20th Anniversary of Mt. Pleasant Riots – March on Chipotle in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth May 5, 2011 at 12:30 pm 95 Comments

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From a press release:



Workers and Community Leaders Send Signal to Ensure Ethical Treatment of All Immigrant Workers

WASHINGTON– On Thursday, May 5, there will be a procession from the Sacred Heart Church to the Columbia Heights Chipotle Restaurant where workers were suddenly terminated over a month ago. The long term workers were fired en mass and abruptly replaced by a new crew of workers while they met with management during a 30minute break in the back store room. The workers are demanding a public apology and the payment they should have received had they been allowed time to attempt to resolve the paperwork issues cited by management as the cause for their termination.

Following a protest and press conference in late March, Chipotle management has refused twice to meet with Councilmember Graham and Mike Brown and has also refused to meet with workers if a lawyer or community leader is present. Chipotle dismissed the workers’ demands and has refused to apologize for mistreatment after one worker leader met alone with Chipotle.

On the 20th anniversary of the Mt Pleasant disturbances faith leaders, workers, advocates, and DC council members will participate in a procession to deliver over 7,000 petitions demanding justice for the workers.

Procession and Press Conference to denounce Chipotle’s mistreatment of workers and reflect on 20th Anniversary of Mt. Pleasant Disturbances

· Workers fired from Columbia Heights Chipotle
· Father Moises, Sacred Heart Church
· Michael Brown, DC Council Member *invited
· Jim Graham, DC Council Member *invited
· Roxana Olivas, director Office of Latino Affairs
· Arturo Griffiths, DC Jobs with Justice

Thursday, May 5, 2011
Procession beginning at Sacred Heart Church: 5:30pm
Sacred Heart Church
16th St. and Park Rd. NW.

Press Conference at Columbia Heights Chipotle: 6:00pm
Columbia Heights Chipotle
3113 14th Street NW

  • Jeff

    If you read this press release quickly enough, it sounds like they’re going to start a riot at the Chipotle in Columbia Heights.

  • Your Mom

    Do these people not understand what at-will employment means?

    • anon

      Nope. Nor do they understand that breaking the law is wrong. Nor do they understand that lying on an application is wrong. In fact; they’re a bunch of people with no sense of honesty or integrity at all. I sincerely hope INS/ICE seizes this fine opportunity to round them up…

      • Thought


        Of course your comment will cause a backlash of comments.

        I ask this of all who disagree: Have you ever had your social security number stolen?

        Do you know what this does to your credit score? Would you be willing to post, here on PoP, your social security number? Go ahead. I dare you.

        If you aren’t willing to post your social security number with your comment defending these fired workers, then I know your argument is bunk and you actually agree with me, but aren’t willing to admit it. Weak.

        • anon_

          I have and it sucks. Having a VERY common latin/hispanic name, I was a victim of identity theft several years back. I spent over a year fighting with the credit reporting agencies, utility companies and even doctors offices, that no, I did not live in Texas, Baltimore or Cleveland. And no I didn’t run up doctor bills for my 4yr old child (have no children myself). It sucks and I’m the one that has to jump the hoops to clear my name. As of today (almost 9yrs later) I still have a fraud alert tied to my SS number due to people trying to open accounts with my number.

          • greent

            So you’re that Bob Smith. I thought I recognized you.

        • ME

          If you aren’t willing to post your name, address and VISA card number with expiration date and security code on here, then I will know your ranting on PoP is bunk and you actually think all borders should be open and every person who crosses it welcomed with open arms.

      • Vinnie


        Now the federal government is finally doing their job addressing illegals. Unfortunately, liberals like Councilmember Jim Graham and others want to protect illegal aliens and condone illegal immigration. Should we let everyone come here from all over the world illegally and let them work? So many U.S. citizens are out of work. I heard today on the news, unemployment benefit requests went up last week.

  • “Chipotle management has refused twice to meet with Councilmember Graham and Mike Brown and has also refused to meet with workers if a lawyer or community leader is present.”

