A&D Opens Today at 1314 9th Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth December 5, 2012 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

1314 9th Street, NW

Back in July we learned the former Lamont Bishop gallery space would become A&D tavern next to Seasonal Pantry on 9th Street. I stopped in yesterday for a few photos while finishing touches were being completed. They’ll open today at 5pm and in the future they plan to open for weekend brunch as well. Currently the hours are Sun.-Thurs. 5pm-1am and Fri.-Sat. 5pm-2am. Kitchen will likely close around 11pm.

An awesome addition to this section of 9th Street. Have a look:

Huge bar at entry

Click photo above to enlarge

General manager and resident mixologist, Evan Cablavan

More photos including the food menu after the jump.

Click menu to enlarge

More seating in the back

Great details

Old signs getting ready to be hung, murals coming as well

Cherries from Seasonal Pantry

A&D next to Seasonal Pantry

  • megan

    I really hope this place turns out to be good. I would love a nice, low key bar in the neighborhood.

  • That cocktail menu looks very tempting, especially the Doctor’s Rx and the Winter Julep.

  • I’ll have the meatloaf patty melt and a 54th to drink, please.

  • Anonymous

    They should call it AD&D and have Dungeons and Dragons games available for patrons to play.

  • Anonymous

    please tell me that there will be SOMETHING vegetarian here. with cocktails like those, i’m going to need some food to soak it up!

    • luaujade


  • J

    Congratulations to another place opening without vegetarian options. How stupid can these places really be?

    • DSinclair

      Yes there are.

    • Anonymous

      All their drinks look vegetarian to me.

    • polytasker

      3 of the 5 small plates are vegetarian, not to mention any daily specials and the numerous veggie takeout options available around the corner at Sundevich.

    • Anonymous

      If I ever open a restaurant in DC, every dish served will contain foie gra.s

      • J

        It’s actually the McDonald’s theory. McDonald’s realized through research that they were losing money because they didn’t have food mothers wanted to eat so the whole family wouldn’t go in. Same for me. Wife is vegetarian so by not having a veggie entree you lose two people’s business. It’s not that hard to have 1 veggie entree. Totally their right not to have it and totally my right not to patronize.

  • anon

    you can always have corn bread and cherries from the seasonal pantry

  • Looks nice. I’ll definitely give it a try.

  • Anonymous

    The drinks look vegetarian to me.

  • SJ

    A reuben made with beef TONGUE? Call me a Reuben purist, but that is blasphemy

  • Anonymous

    Dare I say it? Evan is a hottie!

  • Turkey in the Shaw

    Looks great. But looks like I’ll have to watch the games somewhere else. Throw some flat screens on that exposed brick!!!

    • SJ

      If you’re looking for a sports bar, Old Dominion is two blocks away.

    • brian

      Corned beef tongue > corned beef ….. It can taste you back

  • Wonderful! I want one in Petworth please.


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