• ?

    Where’s my marmalade!

    Love, Grandpa

    • How’s Doris? Do I have a step-granny yet?

      • ?

        Doris is just peachy. Speaking of peaches…

        • Maybe if you hadn’t replaced the KUMQUAT tree with a MAGNOLIA tree you would get more than 1 jar of B Village Marmalade.

          • ?

            You’re stiill my favorite.

          • duh. All the grands and greats are well aware of that :)

  • Rave: Listening to First Aid Kit on Spotify.

  • Meg

    Rant: Baby is sick. I’m sick. Someone stole my bowl at work so all I had for breakfast was an overripe banana. I’m so full of emo, it’s not even funny.

    Rave: Off work on Friday for our first family road trip.

    Rant:…to see my ailing 96-year-old Grandmother. Hopefully we can lift her spirits.

  • rave: we adopted a dog last night!

    • Anon3

      !!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! Very exciting. Enjoy!! :)

    • Congratulations!

    • thanks!
      does anyone have a dogwalker recommendation?

      • x

        Classic. Just got a dog and already paying someone to walk it for you.

        • Sheesh, X. Presumably Nettie is looking for someone to walk the dog DURING THE DAY when she’s not home.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t be a jerk. What is the person supposed to do – go on dog maternity/paternity leave to stay home and walk the dog during the day?

        • hey X, maybe you should consider switching to decaf.

          • LOL!

            Nettie, nicely handled. :)

      • anonnnnn

        congrats! what kind of dog? I use fido fitness and play for mine to have a little walk/potty break while i am at work.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. Love the rave of ‘I just adopted a dog’ and five seconds later – any pet walkers in the area?

        To answer your question – I have previous experience w/ pawpawpawease dot com. Also try the craigslist section and sending an email out through WIN Online has been great for recent grads / young adults who need extra cash.

        • FYI everyone who is worried that I’m not walking my dog enough. I took for a half hour walk this morning and plan on taking her for a longer walk this evening when I get home from work (and to the dogpark for socialization). and my husband will take her out before we go to bed later in the evening.
          I would like to line up the service of a dogwalker in case there is an emergency.

          so all y’all can calm down. thx.

          • So, Nettie, what kind of dog? what kind of dog? We’re dying to know.

            And good for you for thinking ahead for when you need a dog walker!

          • Don’t listen to the idiots on here. It’s a GOOD thing you want your dog to get exercise during the day. Too many people don’t do that and keep their dog cooped up all in a 600 sq ft condo and then wonder why little Woofie is ill-behaved when they get home.

            Before I moved I used Brighter Days dog walking. Most reliable I’ve ever used and I knew my dogs were actaully getting what I paid for. I think they are a co-op so the walkers actually have an interest in making sure that the business is successful.

          • Anonymous

            Unlike others here who have no clue how to care for a dog but just want to bitch about how other care for theirs, I can completely understand the need to have a dog walker lined up. Some people use them for day walks and other (like me) use them for periodic “Oh shit! I have to stay late at work today!” times.

            Anyway, I called around to a lot of different places when I moved to DC. I found that there are relatively few that do evening walks unless they are prescheduled. However, Josh, over at Puppy Love Pet Sitters and his crew are awesome. He lets me get in touch with him as late as about 10am on the day I need my dog walked. He is really awesome and I would highly recommend him and his crew.

            Good luck with your new fluffy guy (or girl)!

          • thanks for the recommendations everyone! she’s a mutt but she is definitely some part lab.

      • classic_six

        It also could help with the socialization process for the dog – getting used to other people, other dogs (presumably if the dog is taking a walk to a dog park, for example) – so it will learn how to play well with others.

      • anonymous

        Dog walker recommendation: Martha Burns of Capitol Hill (202-547-1150). Not sure where you live, but she only walks dogs on the Hill. Over ten years experience, a true animal lover, and a local (as opposed to those corporate-run pet walking services). I heard she has openings right now. Highly recommend!

    • blazing sun

      I second Brighter Days. Yes, they are a coop so each walker keeps a percentage of all profits (I believe this is how it goes). I like that they get paid vacation time and health insurance. The walkers are great I would highly recommend them. The number of dogs we have is ever-changing (due to fosters) and they roll with it quite well!