    I think nothing else needs to be said.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown


      I am not sure what you mean.

      Chipotle was caught with its pants down, and management is acting under guidance from its corporate attorney team and trying to minimize any future losses stemming from penalties from the federal government.

      Chipotle had to rush out and find new employees, swap an entire restaurant team overnight, and deal with frustrated customers for weeks afterwards (lost business, free meals, etc) as well as staff turnover and training. This is far from an ideal situation for Chipotle. If existing employees could have been retained (legally), they would have.

      What do you think would have been the ideal way for Chipotle to handle this? How do you justify continuing to run a restaurant entirely with employees who do not have valid SSN’s?

      • Anonymous

        Ideal would have not have hired people to work, who clearly are not eligible to work.

        If any one of these people is eligible to work, please have them reapply with proper documents.

    • Anonymous

      The shock! A corporation being investigated for immigration violations in a wide-ranging federal investigation that extends well beyond DC and likely threatens millions of dollars in fines isn’t willing to sit down and come completely clean to a grandstanding city councilmember and other “community leaders”??? I wonder why, I really wonder why. What kind of legal advice must they be getting?

  • joker


    And Chipotle blowing off the Graham-stander makes me laugh. That man is entirely too full of himself.

    And is “attempt to resolve the paperwork issues ” code for “buying a new social security number from someone”?

    At the end of the day, Chipotle would already have a class action suit against them if these folks, their army of free lawyers and city representatives thought there was an actual chance of anything happening. It’s been six weeks and the fact they they haven’t filed suit says all you need to know about exactly what “rights” they think they have.

    Yes, I completely agree that Chipotle was complicit with the hiring of illegals, and I hope the DOJ lawyers levies them into a fine so steep to nearly put them out of business, but the illegals themselves are equally to blame.

    They knew they weren’t “legit”, and that their gig could be up at any minute. Many of them got years on the gravy train. Be thankful that you got away with that long and move on.

    • “Gravy Train” How embarrasing for you.

      I am sure those Chipotle workers are living the high life on that salary.

      • joker

        They were living a much higher life than they were in their own countries. Hence, their being here in the first place.

        And yes…a gravy train is a realtively high paying job you illegally got, in a nation you illegally live in.

        They are more than welcome to go back to their native nations if they feel as though they, as illegals have been mistreated. Or get any other job they want to try for here.

        No? Oh, thats right, they cant.

        • crin

          You don’t have to be a racist asshole about it. You’d cry like a baby if you tried to live their life for a day.

          • Some people don’t get it…

            You have to be carefully taught to hate and it looks like FOX scored another one.

          • joker

            Point out one thing I said that was “racist”?

            No? Imagine my surprise.

            Folks skated by the law. Good for them. They got a freebie for quite a while, it doesn’t mean they were entitled to the freebie to begin with.

            If you feel so strongly about it, go protest outside Chipotle, but I imagine annon internet activism is as far as you ever go.

          • Anonymous

            There’s absolutely nothing racist in his post?

          • Anonymous

            Wow – how ignorant are people getting? What the hell is racist about simply wanting rule of law? And before you get all worked up, both of my parents came to the U.S. as immigrants. And what entitles a person that illegaly enters the U.S. with the right to be here more than other people from another country that actually applies and seeks a lawful path for entering the country?

          • anon

            @crin: The post never mentioned race. That connection was drawn in YOUR brain, and my guess is that’s a truth you don’t want to recognize…

          • Profchris

            +1 You’re right on Crin.

            Plus–we all benefit from cheap labor. Plus I doubt we’d be happy to have “surly, ignorant ebonics spouting black Americans” doing our scut-work? Yep, I’ve heard that excuse for illegal labor as well, believe or not.

          • anonymous

            racist? no. asshole? yeah.

          • Vinnie

            Crin, there wasn’t anything racist about his or her remarks. What is it that you and politicians don’t understand regarding individuals crossing our porous borders illegally? Their first offense was committing a crime by coming here illegally. If I break into your home, I have committed a crime. I can assure you, Mexico, El Salvador, and other countries enforce their immigration laws and protect their sovereignty.

