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Two Gay Men Attacked on 3rd and Q NW, Sunday around 5:50pm

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2013 at 1:30 pm 97 Comments

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Dear PoPville,

I’m writing to inform you that a friend and I were attacked last night, Sunday, January 13, 2013 at approximately 5:50 p.m. by a young adult male on a bike. We were walking to Beau Thai. As soon as we crossed third street on to Q, we heard the young male and his friends who were all hanging out at the church nearby yelling “fags.” We ignored them and kept walking on the sidewalk down Q st. Then, one of the kids – a young black male (mini afro, mid-dark brown complexion, a tight smooth face, and a black jacket) – rode his bike passed us and repeated “fags” again.

Then, he put his bike on the sidewalk and turned it around so he was facing us. He rode his bike at full speed into us. Then, he got off his bike, and hit my friend from behind. I tried to deescalate things by saying everything is ok, and we should all stay calm. The young male then walked towards me and hit me in the left jaw. His friends, a block away at the church, yelled at him to return to them. Then all left in a hurry. The police were called on, and came quickly to respond and take our statements. The Gay and Lesbian Liason Unit also arrived on the scene, and we are working to catch the young man.

  • Anonymous

    The lack of civility of many of the young men in this city makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Anonymous.Coward

      This kind of behavior should not be tolerated. One day soon hopefully those types of people (aggressive people who feel the need to commit battery) will be sent to jail for a reasonable amount of time. This happens all too often.

      • H

        If I were one of these punks I would wonder if the next guy I attack might have a concealed weapon. I’m anti-gun, and don’t think things would end up good for anyone in such a scenario, but I would understand if some members of the LGBT community strongly considered packing heat…

    • anonymous

      I think it goes a bit beyond a “lack of civlility.” It is unadultered violence designed to make weak people feel better about their pathetic lives- whether it is attacks on gay people or engaging in dog fights.

  • e

    I’m so sorry. This is atrocious.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like that kid learned a lot in church that day.

    • Anonymous.Coward

      Depending on the church he went to he actually might have, many still rail against gay people calling them immoral.

  • “I tried to deescalate things by saying everything is ok, and we should all stay calm.”
    I’ll play a little bit of blame the victim here, but you weren’t arguing over a parking spot. This was an unprovoked attacked based on pure hatred. There’s no reasoning with someone like that. Either hit him back or run, but don’t stand around and give that animal more opportunities for hitting you.

    • anon

      I wouldn’t say you’re blaming the victims – you didn’t say it was their fault for being attacked. You’re just saying their reaction to the attack wasn’t appropriate given the circumstances. And I have to agree. If you’ve been verbally assaulted, then chased down and physically assaulted, it’s time for fight or flight, not negotiation. If his buddies were a block away, I would have kicked the guy in the balls and run in the opposite direction from his friends.

      • Oh come on, this is Sunday morning quarterbacking. Things could have turned out better or things could have turned out worse but we’ll never know. What we do know is that, as awful as this situation was, nobody ended up hurt in the hospital and the police are trying to find the criminal.

        Sounds like the author kept a pretty cool head and that deserves praise.

        I was in a violent and life-threatening situation in an empty Metro last year and I verbally descalated it. I’ve run it through my head a million times and verbal descalation still seems like the best option that was available to me. I would never dare to second guess someone else’s crisis response. Trust me, when you’re the victim, all those What-If’s are running through your head 24-7 for the first several days anyway.

        • Anonymous

          I think you mean Monday morning quarterbacking ;)

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was an odd response, too, but also the response of someone reasonable who naturally tries to reason with people. That’s in a perfect world. In this case, however, he was dealing with someone sub-human, so reasoning is ludicrous.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, from experience, remaining calm tends to be a very good tactic in these situations. A violent idiot tends to respond with more violence if you’re violent (and that might bring his friends in too). Or if you run, he may respond with a sort of predator-prey response and chase you. Which might be fine if you can reliably outrun him, I suppose.

