Washington, DC

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Dear PoPville,

My boyfriend and I biked home to my place Saturday night around 10 pm. We both had headlights and tail lights on our bicycles. An older lady in a white sedan and a younger lady in the passenger seat pulled up in front of m yhouse (in the bike lane no less) and asked, “Ma’am, can I have a word with you?”

I asked her what the problem was, and she told me she almost hit me because I had no front light. I pointed to my headlight which was still on, and told her I DO have a front light. She repeated that I needed to get a front light because she couldn’t see me, and only saw me at the last instant because of the gentleman’s light. My boyfriend and I both said, “I/she have/has a light” and pointed to the light on my bike, which was still on and blinking, because we had literally just gotten to my front door. She responded, “Well, you need to get a light, because you didn’t have one.”

Truly bizzare. After we told her again that I have a light, she again said I needed to get a light because she couldn’t see me. So I said, “Well, I don’t know what to tell ya; maybe get some glasses?” We then just went inside.

By 9:30 am, we found this letter (attached) taped to our front door. She had apparently rooted through my mail to find first names (and didn’t find mine, by the way), went home to type up this letter, and came BACK to post it on my door.


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