          • crin

            I never hear people complain about Russian, Irish, Candian and Polish illegal immigrants. That’s where joker and his ilk are coming from. They’re smart enough to avoid the trip words, but it’s no accident they only complain about Latinos.

    • I’m going to have to agree with joker here. Nothing he wrote sounded racist to me, and I’m a hispanic woman who legally immigrated to this country…yep I have the paper work and am not afraid to show it to an employer.

      Just a reminder to folks that you can be illegal and come from England, France, Scotland, Australia…i.e., all the white countries. And I have met plenty of illegal white non-hispanics in this city.

      • Anonymous

        Find me a legal Au pair, and I’ll find you a leprechan.

        The difference is it’s harder for the feds to track them down.

        • saf

          I disagree. There are many.

    • Profchris

      Well, when all those kids you see in strollers in Columbia Heights–or in their khaki pants streaming out of school and giggling, teasing horsing around @3pm at the corner of Irving and 14th NW grow up and vote, perhaps you can explain your stance to them. I don’t agree with what these folks did coming here looking for work and using jacked SSNs, but I understand it. This situation is uber whack, and maybe drawing a line–hard or fuzzy–has to be done, but they are humans, and if you have the balls to look them and their dependents in the eye and say “Adios,” fine. They broke the law. get them outta here, then, and replace them with whom–the black teenagers we all complain about?

      These kids, as adults and voters, will remember what we all say and do. Hell MY kid may even be working for THEM one day. I just want everyone to be int he same book, if not on the same page, or else payback will be a bitch.

      • Davis

        OK, so you don’t like black teenagers. We get it. Stop trying to cover your racism by excusing illegal behavior.

        • Vinnie

          @Davis; I argee. ProfChris appear to be racist and have problem or dislike black U.S. citizens who have a right to be here. There ancestors were brought here over 400 years ago as slaves to help build this country. Most U.S. blacks aren’t immigrants. The U.S. has immigration laws like other countries. I am glad the U.S. is addressing this problem. I can assure Mexico enforce their immigration laws and they are tough on illegals coming South from Central American countries into Mexico illegally.

      • Lets not forget who the majority will be in this country one day… sooner then we all expected.

        Make sure all you parents out there encourage your children to get their birth certificates and passports in order.

        There is a time for everything in this world.

  • Darrell

    I think I’m going to have Chipotle for lunch in support.

    Refusing to meet with Graham is the opposite of a bad thing.

  • textdoc

    The press release is certainly rather oblique in discussing what happened.

    For context:

    “Chipotle workers protest their recent firings” (Washington Post, March 23)

    “US attorney’s office investigating Chipotle Mexican Grill over workers’ immigration documents” (AP, April 21)

    “Federal agents widen Chipotle immigration probe” (Reuters, May 4)

  • Davis

    We have African-Americans in this city struggling for any kind of work, and guys like Graham and Brown want to give the jobs to illegals.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, have you been to Chipotle lately? The “illegals” were replaced with primarily African-Americans, but clearly not the ones who are capable of performing menial tasks a)without attitude and b)at something faster than a snail’s pace.

      • Anonymous

        Well, then customers will sort that out for themselves.

        At least we won’t have illegal immigrants undercutting the salary structure and distorting the market for restaurants that hire US citizens.

        • Yeah… they are just destroying america. Preach Baby!

          You have to be carefully taught.

          Who among you has lost job opportunities because of this.


          • Denizen of Tenallytown

            Would the people now working at Chipotle otherwise have a job if the opportunity to replace the workers that were fired hadn’t come around in the first place? Maybe yes, maybe no. Perhaps we should survey each new worker to see if he/she had a job before, and if so, how much the wage was and how many hours per week were worked.

            I still don’t understand your position entirely. Should we allow people without valid SSN’s to work? To me, it sounds like you think it’s okay.