        But remaining calm tends to desclate the situation because the perpetrator feels like he made his point and there’s not really much left to do other than insult you again and take off.

        Of course, as others have said, the real solution to this is for our stupid government to get serious about locking up people (kids or otherwise) who committ unprovoked violence for much longer periods. Decades at a minimum.

        • Bullwinkle

          …yea and keep in mind the thug was on a bicycle. Running might not have worked in this case.

  • LGBTChick


    Hoping that the victims heal physically and emotionally.

    • parkviewj


      • I don’t think they are victim blaming just wondering why they would try to have intellectual conversation with a biggotted person rather than playing the numbers game. It’s two to one in street fight. They should defend themselves from a tyrannt. Like any bullly once they get their ass kicked they won’t try it again.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone who lives in this city (excpet the thugs and criminals) should learn Krav Maga.

  • This is awful to be sure. But c’mon folks…I am not saying you have to go all vigilante justice on the city, but he was (per the story) one young kid on a bike against two adults.

    Did it ever cross your mind to restrain him as he was hitting you or your friend, or treat him like the child that he is and slap him across the face, or grab his bike…something?

    No, you sit there and take it, which only emboldens this kid the next time, then call the police.

    People will treat you however you allow them to treat you.

    And to get ahead of the “what if he had a gun” excuses, it seems pretty clear by the attack on the first adult he didn’t have one. Thugs lead into a situation with a gun, they don’t starting swinging fists, then come out with it after the fact.

    • Not sure about everyone’s reading comprehension who is blaming the two victims here, but the person clearly says that the attacker’s “group” of friends was only a block a way. Pretty sure that makes it much more than two on one and that these two did the right thing in trying to de-escalate the situation rather than end up in much worse condition.

  • Anonymous

    This city cannot gentrify quickly enough…..

    • Anonymous

      Good point. White kids don’t commit savage anti-gay hate crimes. Like, ever.

      • Anonymous

        Recent example from this area, please? I can cite a dozen of this exact type for you.

      • Anonymous

        Gentrification is more about class than race, and I do in fact doubt that if a higher income family — regardless of race — were to move into the neighborhood that their kids would be equally as likely to commit an assault. Would it never happen? No. Far less likely? Yeah.

      • RozCat

        yeah, they’re just gunning down six year olds.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe not in DC proper. Give it 15 years though.
        The culture of violence isn’t owned by any one racial group.
        Not by a long shot.
        And if we’re going to point fingers, black communities have been far more tolerant of gays that white communities.

      • brownbabe

        FALSE. White kids & White Men have committed some of the worse hate crimes against Gays. Not just attacking them but murdering them. Read your facts and lets not make this a race issue.

        • Anonymous

          In DC? Tell me more about this.

          • BJC91

            wow, to everyone saying that all young black males are violent and uncivil and that all of DC needs to be gentrified you all are idiots. Lets point out a few things here

            A: this attack happened in a pretty gentrified area of DC

            B: NOT ALL YOUNG BLACK MALES ARE VIOLENT, and MINDLESS. I am 21 years old, half black, queer, work at national non profit organization, have zero criminal record let alone even getting into trouble at school, and working on getting back into school …..at Georgetown. So ya your right as a young male of color I must be some crazy violent predator

            Violence is perpetrated by folks of all colors, socio-economic backrounds, upbringings, etc. Not just young black men. I love how when I’m out in public in my work clothes vs. when I’m out in a button down and a snapback I get different looks, etc simply because I’m a young black guy. That being said violence against ANYONE isn’t acceptable nor should be tolerable, and as someone who is queer identified and works in the LGBTQ* community my heart goes out to the victims and hopefully whoever committed this act will be caught and brought to justice.

          • reality

            lol, wut? this are is NOT gentrified. i live in this area and couldn’t agree more that some of these low lives need to just move away – they’re ruining the area for EVERYONE.

