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Trees Still Coming Down Because of Sandy

by Prince Of Petworth November 6, 2012 at 1:30 pm 24 Comments

Jack writes:

“This happened Sunday, November 2, an enormous tree coming down — soil weakened by the hurricane’s wind and rain, presumably — and blocking all of Porter Street, just on the west side of Rock Creek Park. Two cars were winged, and one unfortunate car took a direct hit. Looks like this Ohio visitor will be needing a new ride home.”

  • Mike

    Probably thought this unzoned neighborhood would be a great place to stash their out-of-state vehicle. Karma’s a bitch.

    • Matt

      Sandy HATES ohio state.

    • Wow, talk about schadenfreude.

      I’m no fan of people evading D.C. registration requirements (when they don’t qualify for ROSA exemptions), but 1) we have no way of knowing if that describes the owner of this car and 2) even if it did, the total destruction of the car would be completely out of proportion to the offense.

      • Anonymous

        Well, it was a topic here about a week ago, which renders it not only apt, but funny.

      • Anonymous

        Ignorance of facts never precludes comments here.

  • SS

    I was the first car on the scene when this happened (which was on Friday around 8PM). There was a woman in the vehicle. Fortunately, a few pedestrians pulled her out immediately. She was hysterical but not injured. Porter St. was closed for a while.

    • SS

      Also, you can’t tell from the picture, but the tree was huge. The base of the tree was at the top of the incline, so the part that hit the road (blocked all lanes of traffic, both ways), was only the mid to upper portion.

    • SS

      Here’s a picture I took: http://i50.tinypic.com/34eth21.jpg

    • holy crap, there was someone in there when the tree fell? Talk about a miracle.

      • +1. Glad to hear she wasn’t hurt. When I saw the photo, the first thing I thought was, “Good thing there was no one in the car” — it looked like any occupants would have been crushed.

  • la_niña

    mmm out of state Illinois and Ohio plates! they should have been in their home states voting!!

  • Anonymous

    Bitch knocked me down!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad you posted this. I just drove past this car 20 min ago. The tree has been completely cleaned up, leaving a perfectly parked but completely smashed car. Couldn’t figure out what had happened to it!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing a hammer, some duct tape and wd40 can’t fix

    • Xzibit does not approve.

      • Nah- He’d add a fish tank and a snow cone maker to the back

  • Anonymous

    Sunday, November 4th? Or Friday, November 2nd?

    • Anonymouse

      Friday, November 2nd, like SS said. I heard a snap then saw the whole tree carom into the road from my balcony at the top of Porter St. Scary. Glad no one was hurt.

  • Michelle

    This is the third large tree to come down in the past four months. The first was about 2 weeks after the Derecho (July 10th), the second about a month ago (October 12th) and now this one. Thankfully, as far as I know, nobody has been hurt. However, this obviously continues to be a problem. Does anyone know who is “in charge” of these trees? It seems as though something should be done about them, because it’s llikely only a matter of time before the next one falls.

    • Anonymous

      If the tree originates on private property, which I believe this was, it’s the owner’s responsibility only if negligence can be proven. DDOT takes care of “street trees” but if a private tree risks blocking a roadway if it falls, DDOT can be called to come out and take a look at it. But this tree originated from so far up the hill (it really was huge) that it’s unlikely it would be singled out for further inspection while it was still standing.

      The Post published a great article last weekend clarifying the responsibility of a tree causing damage: http://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate/whos-responsible-when-a-tree-falls/2012/11/02/feece3d6-21c7-11e2-8448-81b1ce7d6978_story.html

      • Interesting article; thanks for sharing it.

        To go back to Michelle’s original question… I’m not sure that the trees falling as a result of rain-soaked ground can really be anticipated, unlike dead/decaying trees that drop limbs, etc. My impression had been that *any* tree can fall in an oversaturated-ground scenario, not just a sick tree.

      • Somewhat tangential, but the New York Times had a lengthy, interesting article a while back on how New York City had failed to do enough to monitor decaying trees and to trim them or cut them down before they injured and killed people:

        Neglected, Rotting Trees Turn Deadly
        Published: May 13, 2012

    • Anonymous

      Who is in charge of the trees? – Because something must be done!

  • dbdc

    Unless this was on NPS property, it’s DDOT’s responsibility (Urban forestry division).


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