Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Cleveland Park/Van Ness

by Prince Of Petworth June 21, 2012 at 3:00 pm 34 Comments

This rental is located at 3801 Connecticut Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“SPACIOUS aaprtment homes INCLUDE UTILITIES* Opt GARAGE* WALK to Cleveland Park/Van Ness METRO* Exciting shopping, restaurants & theatre* Jog in bordering Rock Creek Park* State of the art Fitness Ctr* Breathtaking VIEWS from rooftop deck* CATS ONLY* Sec8 apps welcome* Rents $1896-1937/mo & availability subject to change without notice.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,896/Mo.

  • Anonymous

    You could find a good apt in a more desirable (less suburban-ish) part of town of town for that amount of money.

    • “More desirable” than Cleveland Park?

      You must be one of those folks who thinks spending the same to rent someones dank basement apartment off H street where you spend all your off time and remaining expendible income living the ironic life buying 8 dollar beers, yes?

      “Less suburban”? You are 4 metro stops from Metro Center.

      Proof positive you arrived in DC about 4 minutes ago and haven’t any idea what you are talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Suburban? No way. Just because it’s safe and you’re not stumbling over homeless people or busted 40 bottles doesn’t mean it’s suburban. It’s just safe and comfortable. Cleveland park offers a great urban lifestyle. You don’t need a car and can walk to a bunch of great restaurants and shops. It’s only a few metro stops from downtown, and it’s got a cosmpolitan and diverse population. It’s really the ultimate urban neigborhood.

  • Anonymous

    $1,900 for a 1 bedroom in Cleveland Park?! Well now I’ve heard of everything.

    However, seeing as they lease to “CATS ONLY,” I wouldn’t qualify anyway.

  • More pictures of the lobby than the arpartment? Bad sign.

  • Agreed, this is quite expensive, to live in a truly boring part of town.

    • Someday, you’ll grow up and see that $2 PBR’s & crime do not a neighborhood make. Until then, enjoy that group house with bars on the windows.

      • Anonymous

        you and joker are hysterical!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, maybe someday I’ll lose my taste for kickball leagues and PBR, but for now, I prefer my edgy neighborhood and not knowing if I’ll make it home at night without getting stabbed for my iPhone over this boring apartment.

  • JB

    I don’t know why everyone hates on this area — it’s safe, there are decent restaurants and decent bars, and it has good access to the rest of the city.

    That said, this place is way overpriced. I live in a one bedroom up the street and pay $500 less per month.

    • Anonymous

      Eh, I don’t think it has particularly good access to the rest of the city. This area always struck me as being pretty far removed from everything. It’s safe, though.

      • T

        Are you joking? You can literally get to Dupont Circle in less than 10 minutes from here. Is there like a new class of hipsters who don’t know how to use the subway?

        • Anonymous

          I’ll give you that, but what’s in Dupont that’s worth going to?

          • Seriously

            Okay, the amount of neighborhood snobs on this blog is ridiculous. I love DC. I love all of it. There is so much that the District has to offer. The fact that people on this blog are constantly arguing about which neighborhood sucks more is completely stupid to me. Just because I don’t want to live on H Street doesn’t mean I hate it. I can see why people want to live there. It’s just not my cup of tea. (I don’t live in Cleveland Park, by the way.)

            / end rant


          • Anonymous

            Ok, I guess what I meant was is there anything in Dupont besides the Phillips Collection that’s worth a special trip out there? Same with CP. They’re gorgeous neighborhoods, and probably convenient for people that work on the Red Line, but I think the point that people are making is that this neighborhood doesn’t have the ammenties to command such a high price tag.

          • Anonymous

            It’s kind of like saying Burke is 5 minutes away from Fairfax. It’s true, but is that really much of a selling point?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, how it tough to get to the rest of the city from there? It’s tough to areas like Logan Circle and H-street that don’t have a metro stop. Cleve Park’s right on the red line, and there are a ton of buses along connecticut ave. There’s also bike share, cabs coast conn ave 24 hours a day, and it’s an easy walk down to dupont the park.

