moving to Takoma? That’s the only explanation I can think of for all of these recent TP posts.

    • TakomaNick

      This is Takoma DC. The blog isn’t just about Petworth.

  • I love hearing how successful the Soupergirl has been – there was also an article in the WaPo style section about her and the store yesterday.
    That said, I also wish she offered non-vegan soups, since I don’t eat beans and they are a main ingredient in most of her winter soups.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, can’t they add some meat-based soups for those of us who are carnivores?

      • Anonymous

        I’m vegetarian, and I appreciate the plethora of vegan options in a restaurant world that is normally super-meat oriented (you carnivores get, like, every other restaurant! 😉 )…that being said, I see where you’re coming from and I wouldn’t mind Soupergirl sharing the soup-love with my meat-eating friends. I don’t know too much about the place, other than eating their soups, so I’m not sure if the veganism comes from an animal rights commitment or if it’s just less of a hassle to meet their kosher standard if they’re not even dealing with meat or dairy at all.

  • Jessica

    Oh! It looks like they’ll actually be packing/serving the soup for you from behind the counter at the new location. If so, this is great news. The old way was really cumbersome. I wonder if they have coffee in the morning…and if so, I assume the milk/cream is vegan?

  • Anonymous

    in my wildest dreams, soupergirl opens an outpost in bloomingdale. love that soup!

  • Anonymous

    That’s my boyfriend (behind the counter)! Congrats to Soupergirl on her expansion – the new space is great!

  • After speaking with the owner Sara, they also hope to add live performances with the new space.

  • Anonymous

    Is their soup organic, locally sourced and gluten free?

  • Doc

    Too bad their soup is terrible. Everything is better with meat in it.


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