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  • Anon3

    No sh!t. This is great news. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out so I can take my recently adopted adorable doggie there. :)

  • LT


  • petworthnewbie


  • Fantastic news! Looking forward to hearing more details.

  • Anonymous

    They should call it PETWorth.

  • I hope one of the owners is named Kitty, otherwise they should call it Fido & Kitty World?

    Hopefully they carry Iams “blue” dog food at a reasonable price though, that will save me trips to Petco . :)

    This is a good idea, especially if they do grooming, dog ownership has really grown in the area there and there’s no PETCO yet in Petworth (the one in COHI is not exactly convenient for us), and there’s a vet office just one block up.

    • LL

      +1 on the Blue brand dog food

  • My partner and I were just talking about how someone would do very well by opening a nice pet store in the neighborhood. So many dogs! And so much gas and time savings for us not having to trek over to Chevy Chase to get supplies for our 12 week old Rottie!

  • kgw

    Yay! Great news!

  • Great news! Please carry some of the natural canned foods (e.g., Wellness) and I’ll be there every week

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t I see a sign for PETCO coming to the Target hub on 14th Street?

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it required that these places are named with some clever play on words? How about Pets’ Worthy Supply, or something like that.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that right next to the extra awesome beefy-smelling barbecue joint?

    That’s either very good or very bad marketing. Will dogs go crazy when you go to buy them food there?

  • Hope they have the cheap cat food. The place in Columbia Heights only carries the good stuff (Blue Buffalo etc). Both of my cats just eat around it when I mix it with the Friskies trying to get them to eat it.

    • Anonymous

      Safeway and Giant have the cheap stuff. I have a feeling that if this place sold it, it wouldn’t be very cheap.

    • I honestly don’t know why people shop at brick n’ mortar’s for pet supplies. Amazon has everything you need and will ship it free to you in 2 days with Amazon Prime. No need to waste gas & time going to the pet store in order to pay higher prices.

      I think people still associate buying pet supplies with buying groceries, which is something that needs to be done in person. But nothing pet-related is perishable. Most pet supplies can be bought in bulk and are used day in & day out.

      • anon

        Perhaps you’ve missed the various threads about people’s packages being stolen off their porches?

        • Pet owner

          +1 had dog food stolen off my porch last month.

      • Identified

        For many reasons, people prefer to continue shopping in person.

        You are not one of these people, others are.

        Groceries may also be purchased online and delivered to you. Some prefer to do that, many do not.

      • I honestly don’t know why people buy any everyday items on Amazon. Why not support your neighbors and local shops? Put your money where your house is, instead of giving it away to some mega online seller.

  • Boom

    The owners of Epiphany also own this place…hoping it turns out ok.

  • Janie4

    Please, for the love of god have the ability to inscribe name tags. My animals lose their collars all the time.

    • Anon

      How do your animals lose their collars?

  • Pet-Vet

    Fantastic! This is exactly what i want and what i think the area needs

  • michael k. wilkinson

    +1000 on this whole thread, which has been cheerful and positive except for one snarky person asking, “Why don’t you dumb bells all just buy your stuff online? Shipping is free” …and you don’t have to worry about rinky local businesses going out of business in the blink of an eye because of competition from superstores and online megasellers! Oops, I think I just made a snarky comment. Sorry about that.

    +1000 on the new store. I’ll go there regularly.

  • Yessssss! Annie’s mostly has dog supplies, which doesn’t do my cat any good. I’m excited for this.

  • becky

    Great News!!! I spoke to the owner when they were putting up signs. They got a website for pet owners to go too and request their loved once favorite food to see it up in the shelves. I think the web add is Fido and kitty’s world.com. I feed my cat avedrom. Owe have you Guys seen that pretty cat at the Door store?? Love that cat.


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