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New Tavern, A n D, Coming to 1314 9th Street, NW Next to, and From the Owner of, Seasonal Pantry

by Prince Of Petworth July 18, 2012 at 10:30 am 14 Comments

1314 9th Street, NW

Back in May we learned that the owner of  Seasonal Pantry was going to lease the former Lamont Bishop gallery space next door at 1314 9th St, NW near the Convention Center. They’ve now applied for a liquor license with the name A n D:

“New Tavern. Menu will consists of mostly cold prepared foods and other bar snacks. Recorded background music.”

  • Anonymous

    I hope A n D (short for Ali and Dan?) is just a working name. Anyway, good for those guys.

  • ceeps

    This might be nice, but “cold prepared food and recorded music” sounds really depressing.

    • Bloomingdude


      I thought the same thing. Hopefully, the cold prepared food will be along the lines of gazpacho rather than a nasty Starbuck’s-esque cold sandwich.

  • xmal

    Cold prepared food = tapas. Does that sound better?

    • Anonymous

      beer and a sundevich sandwich…. sounds great!!!!

  • ShawGuy

    This sounds fine and all, but the owner here has done zero outreach to the immediate residential neighbors about his plans. Given the litany of problems from the MOOD Lounge on this same block (drug use, stabbings, loud thumping music blasting at 3am, people urinating and fornicating in the historic Naylor Court alley, etc), all of the neighbors are not just wary of, but in many cases actively opposed to new tavern licenses on this block.

    Failing to reach out to the neighbors and at a bare minimum, inform them of his wish list for his new bar and his plans to prevent it from being eligible to convert from bar to nightclub using the same license (which is what happened when BeBar sold the license to MOOD) is a bad sign… These guys need to remember that this is a solidly residential area with minimal commercial zoning along 9th and 7th (but residential zoning on 10th, 8th, and 6th and also along all of the intersecting letter streets) and should plan accordingly. Otherwise, I see a protest against this license in this place’s future…

    • Anonymous

      Clearly you have done zero outreach to the owners. Have you been in the sandwich shop or the pantry? If you had you would quickly realize that comparing this to MOOD lounge is about as crazy as….well about as cray cray as the post you wrote.

      • Anonymous

        ya and I thought Mood lounge got bought by the owner of corduroy. Im sure it will soon change.

        • anon

          i think shawguy’s point is that the ABC license rules in the city are such that a low-key tavern like a & d (good!) can easily turn into a high-impact neighbor like Mood (bad!). If a & d closes at some point (god forbid), its ABC license transfers to any new operator in that space without input from the community. so neighbors are concerned about any new licenses due to unintended consequences. I’m personally all for a & d, but assurances need to be made, which is where the outreach from the proposed tavern operators comes into play. Ali actually came to a couple ANC meetings before he opened Sundevich, and was welcomed by the community. I assume/hope he will do the same again.

      • ShawGuy

        @Anonymous 12:24,

        I have no doubt that the establishment these guys want to open will be nothing like the MOOD Lounge. The problem is that places with generous liquor licenses that fail as a business can subsequently sell that license to someone else. The failure rate for bars and restaurants is pretty high. I’m not really worried about these guys having a tavern license that lets them stay open till 3am and play “background music”, but if this place fails and closes a year from now, that language is broad enough to encompass anything from Off The Record (the basement bar at the Hay Adams hotel) to the MOOD Lounge that may want to lease the space and take the license.

        Sadly, ABRA has proven time and time again that liquor licenses and cockroaches will both survive a nuclear apocalypse and that once the license is there, the residents, the city, the OAG, and the police are pretty much powerless to modify it or take it away. Even stabbings, shootings, and outright murders don’t result in the license being pulled or the place being closed permanently (see El Sauce on 11th, which had the proprietor murdered inside the bar, and is still around, for evidence of this). Once you’ve got one, you’ve got one. And you can transfer it, to almost anyone, with about the same level of ease as selling a car.

        So no, I probably won’t have a problem with what this particular guy wants to do with the space. But you can be damn sure that the neighbors are going to write the most iron-clad VA ever to be sure that any other operator can’t “re-interpret” the license and make a mini-MOOD in this space later.

  • As a neighbor who lives at 9th and M St’s, I am THRILLED that the guys from the newest great food establishments in our neighborhood (Seasonal Pantry and SunDeVich) are collaborating again by opening up a bar in the former Lamont Bishop Gallery space! We are in desperate need of a cool yet civilized tavern on this block that serves good food. And speaking of the food, I’m not at all concerned that they’ll be serving cold prepared foods and other snacks. If you’ve never tasted Dan’s homemade Pate de Campagne at Seasonal Pantry or a sandwich from SunDeVich (I love the ISTANBUL!), then you do not yet know what you’re missing!

    The space itself is small, an really doesn’t have much room for a kitchen, so it makes perfect sense for the owners to prepare food at their other respective locales and literally walk it in through the back door. (I assume that’s what they’ll be doing.)

    I can’t wait for “A n D” to open! I have no doubt I’ll be a regular! YAY!

  • Lance Uppercut

    I’d love a chill neighborhood spot in the neighboorhood. Based on Dan’s background as a butcher, I bet “cold prepared food” means a lot of house made charcuterie. And I think recorded music means not live. Based on the tunes jammed at Sundevich, I would guess a lot of reggae and other chill genres.

  • Anonymous

    Another local chiming in for how awesome I hope this is going to be.

    • Meese is a Pig!

      Maybe they’ll call it “A n D’s Lunch” (perhaps one of the many smarties might use the following link to post the picture from the 1930s-era occupant of this address. I’m totally incompetent at this sort of thing. Other things, too.)



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