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  • This how is crying to be tarted up!

  • Anonymous

    It’s getting some work, judging from the full construction bin in the driveway recently.

    Originally part of John Saul’s Maple Grove Farm, which was parceled out as Saul’s Addition by his son, B.F. Saul.

    Speaking of, one of the finest spreads in the area is the current (billionaire) B.F. Saul’s property occupying the block between Quincy and Bradley on the east side of CT Ave in Chevy Chase Village. An empire originally founded on the humble farm which, as luck would have it, was in the path of DC development.

  • anon

    I don’t hold out much hope (for it being ‘tarted up’). This is owned by the Century Club and is used as a party house much to the chagrin of the surrounding neighbors. The inside is a mess and the outside is decaying rapidly. Such a shame given the potential of this house.


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