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  • Matt G

    Kill Hill, Vol. 1

  • The latest Michael Bay movie manages to rip off both “Seven Samurai” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

  • Fish

    Following the failure of Simpson-Bowles, the President announces the new debt commission.

  • Facing the recession and fierce competition in the happy-hour sushi market, Ichiro and Hideki were forced to incorporate “Tidal Basin Tuna” into the menu…

  • Kambei Shimada: Go to the north. The decisive battle will be fought there.
    Gorobei Katayama: Why didn’t you build a fence there?
    Kambei Shimada: A good fort needs a gap. The enemy must be lured in. So we can attack them. If we only defend, we lose the war.

  • fixit

    We warned you not to touch the cherry blossoms.

  • anonymous

    From the creators of Jazz in the Park, “Samurai’s on the Mall”. Bring a blanket, friends, a fun time, and sushi.

  • Haawww

    I could have sworn he said fight festival. Let’s just walk around for a bit, I’m sure it’ll start soon.

  • LP

    We wore the wrong softball team uniforms…again.

  • Anon

    Wait, the British beat us to it?!

  • dcd

    The Million Samurai March wasn’t as successful as the organizers had hoped it would be

  • Anonymous

    Is that a katana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

  • dcd

    Steve and Justin were summarily expelled from the annuan North American reenactment of the Battle of Nagashino for wearing Tevas in place of the traditional geta.

  • For the last time, there isn’t a thing called “Samurai Saturdays.” Look around, we look like fools.

  • lemon

    While every year many tourists attend the Cherry Blossom Festival, very few attend the accompanying Samurai Festival… and live to tell.

  • hs

    after a day filled with cherry blossoms and a night filled with saki bombs… I present to you…the walk of shame.

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha

  • G. Willikers

    I told you the Folk Life Festival doesn’t start until June!

  • JK

    For some reason, Taka wasn’t worried people would focus on the fact that he was wearing socks with sandals.

  • Anonymous

    I knew we should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque!

  • PG

    The latest hipster fashion trend on display.

  • Janet

    Yuji and Toshi quietly wondered why TSA was harrassing the mother trying to bring more than 4 ounces of formula on the plane while they just strolled through with giant swords.

  • The dude

    Trust me, the Hirshhorn chicks will like us. Let’s ‘fight’ on each floor.

  • Identified

    Yes dude, we are totally going to take our cherry trees back home where they belong.

  • anonymous

    We’re here to slash the budget.

  • Luke

    Socks with flip-flops? Puh-leaze!

  • Matt

    Security look weak. We attack paddle boats at dawn…

  • Anonymous

    We must find who freed us from the evil trapped painting.

    Hmm, I don’t think we are home anymore.

  • anon

    NipponLARPers preparing to take on the Congressional Ultimate Frisbee Team as viewed by the a WAKA contingent from Dallas as they hang out drinking wine coolers on the corner of Constitution and 12th Street.

    • “WAKA? Sounds more like ‘baka’ to me!”

      [“Baka” is Japanese for “idiotic.”]

      • classic_six

        Do I even want to know how you know this?

        • I lived in Japan for a year and studied Japanese a bit while I was there and after I came back.

          My understanding is that Japanese doesn’t really have swear words in the way that English does. The worst words that I know of in Japanese are “baka” and “aho”; usually English swear words in movies get translated in the Japanese subtitles as “baka.”

          (I think there are PoPsters on this board who are a lot more fluent in Japanese than I ever was, though — perhaps they can confirm/clarify/refute.)

          • classic_six

            Thanks for your response – interesting. Really, a language that does not house any rooms for swear words, not that’s a novel idea.

          • Anonymous

            I was in Japan recently and was watching a subtitled version of Terminator on television. I thought it was awesome that they kept the american curse words in the broad case whereas here, if it was on TBS, it would be edited for a television audience. Would have been interesting to see how Arnold saying “F*ck you A**hole” (one of his few lines in the movie) was translated.

          • I remember watching “Pulp Fiction” on Japanese network TV and thinking, “Wow, this would be practically unwatchable in an American edited-for-TV version.” ;)

            I don’t know how Arnold’s “F*** you, a**hole” was translated for the subtitles, but my guess is that it would’ve had “baka” or “aho” in it… or quite possibly both!

      • Anonymous

        “WAKA” = World Adult Kickball Association

        “Baka” = great new word to employ when describing various forms of commute in the DC metro area

  • Craig

    I knew Tom Cruise couldn’t have been the last samurai.

  • Tired of waiting for their government to do something about americans taking over the car industry, Takeshi and Kogi decided to take things into their own hands…

  • One day, everything the light touches will be yours.

  • JSW

    The Japanese chapter of the Tea Party took the whole “budget slashing” thing a little too literally.

    • classic_six

      My vote is for this one.

  • Reader

    Count the arms, the legs and heads, and then divide by five.

  • Galen

    A picture from the set of the film adaptation of Mark Twain’s little known sequal to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Samurai in American Political Gridlock.

  • Clare

    No Koji, the Katanas are fine, as long as we’re not wearing hoodies we should be good.

  • BPS

    The new Park Service uniforms took a little getting used to, but Officers Hank and Tom appreciated the increased breathability.

  • Anonymous

    Yoshi and Kenji experience profound culture shock over their brown flip flops and seek refuge among the kind mall people.

  • Anonymous

    And you thought Japanese tourists only carried cameras and sunscreen


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