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H &Pizza Coming to Quiznos by U Street Metro

by Prince Of Petworth — December 14, 2012 at 12:00 pm 18 Comments

Not to be outpaced by Logan Circle, comes more big U Street news.

“Dear PoPville,

I heard about H & Pizza expanding to U Street (in the Quiznos location at 13th & U). I’ve never been to H & Pizza, but the Yelp reviews seem very good. Think this concept will do well on U Street?”

Last week CityPaper’s Jessica Sidman shared the big news:

“that the restaurant has signed a lease for a 1,200 square foot space at 1250 U St. NW, which currently is home to a Quiznos. He hopes to open in the spring.”

We haven’t done a proper judging of H &Pizza located at 1118 H St, NE but from what I hear if the quality is a good as people say they will do phenomenally well on U Street.

Any fans of H &Pizza? Think they’ll do well at this location on U Street?

  • That Man A

    H & Pizza is great… if you know how to put together a decent pizza lol

    their options allow for a lot

    if you are getting a regualr pizza (regular tomato sauce, typical cheese, and pepperoni) it may not be overwhelming
    but if you use the toppings you normally dont see well you can easliy walk away with an amazing pizza

    idk how i feel about this move though

  • Anonymous

    They sell “H” and pizza? Is that legal?

    • jch

      Maybe they should change their name to HGH & Pizza?

  • This place is going to dominate wherever it goes because it’s amazing. Five years and they’ll be all over the DC Metro. In ten? Hopefully back where I’m from so I can get it there too.

  • grr

    will they still call it H &pizza, or will this one be U &pizza?

    • Anonymous

      Their 3rd restaurant would have to be Pizza & I

    • grr

      my bad. spoke too soon. just read the article

  • There’s a few pizza competitors within a few blocks of here but they’re all pretty terrible. This place will be a mad house on Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights. I hope they install multiple cooking machines, otherwise the line is going to be out the door. My number 1 complaint about H & Pizza is that it takes so long to wait in line because the pizzas cook slowly in the machine. I’d prefer if they gave out numbers (like a deli counter) so you could sit & wait for your number to be called and then go place your order one person at a time.

  • Great addition to U street only if they add multiple lines and ovens. The process right now on H street takes way too long especially if you’re interested in take out.

  • H & Pizza is great. But will they change the name to U & Pizza

  • ted

    I will never forget that Quiznos. I was having an early dinner around 5:30 a few years ago when a guy asks me for some change. I didn’t look up, grunted a “no”, and kept reading espn on my iphone. 30 seconds later I look up and the lady behind the counter was gone. In fact, everyone in the place was gone but me. She came back a little later and said that the guy pulled a gun and robbed the place, the second time that month I believe.

    • Anonymous

      Someone asked you for money and you didn’t even look at them?
      That’s cold hearted yo.

  • The Italian Pizza Kitchen is 2 blocks down is very good except for their late night jumbo slice. This place by default has to be better than Quiznos however.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to this!!

  • SF

    H & Pizza is fantastic. Where else can you get unlimited toppings & sauces for only $8. That being said I agree with the comments folks have made about the wait time. They definitely need to install more ovens and institute a number/wait policy. Because the line really does get wayyy too long.

    That being said it’s great food and it likely to succeed & expand like Taylor Gourmet. U & Pizza will likely be as successful.

  • Anonymous

    The last time I went into that Quiznos the lettuce was completely brown. I asked if he had some fresh lettuce he said “Yes but we have to use up this first”. Glad to see it go.

  • wylie coyote

    H&Pizza rocks. Between this and Taylor’s, H Street is like a food retail incubator. Ha.

  • RJofDC

    Anything will be an improvement over the “flavor-free zone” called Quiznos.


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