  • Rave: Fantastic run on the mall yesterday. Perfect weather and I was totally in my zone.
    Rant: Paid for it last night and today. It was officially the last run of my pregnancy.
    Rave: At least I got a last hurrah! It was worth it.

    • Dare I ask how far along you are? I’m only 10 weeks in and still running (though more slowly than I used to). I’m hoping to keep it up for at least a few more months….

      • I’m 30 weeks, so you should have lots of time. I was hoping I’d be able to keep a regular running schedule throughout the pregnancy, but the morning sickness, frequent bathroom breaks, and now pelvis pain have really gotten in the way. I hope it works out better for you! And congrats on the pregnancy!!

        • Anonymous

          More than anything, the need for frequent pee breaks has thwarted my desire to take long, vigorous walks throughout my pregnancy. Have worked up some routes with built-in bathroom breaks, but I wish I could put my bladder on pause when I exercise.

        • Thanks! I’ve been lucky so far; my only real symptom is being more tired, but not excessively so.

          I hope the last 10 weeks or so go smoothly for you!

    • My friend was doing jumping jacks the week she was supposed to have the baby. After seeing that, I believe everything is possible :D

      • Identified

        I remember as a kid my gramma tole my aunt (who’s baby was long overdue):
        “Do some jumping jacks, walk the stairs – make that an uncomfortable place to be and get my grandbaby outta you!”

        Thanks for the reminder.

  • Rant: Income tax deductions went up why exactly? I have a feeling the payroll department at work failed at life, again.

    Rant: Taylor Swift song in my head (Don’t judge! I have a tween niece.)

    I’ll get back to you with a rave.

  • Rant: Ward 8 and ward 7.

    Seriously, reelecting Barry and Alexander? Seriously?? Then to take it a step further, your two wards, along with ward 5, swing the vote far enough that Biddle is out, and we get another four years of Corrupt Orange? So frustrated.

    • Monster Cow


      You beat me to it. What a freaking joke. Continue to elect folks that provide no tangible service to your ward and flaunt campaign fundraising laws. Awesome.

    • aa

      Rant:Democrats that keep supplying bad candidates and complaining at the results
      Rant:Closed primaries

      • Definitely a rant: By the time I found out DC had closed primaries, it was too late to declare a party.

    • I know – and the amount by which Barry won was ridiculous (he had over 70% of the vote!). At least the race with Orange was close, but seriously DC…

    • According to the Washington Post (http://projects.washingtonpost.com/elections/2012/dc/), Orange is ahead of Biddle by only 523 votes. I’m really hoping that absentee ballots can swing this one for Biddle.

      For what it’s worth, although Barry won his primary overwhelmingly (73% of the vote), Alexander won only a plurality (43%), not a majority. If two (or more) of her strongest opponents had banded together, with one dropping out of the race and endorsing the other, she could’ve lost. That’s not a good showing for an incumbent candidate; maybe next time her opposition will be better organized and defeat her.

    • My barely hanging on rave: Orange is not in YET. 4,000 absentee ballots and he’s only ahead by about 500 votes. Oh please, oh please…..

  • ew

    Rave: In search of a cab home last night, my boyfriend somehow managed to convince a limo to take us home…for about the same price. Riding in style :)

    Rant/Rave: Excited and nervous for my phone interview this afternoon.

    Rave: Good friend coming to town for the evening before she heads off to Botswana for 2 years in the Peace Corps

    • Anon3

      Best of luck in your interview!! You’ll do great. And congrats to your PC friend!! That’s a GREAT post. Also, it’s 27 months… it might seem like three months to anybody else but to a pcv it can feel like an eternity so we’ll take all the credit we can get. ;)

    • I had a limo taxi ride after “Snowmaggedon” Part One (December 2010). I wasn’t about to drag my luggage through the massive snow drifts to get the Metro, so I flagged down a taxi to take me to Union Station. Even though he had other fares, he pulled over. I asked if I could hop in. He said, “I can’t take you… but the limo behind me can.” Haha.

  • Monster Cow

    Rant: DC Primaries. All of the incumbents look to be on their way back into office. Vincent Orange. Again? Really?

  • Rave: Giving notice at my job tomorrow!
    Rant: I’m nervous – I’ve never quit a real job before…
    Rave: I can finally be honest about how little I care about long-term projects that I won’t be here for.

