Free Screening of the movie Premium Rush for bicyclists tonight at AMC Mazza in Friendship Heights

by Prince Of Petworth — August 23, 2012 at 11:00 am 11 Comments

Dear PoPville,

We have an advanced screening of a movie, Premium Rush, this Thursday, August 23 at 7:00 p.m. at AMC Mazza in Friendship Heights. If people would like to see the movie and ride their bikes to the theatre, they can receive a FREE, reserved seat to the screening that evening. However, they must be willing to check in with a screening representative by 6:30 p.m. and have their photo taken with their bike. Tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is best to arrive early to ensure seating.

  • I think this movie has a legitimate shot at breaking box office records for movies about bike messengers.

    • Anonymous

      They should follow it up with movies about milkmen and 8 track cassette salesmen.

  • Hi. I have two questions:

    1) Would anyone recommend the bike lane on 11th Street?
    2) Thoughts on Capital Bikeshare?

    Happy biking!

    • I like the 11th street lanes. It’s less crowded than 15th/14th/7th, and it’s much better maintained. It does end around Columbia Heights, but it’s still a good ride.

      CaBi is great, but they’re so sturdy hills are a challenge. Especially to get up to Friendship Heights (which I don’t think has a CaBi station anyway), it’s quite a workout to get up the hill.

  • So not only did the scumbag who stole my bike rob me of my transportation, but now they are taking away free movie screenings from me? When will the bleeding stop?

  • Former Courier

    I saw the trailer a week or so ago. As you’d expect, it’s a bit over the top but it sure did bring back great memories of when I was a courier. The trailer also reminded me that I used to absolutely fearless and crazy; it’s shocking I lived to see 25 (and I’m well on the wrong side of 25 now!). Now I’m one of the poor saps sitting behind a desk who I used to mock.

  • RD

    Is there going to be any more bike parking than some signs and parking meters? Anyone who’s attended the Bicycle Film Festival knows that when you get a theater full of people, all of whom arrive by bikes, you need extra parking.

    I predict a big mess…

  • thump

    From the previews this movie looks like it will only reinforce the “us” vs. “them”, cars vs. bike, mentality and confirm in the mind of every driver that cyclists are the real dangers on our streets. When I first saw the preview I thought “this is not going to be good”. Maybe someone who goes to see it will disprove my feelings?

  • Jimmy Fallon

    QL and I are working on a prequel to Taxi…will be oscar worthy

    • I would totally watch this ten times but only because QL is my homegirl. <3

  • David

    The cyclists in DC perform much better than this slacker! Lame!


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