More Info on Bistro Bohem Coming to 6th and Florida Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2012 at 11:30 am 28 Comments

Yesterday a couple readers wrote in with a quick update on Bistro Bohem coming to 6th and Florida Ave, NW. Lots more great info and photos can be found on their Facebook page:

And their Website says:

Introducing the dining experience you’ve been waiting for! Bistro Bohem, Washington, DC’s newest and most lively hangout, is located in the Historic U Street Shaw Neighborhood, just a mile north of the White House. We’re unique to the area, offering flavorful Eastern European small plates in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.

Relax in our charming restaurant and chat with friends (or make new ones) while enjoying mouthwatering meats, delectable sides and irresistible desserts. From sausages to beer, you’ll love the modern twists we’ve added to these traditional Old World favorites. To complement your meal, indulge in our full bar, including beer, wine and specialty drinks.

Whether you’re a regular or just visiting, Bistro Bohem offers outstanding food and an enticing atmosphere that brings you back again and again.


Bistro Bohem is owned and operated by Jarek Mika and his team of friends. The Bistro Bohem crew all present a passion for food, design and desire to create a uniquely comfortable hangout to the U St Area. Bistro Bohem reflects Jarek’s, Czechoslovakian heritage, his culinary experience, and his strong sense of commitment to the community.


  • 6thShaw

    I’m so excited about this. I was so sad to see Shaw’s Tavern since it was so close to where I live that I can walk there. I know they’re opening up again but now there more options. Great!!!

  • ew

    I’m so pissed this wasn’t here a year ago/I didn’t stay in LeDroit park. Eastern European food is awesome. I guess that’s a reason to go back to the old hood.

  • Is anyone else sick of small plates? I always feel that I end up paying more for less. I hope this trend eventually stops.

    • +1.

    • eric_in_ledroit

      love small plates, hate getting massive portions and not being able to finish them. also like trying lots of different things at a meal. more small plates!

    • #10

      Small plates are just appetizers with attitude. A meal doesn’t have to be either a small plate or enough to feed the village; there is middle ground. If you want a small plate, order the appetizer, but please let the rest of us have a big kid’s meal once in awhile.

  • Anon X

    Yes! I cant wait for small plates. Original concept.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, original… It seems every place that opens these days has this small plate theme. I’m tired it. Will take the originals, but agree with above poster that it’s a gimick for a restaurant to lower their food costs and pass on higher tabs to customers.

      Still it’s great to see a new restaurant open on Florida even if I wont be a regular.

      • Anonymous

        don’t go. problem solved.

  • “Just a mile north of the White House,” I am normally not one for indignant punctuation, but ?!?!?!?

    I am confident that I will love this place, but who is this trying to fool? Are they aiming for tourists who don’t know 7th and Fl. Ave. is over 2 miles from the White House.

    • anon

      Most direct route (RI Ave to 16th) is 1.6 miles. So, I guess it’s up to your interpretation of “just over”. I would have said “just shy of 2 miles from the White House”. This is why I’m not in marketing.

      • Agreed, now that I’ve had a moment to reflect I think the source of my indignation stems from this basic question “Who the eff cares about how far away a neighborhood restaurant is from the White House?”

        It’s the kind of thing that only someone who had no familiarity with DC outside of glossy tourist brochures would put in a write-up about a restaurant.

    • To plagiarize a previous commentator, this place’s unique value proposition is being located on a rip in the space/time continuum which explains not only the one mile description, not only the flexible interpretation of North, but also that it’s both relaxed and vibrant. We kid because we love.

  • new

    Really excited to see development continue to move east down Florida ave! Also this place sounds really good. Its really nice to see a unique concept-please no pizza!

    I had some great meals in Czech so I have high hopes

  • cswammi

    Are they opened already?

  • john

    You mean are they “open” already? go back to school

    • OatsDC

      Very productive comment. Is that really necessary?

    • Bloomingdude

      You’re missing a comma, quotes, a period and some capitalization, including of your own name. Go to school for the first time.

    • cswammi

      Thank you so much for your very helpful comment. I will immediately enroll in a doctorate program to further my education. By the way, I meant “have” the opened already?

      • cswammi

        Oh no,
        I meant they (although technically it would be “has it opened already” since a restaurant is an inanimate object). Please don’t crucify me for missing the “y”.

  • shaw

    Sounds great … and nice job on the interior!

  • Very exciting! I am a vegetarian, though, so I hope they will have some veggie-friendly options on the menu. I love eastern european pastries, etc. I have fond memories of the Hungarian Pastry shop in NYC as an undergrad. http://www.yelp.com/biz/hungarian-pastry-shop-new-york

    • eric_in_ledroit

      Second the vegetarian comment – if Bistro Bohem has a solid vegetarian selection I will be there very frequently.

  • More very exciting restaurant news. This sounds great! Though I don’t know how it can be the “most lively hangout” at this early stage…
    See you soon!

  • etcetera

    We can all gather at Bistro Bohem and stare out the windows at the dark, empty Shaw’s Tavern…

  • peter

    steven may performing live……

  • Czech

    I am so excited about a new, eastern european place to open in this neighborhood. I do worry that “small Plate” may be some “trendy” spanish tapas-like fad and I hope that this place, so close to my Czech is more true to Czech dishes and serving sizes and less “trendy” to some Spanish small plate tapas fad.

    My loved friends, please do not feel like you have to be part of some “small plate” trend to be successful. Just show them our food, make it local, natural, organic and worth every bite. I know you will. Ya!

  • Kate

    Does anyone know what is going in next door to Bistro Bohem? It used to be a little Indian restaurant/bar, but I heard they just randomly left. It looks like someone has been working on that space as well. I’m curious!


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