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Dear PoPville – Anyone Know the Reason for the Large Police Presence Outside DCUSA?

by Prince Of Petworth December 20, 2012 at 9:25 am 19 Comments

Dear PoPville,

Any idea what’s going on today at DCUSA nothing but cop cards parked out front to block cars and buses from stopping and/or parking? Both sides of the street all the way up to the Trivoli building. Big police presence as well.

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday I saw a set up outside of the WSC for an event that included police and kids in need – or something like that.

    • whoohoo

      Yeah, in Columbia Heights. I’m sure huge police presence would only be there for some charity event.

      • Anonymous

        Yikes! Snark much?

      • Colhi

        Wow, you are a jerk.

      • Anonymous

        Well it was, so shut it

  • MikeO

    Leaving Wash. Sports Club this morning, most of them were gathered on the third floor, above target. There’s a charity event of some sort going on up there today, and it looked as though there was a police appreciation element included in that.

  • Ward One Resident

    I’m sure it’s “Shop with a Cop.” Happens everywhere, every year.

    • Anon

      Is this to help prevent theft?

      • Ward One Resident

        Are you being an *ss or obtuse? Shop with a Cop is a program that pairs police officers up with deserving kids in need and they shop for Christmas presents. Really. This is not new, nor is it unique to D.C.

        • Farnsworth

          “horrifying black people” is seriously the one track Popvillians mind.

          • Anonymous

            A little snarky, maybe…but not without an element of truth.

  • Colhi


    Shop with a Cop gives kids a holiday opportunity
    MPDWASHINGTON (AP) – More than 100 children are doing holiday shopping with District of Columbia police officers.

    The children, who were pre-selected and range in age from 5 to 17, spent Thursday morning with the officers at a Target store in the Columbia Heights neighborhood.

    Assistant Chief Alfred Durham says the children were picked for a variety of reasons, including financial need and their involvement in the community. He says he personally selected children whom he witnessed helping a man who had fallen to the ground. The annual shopping spree is arranged by the Washington DC Police Foundation, which provides grants for certain police programs. Participating children were given $100 gift cards.

  • Dunkin Donuts moving in?

    Sorry. had to be posted by someone at some point. :(

    • Anonymous

      …there’s already a Dunkin

  • I think Cathy Lanier and the brass do this every year. I wish some of them carpooled though. Traffic on Irving is bad enough, but to have giant police trucks blocking a lane is even worse.

    QOTD: “Why don’t you walk into a bullet?” – guy being escorted out of CH Potbelly’s by MPD this morning. Disgraceful…

    • Anonymous

      Cops in this town have never met a bad traffic situation they weren’t dying to make worse.

      • Anonymous

        Or hadn’t caused in the first place.

        Why do they joyride around at 50 mph with their lights on but no sirens? I’ve almost been killed by that a few times.

  • Anonymous

    Jeeze…give the guys in blue a break. I’m not saying they always do an outstanding job, or that every cop is a good person. but I think most of the cops do the best they can. Our city has a bit of a crime problem in case you hadn’t noticed, and they don’t have enough man power to be everywhere at once. It’s nice that they participate in these kinds of community outreach activities

    • petwurf

      I’ve met quite a few of them now, and, unfortunately, I’m afraid you’re probably right: this is about the best they can do. We’ll just have to learn to live with it, I guess.


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