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Pizzarro Soft Opens at 467 Florida Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 3, 2012 at 11:32 pm 15 Comments

Back in Jan. 2012 we heard that a new pizza spot was coming to 467 Florida Ave, NW. After getting the heads up from a reader I stopped by yesterday and indeed Pizzarro is open for business. Currently they have pizza, calzones, paninis, pastas and salads. They also deliver within a 2 mile radius (unfortunately their Website is still a few weeks away.) Most prices on the menu range from between $7-$12. Though the gourmet pizzas are priced: $14.99 for a medium, $17.49 for a Large and $19.59 for an extra large.

In the future they’ll also offer crepes, coffee and free wifi.

Looks like pizza and coffee are trending on Florida Ave.

  • Jim in Shaw

    Tried it last night. Had the Midtowner panini. Pretty good for the first go at it. Came with Utz crab chips. Don’t mind chips but Utz are crap IMHO. Hoping for the best for them. I’ll definitely give them another try, but I have to pass Beau Thai to get there. It’s tough not to eat there every chance I can.

    • prognostication

      I was with you up until “Utz are crap”. Maybe this is just the Pennsylvanian in me, but… whaaaaa? I have never had any other brands of chip I like as much as Utz anywhere in the country. Different strokes, I guess.

      Nice to have another place to eat in the neighborhood.

      • Anonymous

        UTZ chips are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        +1,000, Utz chips, especially the Crab Chips, are the best!!! Zapp’s comes in a close second.

        And I love Pizzarro’s logo. It looks like the love child of Chef Boyardee and the Pringles guy.

    • monkeyrotica

      With all due respect, you are clinically insane. Utz chips are some of the best available on the market today. Their Grandma Utz Brand (fried in PURE LARD) are the closest you can get to old timey Charles Chips. And to insult their crab chips is wantonly pick a fight with anyone who grew up eating Old Bay on their crabs.

      How big are their large and small pies? At some point, “large and small” went from 18″ and 12″ to 14″ and 10″.

    • Jim in Shaw

      I thought that my Utz comment might have been caustic to some. Clearly, I am in the minority since they have managed to stick around forever. I do love people’s pashion for the chip. Makes me think there should be a big coffee table book about them with incredible photos of different types of chips. I am surprised that the potato chip has not made some sort of gourmet revival.

      Seriously funny.

  • AC

    Do they have a patio in the back?

    • anon


  • Bloomingdude

    I wish them well, but I’m over the pizza joints.

    Isn’t this city loaded with Latin Americans? And you can’t swing a dead cat around P Street without hitting a falafel. I’m saving my excitement for burritos and/or fettoush.

  • Yes, saw this place was open this weekend when walking home from dinner. Too full to try anything, but stopped in and grabbed a menu and chatted with the owner (I think?) briefly. My roommate grabbed a panini from there Monday and thought it wasn’t that great for the price. Seems like they might be trying to do too many things (pizza and sandwiches and pasta and coffee and crepes?), might make sense for them to figure out what they can do really well and focus on that.

  • ~The Dali Lama of Bloomingdale

    Off subject but I noticed in Bloomingdale today that they were tearing the front windows out of the soon-to-be Japanese/Thai place.

    I heard rumors of a possible Tapas place coming in the yellow storefront by Rustik, if that happens our Bloomingdale dining experience will be quite satisfactory. : )

  • j

    Pizarro killed Atahualpa. For this reason, I will not be going to this joint. Good day.

    • monkeyrotica

      You are my new hero. I will pay your bail. Pizarro was also an notorious homophobe just like Chik-fil-A.

  • first thoughts

    was a bit overpriced. and could use some serious furnishing, something better than just raiding one ikea rack.

    also service was abominably slow. there was no one behind the counter when i arrived, but i could hear them talking in the back. i said “hello” trying to get their attention, to no avail. then i perused the menu, waited longer. i called the carry out number and the phone rang louldly. when they picked up, i asked them to come to the front and take my order. they were apologetic, saying it was their second day. still, the enthusiastic folks at pizza d’oro on seventh would never let this happen.

    • brs

      There’s a bell on the counter! But I agree about them being slow. Plus they wouldn’t give me a glass of water, tried to get me to buy a bottle. The calzone I got was good enough.


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