    • rockcreek

      These kind of comments are obviously a regular feature of PoP and generally go unchallenged / unmoderated, but:

      There are thousands of working class and low income people in DC that are struggling w/rent, property taxes, etc. as a result of gentrification WHO HAVE NEVER THREATENED OR ATTACKED ANYONE.

      Basically what you’re saying is “this city can’t force everyone who isn’t in my income bracket out fast enough, regardless of how they behave.”

      • Anonymous

        Right. Rich people are fine. Poor people are fine. Middle income people are fine. Etc. etc. Criminals are not fine – particularly violent criminals. We should lock them up for much longer periods – in order to protect everyone – rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, blue, etc. etc. etc.

        • Anonymous 3:20- Had it ever occurred to you that the thugs do not live in the city? Most of the individuals who commit crimes like this don’t live in the city.

          • What I doubt that. I am sure that the majority of gay bashing is done by residents in the District. I remember the incidents that were committed a couple of years a go close to 14&R. I can’t remember exactly where but a gentleman was brutally attacked and was fearful for even stepping out of his apartment after he was phyiscally able to. That was a crime committed by residents in that neighborhood.

          • Anonymous

            Why does that even matter? I don’t care where they live – I care that they’re locked up until they’re too decript to ever committ violence again.

          • anonymous

            Since these kids were hanging out on the street I’d be willing to bet they were neighborhood kids. There are enough instances of people saying, “I saw a group of kids, and suddenly one of them…” to suggest that a significant percentage of the time such groups of loitering kids committing criminal actions aren’t commuting in from MD or VA to do their wilding.

            I have to admit, I don’t often look at the webpage since I moved out of the District last year. I can’t say I miss this sort of post, and am sorry for those who still have to endure this sort of animal behavior. And for those who think I gave up/caved in/have no right to complain/comment now that I’m living across the border: I did my share of running scared through a rough neighborhood, wondering if I might get mugged in the dark, so it’s not like I don’t know what I’m talking about

    • Anonymous

      or you could just leave

    • So your response to bigotry is… hatred towards a group of people based on their race/economic status?

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sorry this happened to you.

  • LGBTChick

    So many saying “what I would have done”, can only hope they never have to find out how they would actually react if attacked.

    -done with POP for the day.

    • amen.

    • anon

      I hope the OP reads this… and realizes that there are a lot of complete strangers out there that are hoping for his physical and emotional strength right now.

      • anon

        oops… meant this to be a general comment, not a reply

  • Hhhmm

    Sorry to hear that. Some of these kids need to learn the hard way. Years ago my partner was walking in the heart of Georgetown and we walked by a group of teens that immediately started name calling. So we stopped and allowed to go pass us. Well one of them decided that he would punch me, and as soon as he did, i punched him right back and broke his nose and splot his lip. Yes it turned into a brawl as his friends decided to help him out, but i tell you what they all got their butts kicked. The sad thing about it all was the cops said if i pressed charges that i too would be arrested. After knowing that i was glad i beat their butts since its clear the cops weren’t protecting me the would be “victim”.

    • Anonymous

      You took a risk, and it paid off. I am glad to hear this story and the results were mostly in your favor.

  • insider

    Maybe the victims could have acted differently, but the victims may have been aware of the fact that the kids had a posse of friends a block away and any of them (including the young man) could have a knife or other type of weapon. Considering there was no bloodshed, the victims could have played it smart.

  • anon

    So much [email protected] garbage in this city. Time to take the trash out.

  • Anonymous

    I am consistently floored by how polite and PC commenters are regarding the criminals featured in stories like this.

    • Anonymous

      they’re not – their comments get deleted if Dan disproves

      • Anonymous

        Ahh–that makes sense now.

    • washingtonian

      You must have missed the half dozen posts referring to the attacker as an animal. What I’m shocked by is that no one is praising the other people who de-escalated the situation, the friends a block away who never joined in on the nonsense and who called the assaulting teen away.

      I’m kind of surprised the kid chased after you after you ignored him. That’s a new level of brazen right there.