  • Anon3

    Rave: Friend’s engagement party followed by another friend’s bday! Hooray for happy things.
    Rant: Feeling fat. blegh. gross.
    Rant: At least 10 more days until we know about the Biddle/Orange outcome. ugh. And Orange is in the lead as of now? gross (again).
    Rave: I love getting to exercise my right (and repsonsibility!) to vote.
    Rave: This week’s caption contest entries. They’ve been giving me a good laugh this AM. Thanks, Popville!

    • Didn’t realize there was still time on the Orange/Biddle decision… because of absentee votes?

      • Anon3

        Absentee and provisional ballots. The Post reports that Orange is the winner but other sources report that there are still 3,800 outstanding ballots that need to be accounted for before results can be made official. NPR reported this morning that it will be at least 10 days before a winner can be declared. The most recent reports I’m seeing still say that it will not be until April 13th, at the earliest, that the Board of Elections and Ethics certify the election results. Feel free to chime if anyone knows otherwise.

    • Not that I want to be called presumptuous 2 days in a row on PoP, but I kind of knew that the photo was going to be picked for the caption contest :D – I’m also laughing!

  • Anon

    Rave: heard back from 2 out of the 20 jobs I have recently applied for, it’s only just preliminary stuff (initial phone call, salary requirements, etc) but its a start and such a morale boost to know there may be light at the end of the soul-crushign job tunnel!!!

    Rant: finding ways to leave current job for an interview tomorrow am…located in Arlington and getting into DC from client site takes forever and already got a hard time from current boss for taking personal time tomorrow am…

    Rave: f*ck it, I have a job interview tomorrow and by the grace of god will at some point in the near future be out of this hell hole!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I had to quit my previous job because I was spending too much time going to interviews. When you have two or three a week and they each take 1-3 hours the former employer starts to get suspicious. And really, a good job search should involve at least 40 hours a week of personal time, so it’s easier to not be working while you do it.

      • Anon

        Yikes! Well without knowing how long a potential job offer could take and trying to save up for a wedding, I don’t really have the option to turn my job search into a full-time job…and not really sure that I would want to either. Just using my PTO as neccessary and scheduling my interview for first thing in the morning. I don’t know how I would quit my current job without having a new one already locked-in.

        • anynonnymouses

          Just say you’re having some health issues that require a lot of doctor’s appointments and tests to straighten out. They can’t legally ask you anything further than that.

  • Rant: I totally, completely, without a shadow of a doubt woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

    Among the many infuriating facets of my morning thus far:

    – the pleasure of digging a splinter of what’s likely lead paint out of my index finger first thing in the morning;
    – my computer refusing to recognize the printer for no reason whatsoever after years of the exact same set-up;
    – my commute to work being filled with drivers who fail to look when they’re pulling into moving traffic and then give me a dirty look when I have to slam on my brakes to avoid them (you’re welcome to not be squished by my car, by the way);
    – the damn paintable caulk that will NOT come off my hands (not soap, not alcohol, not abrasive crap – it just won’t wash off);
    – co-workers who leave literally a sip of coffee let in our office coffee maker (seriously, take the last of it or pour it out and start a new pot!); and
    – the fact that somehow today is only Wednesday, even though I walked around most of yesterday under the impression that it was Thursday, among other things.

    I seriously need a rave and the pictures of adorable kittens that my boyfriend has kindly sent are just not going to cut it. Is it bed time yet?

    • Oy, you and I are definitely having the same kind of day. I’ve tried everything I can think of to cheer me up – pictures of puppies, reading several pages of the “whatshouldwecallme” tumblr, looking through job postings, etc. All this has done is made me wish I had a dog, lived closer to my BFF, and already had a new job. SUPER RANT!

    • I feel your pain.

    • I felt like this yesterday– just really down and grumpy and awful.

      Then, my best friend sent me this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/13-simple-steps-to-get-you-through-a-rough-day

      It helped, at least for a chuckle. Hope the day improves!

  • Rant: getting sick at work. It is just the worst.

    Rave: 4-day weekend starts tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    Just found out I’m pregnant.


    What if I’m a bad parent? Everything is going to change. Are these thoughts normal?

    • Congratulations! You have tons of time to get used to (and worry about) being a parent- don’t start yet, if you can avoid it!

    • Anonymous

      Congrats! Yes, pretty sure they are normal. I had a big “oh shit!” moment when I got pregnant. Unfortunately I miscarried—but that was enough pain to make me realize I really do want to have children. Hope to join your club again soon. Enjoy!

