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BicycleSPACE Moving to 1019 7th St, NW (next to The Passenger)

by Prince Of Petworth January 23, 2012 at 3:23 am 21 Comments

459 I Street NW

Just got word from the folks at BicycleSPACE that they are moving from 459 I Street NW to 1019 7th St, NW (next to The Passenger) in Mt. Vernon Square. The move should be completed this Winter. Owner Erik Kugler tells me:

“We thought it would be a great location because it was formerly a hardware store and has that homey feel, it’s close enough to our old location, next to a high-quality establishment (Passenger) and it’s going to be out of the heavy construction zone in the MVT in the near future as that all gets redeveloped. We’re just scratching the surface of what we’ve set out to do with bicycle retail.”

For fans of BicycleSPACE – do you like this new location?

1019 7th St, NW

  • Anything that allows Erik and his crew of fantastic employees to continue to be *the* place to go in DC to get service with a smile is fine by me! They’re the only place to go (in my mind) to talk to people that don’t look down at you for having a cheap bicycle, or not being completely up-to-date on the latest trends and lingo.

    If you want to ride a bike, they want to help. Period. It’s how it should be.

    • indc

      +1 Have been impressed by the service, pricing, and quality every time I go here (which isn’t often, but still…)

  • anonymouse

    and a great addition to have under the equally cool Civilian Art Projects gallery!

  • Anonymous

    Have these guys gotten their act together? I had high hopes for this place, but when I last stopped by several months ago things were still a little rough. Most of the best-in-class products for the kinds of things people who actually ride need were absent from their shelves (schwalbe tires, kool stop brake pads, etc…), and I head some faulty advice being dispensed about what is and isn’t on the market in cycling shoes that was either honest ignorance or willful misdirection since the product the customer was asking for is from a brand they don’t carry.

    I would love it if this shop turned out to be awesome, as there really isn’t a decent bike shop in DC. Everything we have now is some mix of overpriced, incompetent, or understocked. Bicycle Space seems to have carved out a niche with entry-level urban cyclists, I just want them to get better at serving the needs of those of us who actually ride.

    • Yes, they have gotten their act together. It’s a really good shop.

    • Scott

      I really hate bike shops and I tried to really hate this one and I could not. We all have different opinions of what a bike shop should be and should not be based on our own personal views of ourselves. Due to supply issues, bulk buying agreements, the buyer adding items to the order to make the minium for free shipping and whatever sales rep shows up that day to sell what he has too many of for cheap, many of our most loved bike items don’t end up on the shelves as much as we like. I personally think Kool stop pads squeek sometimes and they are outdated. Bicyclespace I’m sure could order you whatever you want.

      There are many places in DC that are not perfect and have bad people working there. Bicycle space has their faults and I don’t know if i’d buy a bike there but there are two or three people there that look like they give half a poop. That’s half a poop more then some other places.

      Bicycle space does not have the tires or the brake pads I use but I don’t think it deserves the spiteful indignation that you have spewed.

    • Anonymous

      I was also a little disappointed that they didn’t carry Kool-Stop pads, but honestly everything else in their shop is great (for commuter style bikes). Everyone is also very kind and helpful, something that I feel is uncommon in DC bike shops. Great group rides, too!

    • MSF

      Urban commuters and the lower price biking community are people who “ride” too. If you mean people who want pro level gear, I don’t think they pretend like they want to corner that market. They want to be more of a center for an urban biking community, and I think they accomplish that well. Plus, their shop has already been awesome to me. Paul is the man. If you want a shop for people who “ride,” I’m sure there’s a place in DC for that, but BicycleSpace doesn’t want to be that place.

      • Anonymous

        By people who ride I mean urban commuters. We wear out parts, and then we need new ones, but the local shops are useless to us. It’s like going in a hardware store and having them sell you a hammer that comes with 100 standard framing nails, but when you run out of nails you go back and they have 50 nails that are too big and about 1,000 shiny brass ones that aren’t good for anything even though they look nice in the store. They sigh when you ask about the nails you want, as though no one in the world has ever asked for standard framing nails before and they never could have anticipated that someone would buy a hammer and then come back wanting more nails, and yeah, sure, they can special order those, but you’ll have to pay right now and they’ll put them on their order that goes out in two days and they’ll be in some time next week.

        I guess if hammers cost $400-$5000 and lots of people thought they wanted one but ended up only ever hammering 2 or 3 nails hardware stores might be able to get away with acting like bike shops. But plenty of other specialty retailers seem to get this right; I’ve never been in a guitar shop that didn’t have months worth of inventory of the best and most popular strings on hand, plus 50 other random kinds. When these guys opened they seemed focused on something other than the tri and road markets, and so I hoped they would be the cure for this sad phenomenon, but my first visit was a disappointment. I’ll go back once they get moved and restocked, it’s not like they don’t deserve another shot, but my first trip was not encouraging. Sorry for the rant, but it’s one of the most frustrating parts about riding in this city.

  • anon

    fta: “in the MVT”

    What is that?

    • Mt. Vernon Triangle.

      • jm

        and here I was thinking it was a square

      • anon

        So, Mount Vernon Triangle is a new branding of a neighborhood… so wouldn’t that read “in Mount Vernon Triangle”… not “in the Mount Vernon Triangle”?

        • Mount Vernon Triangle isn’t quite new. The area has been known as such for years, but I agree with you that the definite article doesn’t belong at the beginning.

          • Anonymous

            According to their website, 2004 (began in 2002 but official in 2004)

            Still (imho) rather “new”. I’ll just toss this triangle in with Penn Quarter. (I still call it Archives). But NoSwamPoo will rise again. Hell’s Bottom however is totally gone.

  • Anonymous

    Add me to the people who think this is the friendliest bike shop in town. Driving to the new location will suck but the landlords are good people so I’m sure it will turnout well.

  • awesome–I want to buy a bike (not a fancy one) this spring and I work a couple blocks from the new site. Will definitely check it out.

    • The old and new sites are only about 6 blocks apart so, from a logistical perspective, they’re hardly moving at all. Good to see 7th street aroud there getting fixed up though.

  • Torquemada

    A great shop in a great neighborhood. Lucky for Shaw residents, and worth the detour for anyone else. Maybe not perfect, or slick, but honest, sincere, hardworking, and supportive of any cyclist.

  • b20001

    This will be a great addition to the Shaw community. Now we just need more places like this moving further up 7th Street, in the P to R Street stretch.


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