• Manpuu puu

    who wants duck for dinner tonight?

    • I do

      But i need to feed them bread to fatten them up!

  • Itchy Balls

    I want to dip my ballllllllllllssss in it!

    • MaxwellTheCat

      Shut it, Louie.

  • PG

    I saw baby geese a couple of days ago when I was out on my bike. I don’t like adult geese much, but the babies sure were cute.

  • J

    confit cassoulet in my le creuset

  • anonymous

    what is good to feed ducks?

  • Anon

    Thanks to the crazy cat killer lady, maybe they stand more of a chance at survival now!

    • greent

      Yea, cats love hunting in water.

      FYI: 1 is already missing. There were 8 ducklings, now there are 7.

      I walk by every mornign just to check them out. Too cute.

      When the babies are old enough, I hope to eat their parents. Num!

  • LisaT

    Too much cuteness!

  • styglan1

    Heads up to PoP, animal and duck lovers:

    Last summer the National Park Service was prepped to kill the ducks because they were eating the lotus flowers in the fountain.

    The NPS had tried to capture and relocate the ducks but they kept finding their way back.

    Luckily a nice older couple spent HOURS (really, hours) working to capture the ducks and relocate them to spare them the killing by the NPS. It was cute to watch.

    Anyway, I have no clue what NPS currently plans to do with the ducks but $10 says that the same back-assward people who close the park bathrooms on drum circle Sundays are more than prepared to kill for the lotus plants.

    I don’t know about you but I’m keeping an eye out for them and plan on raising the alarm is the NPS duck hunters are ever there.

    • victoria

      NPS doesn’t kill ducks. You are being inflammatory and nonsensical. Even if they were the Evil Empire and wanted to kill ducks for eating flowers – guess what? Ducks can fly away! And there are plenty of other easy habitats around.

      • styglan1

        Prove to me that they don’t kill ducks.

        NPS has a long history of invasive species eradication programs (http://www.nature.nps.gov/biology/invasivespecies/) that has included everything managing burros in Texas to Lionfish in the Atlantic. And yes, Victoria, that sometimes means killing them.

        No, they aren’t an “Evil Empire” – at least not until the winter when they don’t bother to clear the snow from the sidewalk on Florida – but they are a big bureaucracy who takes care of problems as they have to. In this case, the ducks are seen as a “problem” and they were going to “take care of them.”

        The reason the “relocation” to other easy habitats doesn’t seem to work is that they tried to do that and the ducks kept coming back. I have no clue if the plan is the same this year or sometime in the future but they definitely were going to get rid of the effers once and for all.

        As for the flying issue – I didn’t know that ducklings could fly! Nor did I know that killing them required a tactic that couldn’t be adapted to their flying abilities. Oh, I don’t know, like duckhunt the video game?

        Now, kindly get off your combative high horse.

  • Donald


  • Soo cute. I wish I could have seen them last weekend when I was there.

  • Lisa

    With all the Lube and Meth they consume at Meridian Hill I doubt a little bread would hurt them.


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