    • AK

      I would say you have a very good deal then. When I looked in Cleveland Park three years ago, it seemed like $1,400 was on target for a studio in the neighborhood.

  • rental prices in this city makes me cry… as for the neighborhood, I would totally live in CP for $500 less per month!

  • Anonymous

    Cleveland Park IS great! Maybe this specific place is overpriced or not the best for everyone, but access to metro (yeah! and only 4 stops to metro center), plus possibility to walk if you like it (30 min to Dupont, 15 min to Woodley Park, Columbia heights not terribly far…), bike in the rock creek, live in an area that has tress all around, some neighborhood bars and small restaurants where tourists don’t go (i like tourists but it’s nice to be somewhere where there are more locals than tourists!)… Maybe not the hippest neighborhood but I’ll take it!

  • The rent is too damned high.

  • Randall Stevens

    I pay 2950 for a 1 bedroom in Woodley. Am I getting hosed?

    • Anonymous

      LOL, what do you think?!

    • Anonymous

      Um, I’m fairly certain you are. I rent a huge 1BR with garage parking for 2 cars in Woodley, and I’m paying $1k/month less than you are.

  • Rich

    The rent includes utilities and these mid-century places on Connecticut tend to have large apartments–which would be pluses here. It’s no more Metro stops to the center of DC than Columbia Heights and the L buses go to Adams Morgan. There’s a Giant nearby at Van Ness and the strip at Cleveland Park with a post office and a library, and places like Vace’s. Unlike U or A-M, there’s no broken glass on the street on weekends after the bars close. If I wanted to be away from the center, Cleveland Park would be the first place I’d look.

  • jake m

    we lived here for several years and left in june because we just couldnt take it anymore once we graduated…its a complete dump…read the reviews online if you dont believe me…the apts are old and the kitchens really dumpy, outdated and gross..we were told by other tenants of the constant mouse problem although we didnt have any….we found an apt in dupont for the same amount of money…the community manager left suddenly last month..and the Asst. community manager is NUTS, evidenced by the misspelling of apartments in the listing above. There are tons of section 8 tenants and while i dont necessarly care, the pot smell is overwhelming at times….if u pay 1900 for this dump, u seriously need fin. oversight…

    • Section 8 residents? In Cleveland Park????

      Anon 3:03, you have been schooled. CP is honest-to-goodness, in-town urban…not a suburban enclave.

    • Anon

      Agree with Jake, the place is a dump. Lived there for 1 1/2 years before I got fed up. The staff on site is not the friendliest (a “hello”, or even eye contact when you walk in the door? not here…) but seemed to be responsive to problems.

      I’ll leave the CP haters to their fun…

  • The comments on this thread are a new low of ignorance for the new arrivals to DC.

    • Anonymous

      your arrogance is on par with your record. strive harder the heights!

    • Anonymous

      Including yours? I mean, it’s awfully ignorant to assume those who disagree with you are new to DC.

      • Louise

        Agreed! CP is the suburbs and I’ve lived in DC over 21 years. One you go over that bridge you’re in the ‘burbs.

  • QuincyInk

    Lived here for a year or so in 2002-03. Apartment was nice enough, although a little pricey even back then. Highlight for me at the time was the free coffee and donuts available each morning in the lobby. I MAY have gained 12 pounds living there.

    Cleveland Park was/is a great DC neighborhood, no doubt about it. I mean, Vace is reason enough to recommend it, as far as I’m concerned.

    Neighborhood is tucked away, but very accessible what with Metro and Bus service. And Conn. Ave, rush hour excepted, is a great biking avenue in my opinion. You could get from this apartment to Logan in about 18 minutes on footcycle.

    • At first I read that as “foolcycle,” which seemed like a great coinage.


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