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DGS Delicatessen Launching New Bar Menu and Happy Hour

by Prince Of Petworth February 8, 2013 at 12:00 pm 24 Comments

1317 Connecticut Avenue, NW

From a press release:

Starting Monday February 11th, DGS Delicatessen will debut a bar menu of “noshes” from Chef Barry Koslow and inventive cocktails from General Manager and Beverage Director Brian Zipin. Zipin and Koslow have worked closely to incorporate elements of traditional Jewish cooking into a playful and modern interpretation of comfort food bar bites. In a riff on the classic bagels and lox, Chef Koslow is now offering a Smoked Salmon Tartare with Everything Aioli and Bagel Crunchies, ideal for sharing or as a pre-dinner snack. Koslow has also taken the Jewish comfort staple, the Reuben, and created a Grilled Tongue Reuben Slider, which he views as a gateway for less adventurous eaters to have a taste of offal. In line with the rest of the menu, the ingredients are sustainably sourced, and the meat, fish and pickles are all brined, cured, and smoked in-house.

Zipin has curated a selection of beers, wines by the glass, and cocktails that complement the bold flavors of Chef Koslow’s food. The interplay between old and new extends to the beverage menu with an ode to the Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky: the Meyer Lansky Sour is made with Small’s Gin, Meyer lemon juice and Regan’s orange bitters. Among the selection of craft beers, Tsingtao may look to be an anomaly at first glance. However, Zipin selected it not only because it’s a crisp, light beer that complements the Pastrami Chili and Cheese Fries well, but also as a nod to the four co-owners’ love of Chinese food–their chosen celebratory spot being Peking Gourmet in Falls Church.

The Happy Hour Bar Menu will be available at the bar between 5pm and 7pm Monday through Friday.

See the menus after the jump.


· Pastrami Chili and Cheese Fries $6
· Smoked Salmon Tartare, Everything Aioli, Bagel Crunchies $5
· Fiery Brisket Balls, Roasted Garlic Yogurt (3 for $5)
· Chopped Liver, Rye, Gribenes $5
· Mini Grilled Tongue Reuben $4
· Nick’s Mixed Nutz (crispy chickpeas, smoked almonds and ras el hanout dusted walnuts) $4


· Genesee Cream Ale $3
· Tsingtao $4
· Mama’s Little Yella Pils $4

Wines by the Glass:

· CHARDONNAY, Di Lenardo, Friuli, Italy $6
· GAMAY, Domaine Dupueble, Beaujolais France $6
· GRENACHE/SYRAH, Dauvergne-Ranvier, Luberon Vin Gourmand, Rhone, France $6
· SPARKLING ROSE, Weingut Gruber, Austria, $6
· COLOMBARD, Montgravet, France, $6


· LE MARAIS- Sparkling Rose, St. Germain, Orange Juice, Peychaud’s Bitters $7
· MEYER LANSKY SOUR- Small’s Gin, Meyer Lemon Juice, Regan’s Orange Bitters $7
· THE MENSCH- Old Overholt Rye, Regan’s Orange Bitters, Blood Orange, Sugar $7
· PICKLE BACK- Jameson, DGS Pickle Brine & a Genesee Cream Ale $9
· THE CHOSEN HIGHBALL- Cuba Libre, Flor de Cana White Rum, Coke, Lime

  • sweet! can’t wait to check it out, probably Monday

  • Anonymous

    Genny Cream Ale is disgusting. I left Rochester for a reason.

    • saf

      Me too, but my reasons were weather and lack of jobs.

      • Nick Tahoe


  • Anonymous

    let’s stop using “curated” outside of museum contexts

    • Anonymous

      +1, thank you

  • have tried this place numerous times, was very excited when it first opened. Unfortnately, it’s not very good! They’re trying to hard to be a “diffrrent kind” of deli

    • monkeyrotica

      That’s the whole point. It’s the deli for people who don’t like going to delis.

      • Anonymous

        Where in DC are the delis for people who like delis?

        • Anonymous

          This place tries to make classic deli food too fancy and they charge too much for it. Stop messing with perfection. Jewish deli food is popular for a reason. When you try to make it high end, it is no longer good.

        • Anonymous
          • Rich

            Horrible and over priced.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t been there, but I’m happy with the Parkway Deli in Silver Spring. It’s closer to home for me, there’s always free parking and they have an all you can eat pickle bar.

  • Anonymous

    I, too, was excited when this place opened was thinking it would be like the Stage, Carnegie or 2nd Ave Deli in NYC. Its nothing like those. The food is medoicre at best and is WAY overpriced. The Mazoh ball soup was such a disappointment as was the Rueben…if you can’t master these dishes and call the place a Jewish Deli you got balls

  • A Jew

    A Reuben is not a Jewish comfort food staple because of the bacon.

    • Never seen bacon on a Ruben. And I’ve eaten them everywhere (kosher delis, non-kosher ‘Jewish’ delis, and tons of sandwich shops).

      A Rueben isn’t kosher because of bacon, but because of the melted cheese on corned beef.

      • Well, obviously, they wouldn’t make me a reuben at a kosher deli. But you get my point.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best jewish Deli I have ever been too! Better then Katz’s NY! Gotta Check it out

    • Rich

      Let me guess. You’re one of those people who likes pastrami on white with mayo.

    • Do you own it or work there?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get what all the carping is about.

    Of course, brand new places in DC are never going to have the organic character of an old school NYC deli. NYC’s bagels, delis, pizza, etc are a reflection of the city’s history as a hyper-dense, global melting pot.

    Plus, The NYC delis are expensive– $20 plus for a sandwich.

    • Rich

      You easily can spend that much and get very little here.

  • Notajew

    Dgs delicatessan is a restaurant not a deli. Biggest misconception everyone in dc is making. It’s chef driven and gives more of a throwback to not only Jewish delicatessen food (look up delicatessen) and Easrern European comfort food as well.

  • Adam

    I tried DGS yesterday for the first time and was not impressed. Although the hostess was delightful, the service was not where it should be and the value wasn’t there.

    Service: After sitting, it took five minutes for the server to come over. After ordering food the waiter snapped up our menus and walked away, without giving us an opportunity to order drinks. (Missed opportunity, as I wanted a Bloody Mary.) The waiter did not deliver the food, and did not stop in a single time to see how things were going. We had to flag him down to bring the check.

    Food: At $11, we would have expected more than two over-salted latkes. Really, only two fried potatoes pancakes for $11? The pastrami sandwich was delicious, although a bit light on portions. I was also surprised when they would not let me split 50-50 on pastrami and corned beef. The matzah ball soup was tasty, but really, it’s pretty hard to screw this up.

    Anyone else have a different experience?


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