      • Anonymous

        Wait, I just realized how horrible it was to even mention my m/c. Ugh, I can be so weird and selfish sometimes. PoP, any chance you can delete both these comments? It should really just say “Congrats! Enjoy!”

        • On the Hill

          I’m glad you mentioned it. THAT is my greatest fear about trying to get pregnant. I feel like we as a culture don’t acknowledge that miscarrying is a very real thing that happens a lot more often than we think or admit. It’s great to hear that there was something positive that came out of yours — confirming that you DO really want to have kids. Good luck to you!

          • Anonymous

            Thanks. It is ridiculously common, which unfortunately doesn’t do much to mitigate the shittiness of losing a baby. Nobody talks about it until you do and then it’s like they come out of the woodwork.

            But still, odds are that once you know you’re pregnant, it’ll stick! And odds of carrying to term after a m/c are very very high! I think as long as you see the whole thing as a process, no matter which way it goes, then it’ll be easier to handle. They do advise you wait 12 weeks to announce it for a reason.

            Good luck to everyone!! xoxoxo

        • Anonymous

          I’m the original anonymous pregnant poster–thank you all for the reassuring thoughts. It was definitely an “oh shit!” feeling – excitement and fear all at the same time. But it helps to know the feelings are normal. Somewhat at least! My mom had several miscarriages, so I can imagine all you have been through. It does worry me too. Thanks for sharing your experience, and I hope you get to have that baby that you want so much now.

    • Meg


      Totally normal. I was afraid I was too impatient to be a mother, but now when I’m laying next to my son for hours, singing him to him while he fights sleep, it’s like I have all the patience in the world. You’ll be great. It’s different with your own kids!

      • Anonymous

        glad you posted this…I am scared to be a parent because I have no patience and I am a total bear when my sleep is disrupted. I’ve thought a lot about whether or not I want kids this past year (now that I am at a point in my life where it would be possible to have a kid) and my answer is always that i’m afraid I’ll be sh*tty at it! I don’t think other people’s children are particularly charming or cute (although i LOVE my neices and nephews). so for now I’m holding off, but its good to know others have the same thoughts :)

        • classic_six

          I have a friend who is, well, pretty impatient. When she had her first child, she was amazing with him – so patient and loving. I almost couldn’t believe the transformation. I ended up asking her about this transformation and she said that having her child really calmed her down. Although every case is different, your own child is very different from everyone else’s child(ren). Your reaction to others’ kids doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t make a great parent (whatever that means) yourself.

  • rave: Took yesterday off from work and after a leisurely morning, collected signatures from 3-8pm to put Initiative 70 on November’s ballot (it would ban corporate giving to DC campaigns). The weather was beautiful and while I typically hate approaching strangers with things like petitions, enough people were interested and appreciative that it felt really good to be out there.
    rant: the fact that citizens need to put this on the ballot at all – it was part of the original ethics package considered by the city council and was stripped from the version that eventually passed.

    • Thanks for doing this! I signed the petition as I was leaving the polls, having heard of the initiative before – hope it makes it on the ballot and hope it passes!

    • Good for you! My wife and I missed this one, were too busy dodging the people lining the sidewalks at our poll, and complete forgot to sign initiative 70. We definitely want to get our names on there. Anything convenient to Petworth where we can sign?

      • I’m not sure what the organizers have planned at this point – it may have to do with how many signatures were collected yesterday, and how many more are needed to reach the Board of Election threshold for ballot intitiatives (22,700). I suspect you’ll see volunteers in the near future at weekend farmer’s markets and such – look out for people in red t-shirts and clipboards!

    • additional rave: the owner of the unit downstairs from me just put the condo on the market ($245K for a 1BR in the Palisades, anyone?) – maybe the new owner will finally fix the bathroom and kitchen fans which are loud and make my floors vibrate!

  • Rant: What is the purpose of the traffic light at Rock Creek Church Rd. and Harewood Rd. NW? Harewood is one way leading away from the intersection, there are no turning arrows and no crosswalk is affected by the light. It’s an annoying light!

    • Ha! Say, do I know you by any chance?

    • Harewood used to be two-way. Maybe that’s why.

  • Rant: I somehow keep getting this weird nose infection. It is very bizarre. I bet everyone really wanted to know that.

