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New Mode of Transport Spotted by Logan Circle

by Prince Of Petworth September 28, 2012 at 12:30 pm 13 Comments

Dear PoPville,

I saw this group of, um, I guess bicyclists? They went down 14th, around Logan Circle, and back down Vermont, occasionally pausing to wave and go “woo hoo!” It struck me as a good living metaphor for the country, especially in election season – it often seems like we’re all furiously pedaling in different directions, but somehow we do make progress… :)

Anyone else spot this odd ride?

  • 17th Street

    I’ve seen then… seems silly, but maybe that’s the point – the riders were having fun.

  • EdH
  • It’s called a “Conference Bike”. I know Mt. Airy Bikes has one you can rent.

    They say to book well in advance, so there’s at least one floating around the area regularly.

  • Anonymous

    They’ve had these in New York, where the contraptions have raised questions about how/whether they (along with pedicabs) should be regulated.


    • monkeyrotica

      Looking forward to Grahamzilla regulating this into oblivion and replacing it with affordable housing for homicidal lunatics with hammers.

  • Winnard

    Pedicabs – I’ve seen them in Denver and Portland. And as EdH says above, they were both equipped w/ a keg. Looked fun.

  • ah

    Capital shared-bike share

  • I’ll take ‘How to Look Like a Dildo in Public’ for $200 please Alex

  • Anonima

    Great, another obnoxious mode of transportation I’ll have to navigate around while driving, and avoid being hit by while walking.

    • Anonymous

      So true. Having grown up in DC and loving to ride my bicycle in DC and surrounding areas – streets and trails – i am glad to see increased usage of bikes. At the same time, I have observed how even just in the last year there has been such a surge of bicyclists on the roads with so many riding so irresponsibly, even idiotically, that last thing we need is some BS contraption like that clogging up the busy roads. Loved seeing them in Amsterdam with, yes, the kegs, but they are generally ridden there in areas that do not impede general auto traffic flow.

  • Jeffrey

    Johnv is right, it’s a conference bike, also known as a Funcycle. Bike & Roll used to rent them, but I haven’t seen them around since 2008.

  • PetworthRes

    Conference Bike! I was just out at Google headquarters in Cali…they have a couple on the campus and I saw a group pedal by.


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