  • I hope these untrained animals are caught. This is so sad in this day and age, people can’t walk down the street minding their own business without being attacked.

  • It’s getting to be too much

    I say, just start calling 911 at the inception of any name calling. It’s most likely going to escalate. I don’t believe these type of situations can be defused by talking to these type people. They are looking for a fight they think they can win. There seem to be at least 3 or more stories on here every week/weekend about people being attacked/mugged. Just have your phone handy, and if anyone name calls or starts coming at you, just immediately call 911. Then after you have called 911, be prepared to fight back.

    • Roz

      I’m pretty sure if you call 911 to report name calling, they’ll hang up on you.

      • Then what’s “see something, say something” about other than calling 911 for something that looks like it could escalate?

        • Roz

          Beats me, but wouldn’t this be more like, “If you HEAR something, say something”?

    • Annonny

      Have you ever tried calling our horrendous 911 service?

      You’ll spend about 5 to 10 minutes answering basic questions like “Police, Fire, or Ambulance” then the cops probably won’t be dispatched for another 10 minutes for god knows what reason.

      I don’t have a better solution, but if you’re threatened you shouldn’t think calling 911 is going to help protect you. Running away is probably a better defense strategy.

      • Anonymous

        They give the non-emergency calls a separate number like the old days

        • reality

          no they don’t … I’ve had to call 911 for non-emergency reasons more than a few times … and all except once, police were out within 10-20 minutes (not ideal response time, but again, it wasn’t emergency)

  • Anonymous

    Bunch of savages in this town.

  • Glad to hear you were able to walk away from this and were not seriously injured. Last year a transgender woman was walking near me in Petworth and a handful (3-5) teen boys started yelling “fag” after she walked past us. Both I and the person I was with told them to leave her a lone and not to use that kind of language. There was no violence but the crap that came out of their mouths was disgusting.
    It likely didn’t change their behavior but hopefully the woman heard and knew that her fellow citizens stood by her and the right of everyone to walk in peace. As they say on Metro – see something, say something.

  • I live in this area and have been harassed by young people who hang out by the church at 3rd and Q on several occasions, including having objects thrown at me (rocks, snowballs, and trash), being chased, and having various insults yelled at me as I walk/bike by. My housemates have had similar experiences in this particular area, so I try to avoid this intersection when it’s late, and the fact that this happened at 5:50 makes me even more skittish.

    • petwurf

      sounds like some neighbors might oughta have a little chat with this church.

      • I don’t know if it’s the church so much as the housing development located behind it…

        • Anonymous

          but the church likely plays more of a leadership role in the community than the police or others. if this general area is a concern because of repeated threats/attacks, reach out to the church. they can possibly do more than just scream at the kids to get off their lawn…

          • I’m so glad I never bought those condos on 4 and Q. I know the housing development you are talking about i walked around there mid day when i was scoping out the neighborhood. Didn’t like what I saw.

      • anonymous

        You assume the church is against homophobia. Don’t count on that—not after the local churches leading the charge to end gay marriage in the District. What do you expect from the uncivilized animals in the community when the somewhat more socialized “christians” in their midst practice hate by seeking to deny a civil right to gays and lesbians?

        • First of all, just want to point out there are many churches in the District acting out in FAVOR of gay marriage. Second, even if the church is against homosexuality, it will also be against VIOLENCE.

    • Bullwinkle

      Is this neighborhood Bloomingdale, Truxton Circle or something else?

      • Anonymous

        No real consensus on the name. Some call it truxton circle, some call it east shaw. Dunbar and bates also.
        Definitely not bloomingdale or ledroit, which were subdivisions and had specific areas.

    • reality

      I use the bike lane to get through that area as fast as I can. It’s definitely that housing development. Needs to be demolished. I’d rather see a pile of rocks there than that development, to be honest.