          • Anonymous

            Oh great compiler of statistics, please continue to educate us on supply and demand curves made up in your head.

      • Davis

        Why did you put illegals in quotes?

        To answer your other question, I have not been to Chipotle in a long time, but will go to the Columbia Heights location tonight. I certainly support this business’s efforts to uphold the law.

        p.s. as far as I can tell, there is no one many of the regular commenters on this blog hate more that tax scofflaws, like those renting out basements who haven’t jumped through the asinine hoops of the DC government. Amazing how those same folks applaud law breaking in a different context.

        • Denizen of Tenallytown

          Let’s not paint Chipotle as a 100% law abiding business that suddenly realized a number of its DC locations were staffed entirely with people that put false SSNs on their respective job applications, and took corrective action. They were given the squeeze by the Feds and are scrambling to mitigate fees, penalties, and additional probes.

          • Davis

            Fair enough. So Jim Graham and Michael Brown are protesting that Chipotle hired illegal workers in the first place and want to make sure they never do so again?

      • Profchris

        Too bad we can force these negroes out too, eh? Even that slow fool in the white house and babymama Michelle.

        Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

        • Davis

          This comment strikes me as extremely racist and completely inconsistent with your other, thoughtful posts. What are you trying to say?

          • anon

            Garden variety projection. Don’t give it another thought.

    • Vinnie

      @Davis; I agree. There are whites and legal/U.S. Hispanics looking for work living in DC and in the United States. Unfortunately, liberals want to open our borders and let everyone come here. The United States is becoming a third world country daily.

  • Dave

    I remember watching those riots…there was nothing honorable about their actions or that crowd. It was unbridled violence with people LAUGHING while they burned their own city to the ground. It was saddening and senseless. To hearken back to that dark moment as a rallying point for DC residents only bids trouble. Get ready for some unwelcome looting and violence.

    • mca

      I totally agree with you. It seems very strange to me that they would equate the riots with what happened at Chipotle…It is only happening b/c it is Cinco de mayo and could get press.

      I think I will go support Chipotle today, love the tacos and chips!

    • saf

      I was here for those riots. And it wasn’t “their own city.” It was amazing to watch people stream into the neighborhood to riot.

    • Vinnie

      Dave, the climate is very different now in this country. If these lawless hoodlums want to start rioting, this will not look good for the Central American population in DC and in the U.S. The entire country is fed up with illegal immigration and the overpopulating with anchor babies.

  • sc

    For those of you wondering what the Mt. Pleasant riots were, here’s a link: http://wamu.org/news/11/05/05/mount_pleasant_riots_may_5_woven_into_neighborhoods_history.php

    “Twenty years ago today, the streets of Northwest D.C.’s Mount Pleasant were filled with rioters when people gathered to protest what was rumored to be a case of police brutality between an African-American rookie police officer and a 30-year-old Latino man.”

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunate event, but most memorable part of the article: “He explains what the man was probably trying to do. ‘This is very typical of Salvadoreños, when they get drunk, they fight with their belts,’ he says.”

    • textdoc

      Some additional context on the Mount Pleasant riots:

      BTW, the WAMU piece (though very interesting) confuses the chronology somewhat in this sentence: “The country was also still reeling from the beating by Los Angeles Police of Rodney King, and the race riots that followed.”

      The beating of Rodney King occurred in March 1991 — about two months before the Mount Pleasant riots — but the LAPD officers’ acquittal and the subsequent L.A. riots didn’t occur until late April 1992, almost a year after the Mount Pleasant riots.

  • Pennyworth

    I don’t see what their argument is. Why should Chipotle waste money trying to “work out” the situation with employees who’s falsified documents can harm the company.

    Why would a company spend money & time trying to verify the legality of a $7/hr employee when they can just fire and replace them in a week?

    No one has a right to a job. If Chipotle wanted to be mean, they would sue these cats for presenting falsified documents with their applications which are now jeopardizing the company.

