Adams Morgan Pho 14 Update – Opening Next Week. Really.

by Prince Of Petworth — December 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm 10 Comments

1769 Columbia Rd, NW

We’ve been teased a few times about an opening date for Pho 14’s Adams Morgan location at 1769 Columbia Rd, NW. But we have good news – yesterday the owner tells me that “we just passed our inspection for license of occupancy”. They will update their new menu and “most likely open early next week.”

The Van Ness location should open a week or so after that.

Knock wood, knock wood.

  • yay!

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t understand what Pho is? Isn’t it just like a big ole bowl of soup? How can you have a restaurant devoted only to soup? Who eats soup year round? Somebody educate me.

    Is it pronounced “Foe” or “Po” or “Foo”

    • anon

      I believe it’s pronounced “Fuh.”

      • Anonther

        …which makes the Pho King in Arlington the best restaurant name ever.

        • PeachyKeen

          YES! hahhahaha

    • JB

      Well their current location is always busy, so lot’s of people eat it, even year round. They have other noodle dishes too and banh mis.

    • First, Vietnam is pretty damn hot year round and people there eat it year round. This idea of soup being “cold weather food” is a very Euro-centric idea and not necessarily even based on common sense. Pho is also much lighter than western style: more watery and tangy.

      Second, the economics of pho allow it to have a year round availability. The margins are very good and it’s a cheap dish to make, if you’re buying the ingredients in bulk.

      Third, you underestimate the number of Asian-Americans and people from areas with high Vietnamese concentrations (Texas, California) who live in DC. Some of us have been eating pho since we were young and you just need to feed your addiction, regardless of time of year or weather 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Any word on their new menu? Will it retain the original offerings and add to it, or will the original be altered as well? I’m particularly interested to hear about any new vegetarian/vegan items that will be added!

  • awesome PoP thanks for checking up on this again

  • PeachyKeen

    Now when I revert to my early 20s and choose to get tipsy in Adams Morgan I can sober up with a bowl of Pho…I think I like this idea.


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