  • ShawGuy

    The longer I live here the more tempted I am to just buy a serious stun gun and say to hell with what the laws of DC say about stun guns. I can no longer count the number of times I read about crime on this blog and the victim’s description of the events leading up to the incident make it painfully clear that they could reasonably see the attack coming within the next few moments, they were unarmed, and had to chose between fighting back with their bare hands or running. How is that a fair fight for the victims here?? Especially when you consider that most of these little thugs are armed with *something*.

    If I had a stun gun with me and this happened to me, the second I heard these kids I’d have my hand in my pocket, holding it, and waiting. I know the instructions say to aim for the chest, but in my opinion one of the guns that shoots the little barbs up to ten feet away to the face with a couple hundred volts would be just what you need in a situation like this one to zap the little thug, put him on the sidewalk, and then have a chance to run safely without worrying he was going to shoot you. It’s usually non-lethal, but even if you end up the exception to the rule on that and the thug dies, I can’t say I consider that a bad thing…

    • anonymous

      OMG, you actually fantasize about this, don’t you? I thought I was the only one. It’s terrible to have to think about your self-protection in this way.

      • ShawGuy

        @Anonymous 4:14 – I would never use the word “fantasize” – I fantasize about having one of the penthouse units at #1 or #2 Logan Circle, or going on a dream vacation to some exotic locale – but I certainly have had the time and experience to think this kind of thing through. I walk almost everywhere, and I live in Shaw, which is a mostly-awesome-but-sometimes-sketchy neighborhood. I got mugged a while back, and was outnumbered, but fought back and got through it without getting shot or stabbed, which I considered a win. Over the last fifteen years, most of my friends have had a run-in with one or more of these lowlifes at least once.

        Ever since I got mugged, I’ve thought long and hard about the balance between my desire to be a good, law-abiding citizen and follow the law and not get a stun gun, and my common sense that says I’m just physically incapable of fending off a group of thugs who set their minds on hurting me with my bare hands. Those Hollywood movies make everyone think that if they get attacked they’ll think clearly enough in that second to fall back on a self defense class they took in college and do a series of flying roundhouse kicks to the heads and clever punches all while leaping about to avoid knives and bullets. The reality of it is that even in the movies it takes a whole day of filming to get the “good guy” to win that 30-second encounter – you have no chance because you can’t yell “CUT!” and start the attack over.

        When something like this happens to you, you have just seconds to get the upper hand, and you have to be mentally in your happy place where you are ready and willing to strike first if needed and to do *whatever* you need to do to not get killed – up to and including hurting, maiming, or killing your attacker(s). And I’ve thought it through enough that I’m in that happy place now if I ever got attacked again – I realized if you wait to try and find that happy place until you are actually being attacked, it is too late. And I’ve come to terms with the fact that if we’re both walking on a relatively empty street and you get so close into my personal space in a way that makes me feel threatened that I could reach out and touch and zap you with a stun gun, then even if it turned out later that you weren’t intending to do me harm I would feel comfortable with my choice to zap you in that circumstance to get away from you – you shouldn’t have been close enough for me to reach you and you shouldn’t have been making me feel threatened (and yelling things like “fag!” at me is, obviously, a good example of making someone feel threatened).

        I’ve seen an attempted mugging on a metro train – a “snatch and grab” of a cellphone gone wrong – where a guy standing nearby pulled out a stun gun and just zapped one of the kids who was trying to steal a phone. Everyone on the train – the attackers, the victim, and the other riders – stopped and just froze up. There was this absolute shock that someone had done something to one of the thugs. The doors opened, and the victim ran out of the train and got away. The other kids ran as soon as they realized that their friend wasn’t getting up and coming with them. It just stopped the entire attack on the spot.

        So, I’ve realized that there is a definite advantage to being able to take an attacker (or a group of attackers) by surprise. They are not expecting you to fight back. They certainly are not expecting you to incapacitate one of their fellow thugs for fifteen to twenty minutes. If you do so, it will scare the rest of them – they had a plan, after all, and things have now taken a turn that throws the entire plan – hopefully enough that they abort the attack.

