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  • If only all the Subways in DC met the same fate.

  • “They’re the only sandwich shop that’s worse than me!” – A. Hitler

  • Alex

    Yeah, probably because Quiznos is disgusting. I keep waiting for the one on the 1700 block of G Street NW to close, it seems like no one is ever in there.

  • Anonymous

    Quiznos is gross. Not surprised they are closing.

  • I wonder why all the ones in DC are so horrible. The one in Bethesda near the Metro Center area was always good (haven’t been there in years though). I tried the one on U street because I was curious, and it was truly the worst experience ever.

  • Quality control is not so good among Quiznos franchises. I’ve been there less than 5 times since they moved into the area and I was grossed out by how they dip the meat in water that cross-contaminates it with other meat liquids before placing it into their oven. It seems like there’s been barely any franchise-level support to keep individual stores in line with corporate standards, each store might be a hit or miss in terms of quality, consistency, and cleanliness, which are some of the most important factors in ensuring continual customer support.

    Subway has a problem with ensuring managers don’t cut corners, and Subway stores (In the area) also have issues with keeping supplies fresh (as I’ve observed) and with bathroom cleanliness. People mostly go to these stores only because they’re close rather than cravings, but I personally don’t think its a big loss, They really weren’t that much of an original idea to begin with.

    • kitchenguy

      Just be glad you don’t see what happens in other kitchens if that grosses you out.

  • i walk by this one all the time and never see anyone in there. just last week i was wondering how they manage to stay in business. i guess, they don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Years ago, their sandwiches were really good. But now, they’re mostly disgusting.

  • Scott

    Not surprised. I stopped going there years ago because their cashier/manager would always ring in your items separately rather than as the combo so their coupons wouldn’t give you as much off as they were intended. The sandwich guy once made my sandwich the larger size by accident and admitted his mistake when I mentioned I wanted the smaller size and the manager actually unwrapped my sandwich and cut off the inch and a half. I told everyone in my office and never went back.

  • Rich

    Quiznos is one of many franchised fast food & fast casual places that’s been bought/sold/bankrupted (actually Quiznos apparently just avoided bankruptcy, soit’s luckier than most). Lots of litigation initiated by franchises. I’m sure the QA/QC is horrible. They used to be predictably better than Subway. Cosi seems to be headed down the same kind of hole.

    • Cosi was never good to begin with.

      • Cosi just closed its location on Franklin Square at 13th and K on Friday.

    • Anonymous

      It really is a shame when Subway is now the most consistent/reliable quick service sandwich franchiser.


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