    Revel: Turned a major corner on a work project that, I realize now that I’ve made progress, has been making me stressed, negative, and in a constant state of gloomy exhaustion for over a month. Suddenly everything else I was worrying about doesn’t seem so bad now.

  • Another Anon

    Rant: Stressed. SO and I are both looking to switch jobs and nothing has panned out yet. He’s getting interviews at least. Trying to plan a wedding with all this uncertainty is giving me the blues.

    Rave: Others in PoPville seem to be getting some nibbles on the job market. Maybe it won’t be long before I get lucky too??

  • Rave: Remembered this morning that I have Friday off, which means that today is my Thursday! Hurray for Catholic institutions!

    Rave: A work environment in which people tell me how much the appreciate me and that I’m doing a good job. My previous job was exactly the opposite–no wonder things ended so badly.

    Rant/Rave: I am sooooooo bored…but it’s almost lunchtime! :o)

    Rant: My back is reallllllllllly sore from my dance class last night. When I left it, I could barely walk or sit straight up. But I’m gonna’ keep practicin’ my moves anyways!

    Rave: There’s a country dance game for X-Box Kinect!!!!! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • MAR

    RANT: Beginning to seriously despise my job…was basically told I have to deal with other peoples gross incompetance (which directly affects my work) so my supervisor doesnt have to rock the boat = so angry!
    RANT: I feel really frustrated with life right now…eating terribly, not exercising like a should and just generally feeling stressed and defeated…I need to change it up.
    RAVE: I get to work from home both Thursday and Friday and will not have to interact with anyone from my office again until Monday!

    • Charles

      Mar, your symtoms are signs of depression. I should know because I’ve had those feelings too.

  • Charles

    Rant: I don’t like the term, African American. I consider myself a black man and I prefer to be called black. However, I am an American who’s never visited the continent of Africa.

    • Anonymous

      I say black but sometimes get corrected for not using the politically correct term. What do black/African American people generally prefer?

      • aa

        To not be treated like there is one official answer for everyone.

    • Identified

      I feel the same way about Caucasian.

      My people are from prussia, which is not close to the Caucasus mountains. My grandfather despised the term.

  • Rave: sons love their new summer jobs working at Nationals Park. One does concessions, the other is a food runner at the restaurant. They were so excited after their first day yesterday.

    • ehg

      I am so jealous, that is awesome!

  • On the Hill

    Rave: Emmaleigh and her “Grandpa”

    Rave: Getting my hair cut at a new place tonight — Parlour on U Street. Fingers crossed it goes well!!

    • I’ve been getting my hair cut by Stephanie at Parlour for a few years, and I love how she cuts my hair. I found the salon through its high ratings on Yelp. Hope your experience is as good as mine!

  • TG

    Rant: Seeing how close Biddle came to unseating Vincent Orange makes me really upset that I did not vote yesterday (completely siipped my mind). I can’t really complain about holding these guys accountable if I don’t do my part. Shame on me.

    • 17th St

      You might want to sign up for permanent absetee voting – they mail you a ballot automatically for every election so there’s never any excuse for not voting. I think it’s great!

  • Rant: Impossible deadlines.

    Rave: Hump Day!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else on here live on the 3700 Block of 9th St NW behind the metro?

    If so, are you sick and tired of the packs of teens/young adults yelling/cussing/littering all day every day? Please respond and lets try to get on the police to get this fixed. Last night was my tipping point and I’m sick and tired of it.

    • I saw a pack of teens get ejected by an MPD officer from a 70 bus last night from the Petworth metro, head down into the metro, then head back up and then go north. They were really obnoxious. Sorry you have to deal with this.

      I know it makes me sound old, but I don’t really trust packs of teenagers. They make me nervous.

  • JoeEsq74

    Rant: http://fairfaxnews.com/2012/04/virginia-raked-in-101-million-in-speeding-tickets-last-year/

    I am starting a one man boycott of VA, I will not spend a dime in the Commonwealth. They don’t just ticket drivers they will issue citations for reckless driving if driving over 80. Hopewell County is the worst.

    Re: the election, Orange may have his flaws but it is a little unfair to group him with Alexander / Barry. He is competent just too self-interested.

  • ew

    Rant: I was stood up for my phone interview that was supposed to happen over an hour ago. I emailed, and then called to confirm, and no response. Left a voicemail. I’m super sad :(

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that is horribly unprofessional


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