        And in my head, I still need to figure out the balance between getting them to abort the attack (obviously the desired outcome) even if it means not being compliant with DC law to enable myself to have the upper hand with something like a stun gun, or risking becoming another TC Maslin (permanent brain damage) or Jason Emma (murdered) if I get “picked” as a target again, but knowing I didn’t break the law. It’s a really tough thing to wrestle with.

        • anon

          Thanks for this post — very well thought-out.

    • They probably won’t go to the police when they get tased. I say go Jodie Foster Brave One on their butts

    • Anonymous

      I bet an air horn would make a nice weapon against thugs. Just stick it in their face and blast them with noise!

    • Annonny

      You’re supposed to aim for the chest because it’s a bigger target.

      Shooting somebody in the face with a stun gun may seem more satisfying but you’re less likely to actually hit them.

  • babble

    I know nothing about this – just saw it on EveryBlock and thought it might be related:
    “Just a warning to all: I was attacked by two tall teenage boys with pepper spray at 7pm yesterday at 2nd and Flordia NW. They didn’t take anything (I wasn’t carrying a purse) and I scared them off. However, the pepper spray on the side of my face was new and very uncomfortable experience.”

  • AO

    I happen to be the OTHER victim involved here. To those who have shown support, thank you very much. For those trying to lay blame on me and my friend — shame on you. My friend gave a brief report to make others aware of the neighborhood safety, and the whole occurrence was a quick, violent blur for both of us lasting merely seconds. So don’t go judging victims for not expecting to get beaten up (when I’ve managed my entire life so far NOT to). Yeah, it’s really easy when you have all the time in the world to sit back and think, “This is what they should’ve, could’ve or would’ve done better…” Just like you know this thug didn’t have a weapon on him by some magical means. But it’s a totally different thing when, in a matter of seconds, not even a minute here, someone on a bike out of nowhere pins you against a building, beats you in the face, tries to steal your phone when they realize you’ve called 911, then beats your friend — and all for one reason: Because he thought we were “faggots.” No other reason whatsoever. So yes, to the person that said we should have called the police immediately, we did! And that only aggravated him all the more and sent him scrambling to grab my phone unsuccessfully, and then he went after my friend. And my friend trying to talk him down and rationalize with him — let’s give that 5 seconds tops! We were running to the main road at that point screaming HELP, leave us alone, you don’t need to do this; we weren’t throwing some counseling session amidst a fight. Yeah, I could have looked for a tree branch or something and beat his skull into a bloody pulp if I’d really had the time to ponder this maybe — but guess where I’d be sitting today? In jail.

    This was not a “young kid” versus two grown adults here as suggested by one commentor (there was clearly a teenager standing at the church, but not who attacked us). It was a violent punk who likely has a violent history in his LATE teens / early twenties, not much younger than either one of us are; someone who, unprovoked, saw two easy targets and decided to call them faggots and try and beat them up. He didn’t go for my wallet, he didn’t go for my phone, he simply saw two, skinny guys he perceived as being gay and thought, “Oh what fun easy targets they make for some violence.” And my size, and my friend’s, were certainly smaller than his, not to mention I’ve never been assaulted in my life, nor have I ever gotten into a fight either. I’m a nurse — so I get to see on a daily basis how punks like this DO carry knives, guns and all sorts of deadly weapons. And thank God we didn’t fight back, because who knows what this seasoned jerk had on him.

    These were clearly neighborhood kids, they referred to it as their neighborhood. And I believe they’ll be caught. They’re street trash, and that’s where they’ll stay until someone identifies them and throws them in jail where they belong. It’s only a short matter of time…

    • ShawGuy

      @AO – Good for you for surviving without getting shot or stabbed. As I wrote in an earlier post, when I was attacked a while back, I considered not getting shot or stabbed in the ordeal to be the “win” I could achieve in that scenario. And I know the whole thing feels like it took twenty minutes when you look back on it in detail, but in reality it all went down in thirty seconds and at the time it felt like fifteen seconds, tops. You really don’t have time to think. I hope you and your friend have a speedy recovery! And I hope to read one of PoP’s “Props to the Cops” about them catching the guys that did this to you and raising a glass in your honor whenever that happens!

