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  • eh, I wont shop there but I hope this doesnt happen only because DC has such great independent pet supply shops.

    But it probably will happen.

    hopefully theyll have good pet adopt events though.

    • Anonymous

      I support independent shops that make sense – small shop pet supply does not make sense. Pet food & kittly litter is big bags of stuff – plus staple supplies – leashes, nail clippers etc. that you buy once every 15 years or easily buy online.

  • Anonymous

    So excited about this and can’t wait. DC has great independent pet stores? You mean the one on 11th Street that has been closed three of the times I went there, even though it was their normal posted hours? Or the one in Adams Morgan that got rid of most of their cat supplies to make room for more dog kenneling? We need a Petco, absolutely no question about it.

    • Right. For the 50% of Washingtonians who have, you know, CATS, this is a huge boon and will make shopping so much easier.

      • Anonymous

        There is already a Petco in the Cleveland Park shopping center, FYI.

    • sv

      +1!! Not to mention, not everyone needs or wants organic, grain free, blah blah blah high priced food that the independent pet stores sell. After years of working through my cat’s food tolerance issues and $$$ in vet bills and different foods, we finally came to the conclusion that she actually does best on the “lower end” food. Go figure.

      I went into one of the “great independent pet stores,” (not going to name it) and naively asked if they had Iams or Fancy Feast, and they looked at me like I asked for a bag of broken glass. Followed of course by the lecture about pet food ingredients implying that I’m a terrible, ignorant cat owner. I still wish I had the presence of mind to say, I’m happy to buy your expensive stuff, as long as you come to my house everyday and clean up the resulting cat vomit.

      Yay for Petco (and judgment-free pet food shopping)!

  • Anonymous

    Cool! Hey maybe a Chili’s will open next!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe I can feed my cat french pastries and espresso, I mean why do we need a mall in DC? Horrors! Why can’t it be like the nineties, when you had to go to the ‘burbs to buy everything except drugs?

  • The Unleashed by Petco in G’town has adoption events every weekend. Second Saturday is WARL (I was there with Miranda the pibble) , Sunday is Lucky Dog. Hopefully this one will do the same.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Unleashed store in Georgetown. Staff is super helpful/friendly.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously?? Claws & Paws on 11th street is awesome! They are super helpful, friendly and fairly priced. We should be trying to support local businesses in DC, not add another chain to the eye sore that the columbia heights shopping center is becoming. Also, there is a petco just a quick bus ride away in Cleveland Park- why do we need another one so close?

  • steveg202

    Reality Check: DCUSA is a shopping mall priced, and filled, with chain stores. Enough complaining about it please! And though I love independent stores and will continue to offer them my business first -PETCO offers food for my kids’ exotic animals not carried by local stores, is walkable and has longer hours for those of us who work late. IOW, there is a place for PETCO and that is why they have so many stores. Nothing evil about them in my opinion.


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