    • insider

      Well written

    • ArtDan

      I have lived here in Shaw a dozen years now, and in the District for 26 years. I was assaulted at 3rd and Q six years ago: the 1st of 4 assaults in the same year. I have never been assaulted at any other time in my time in DC. I guess luck caught up with me. Be ware of PTSD, and the depression that can result from these kinds of trauma. Its a shame these things happen, its sad to hear situations involving hate crimes still happen here in Shaw. I hope you two find solice and support from your friends here, and know that the world is a better place from your example.

    • Bullwinkle

      I’m sorry this happened to you and your friend. But I’m just curious to know if you two were showing affection towards one another (i.e, hand holding and the like) when this began. Otherwise I don’t understand why they’d start yelling out the “Fag” word unless in their minds two guys sans girl equals gay.

      • Trixie

        Who gives a crap? Why are you trying to rationalize awful behavior? It doesn’t matter if they were showing affection or not.

      • ChiJimmy

        Possibly the most brain dead comment/question I’ve ever read on PoP. You sir win the ass of the day award.

  • sv

    I’m so sorry and sickened that this happened to you, and by the senseless violence in this city in general. I hope the perpetrators are caught and punished.

  • 16th Street Heights

    I wished we lived in a perfect society where all human beings loved each other and got along without hurting or killing others. No deserve to be treated like this. Sometimes I wish I could move away from civilization because becoming a recluse might be better.

  • Anonomus

    Ok For staters i’ve grown up in this neighborhood since i was brought home from the hospital when i was born. My family has lived in this neighborhood for well over 40+ years and we now currently own the home we live in. I’ve seen people get murdered right before my eyes in the early 90’s. Ive also seen this particular neighborhood gentrify over the years as well. Ive also seen people (caucasians) Walking down the street willy nilly @ 3oclock am like nothing is wrong. C’mon people This is Washington DC you need to protect yourselves. This is not the suburbs. Most of the (Thugs) You speak of prey upon people that they Deem weak and sadly alot of the people they target are homosexuals. Let em know you are not to be FU%ed with and you will have no problems.

    • Anonymous

      Anonomus – I agree.

    • anon

      “Ive also seen people (caucasians) Walking down the street willy nilly @ 3oclock am like nothing is wrong.”

      What do you mean, “like nothing is wrong”? What’s “wrong” — is it the fact that they’re white and they’re in a mostly black neighborhood? Or the fact that they’re out walking at 3 a.m.? Or that they don’t seem nervous?? Or did you mean that they’re walking in the same manner at 3 a.m. as they would at 7 p.m., without seeming to be any more cautious than if they were out at 7 p.m.?

      This attack happened before 6 p.m. I can see the idea of “If you’re out in the middle of the night, be especially cautious and aware of your surroundings”… but it doesn’t seem like that’s applicable here.

      • it’s like you’re not even trying to understand the comment you are replying to.

        • anon

          If I weren’t trying to understand, would I even be asking these questions?

    • Identified

      It was 6pm on a sunday.

      I have lived here for 20 years, and yeah – if you walk hard you can be left alone… or it can be taken as a challenge. I am not a big person, but I ain’t no flower either, and yet I have been rocked, egged and mugged in this city.

      Telling someone to walk hard and nothing will happen is a ridiculous thing to say.

      All thugs prey on the weak, because they are weakass little boys who can’t do better. If they were not such weakass little boys, they would have figured out how to stay in school, attain a career and respect their fellow citizens.

      Because living well regardless of the adversity you have faced is hard to do. Being a weakass thug is simple.

  • reality

    I live in this neighborhood. This makes me sick. So ready for these thugs to move out.

    • ChiJimmy



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