    • Profchris

      Um…because like fruit picking companies, contractors, etc, these companies are trying to keep the $ outflow low and the inflow high, and the way to do it is to hire these folks, then hold your breath. They are like Capt Renault in Casablanca. They’re shocked…shocked…that fast food places like them are hiring illegals LOL

      • Pennyworth

        lol … yeh im not old enough to remember casablanca

        • Lily

          No one on this blog was kicking it when Casablanca came out.

          It’s on disk, darling. That means you can watch it anytime…

          • Pennyworth

            pfft! im not watching a movie without color!!! :-p

  • anon


    “Disturbances,” huh? Interesting euphemism for “riots.”

    • Yes, I wonder what George Carlin would say about that.

    • Anonymous

      it’s kind of like The Troubles. theres nothing wrong with euphemisms.

    • anon

      I remember WPFW calling the LA riots an “uprising.” Way to stick it to the man – burn down your own neighborhoods and steal some tvs!

  • Davis

    I too want to echo the comments that the most racist implication I have seen in this thread came from crin.

    • Profchris

      Really? I’m not disagreeing with you on the face of what you say, but if these folks–human beings with families–weren’t from central and South America but were Canadians creeping in, hockey sticks in hand, or Swedes or blue-painted Scots, would anyone care? Possibly…very possibly not. Given this country’s history (Jews, Italians and the Irish tend to forget the bad ole days now that they have been honorary white people for the a century or more) we need to tread carefully.

      • Davis

        ProfChris, thank you for responding with respect. To answer your question, would not feel any different. I am a black man with a wife from Columbia and kids who at first glance are considered white and then, maybe Latino. It is pathetic that I feel the need to show my bona fides for not being a racist, and I am sure I have my blind spots, but I don’t see how not criticizing a company for not breaking the law is in any way a racist act.

  • MtPer

    There’s a lot of talk of racial discrimination but it seems like Chipotle just fired all workers without proper documentation. It’s not like they kept some asian undocumented workers and fired the latinos. The fact that all of the undocumented workers may have been latino is understandably very upsetting to the latino community but I don’t see this as a case of racial discrimination. It would be illegal for Chipotle to continue to employ undocumented workers.

  • Jason

    Yeah I don’t think that years of experience and “loyalty” matter when it comes to putting beans in a tortilla. The workers are basically proxies for machines, and are completely interchangeable.

    • beans

      unfortunately not true.

  • Davis

    Thank you, MtPer. I agree 100 percent.

    I am feeling the Chipotle love. Maybe I’ll order the large diet coke tonight and a bag of chips for whoever is in line behind me.

  • DeJuan

    One of my life lessons is that if Jim Graham is for it, then I am probably going to be against it.

    Viva la Chipotle!

  • Anonymous

    This is a non-issue. I feel bad for anyone who loses their job, but Chipotle did nothing wrong in firing them, and in fact did the most rational thing. They have no obligation to continue to employ these individuals, no liability for firing them, and they have every reason to fear fines from the government if they continue to employ them. Of course, Chipotle knew that they were hiring illegal workers in the first place, but that doesn’t change the analyis for how they should have acted once they got notices from the government. The workers knew they were working illegally too, and if they were by some unlikeley chance working legally, they can reapply, as can anyone who loses an at-will job.

  • anon

    Chipotle’s just don’t seem to work properly without Latino staff. It’s true.

  • greent

    Note to me: avoid MtP and CH when walking the pooch tonigt. Check.

    I am with the crowd that says “Sorry people were fired, but Chipotle was right to fire persons who are not legally allowed to work, and I hope the Feds slam Chipotle with massive massive massive fines.”

    But I will still not eat Chipotle. eeech

  • Eric in Ledroit

    so a city council member is commemorating a RIOT by marching against a business because that business took action to comply with federal law?

    this city is an interesting place.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Yeah, that is an interesting juxtaposition. The organizers seem to be keying on the fact that this march for “justice” will take place on the anniversary date of the Mt. Pleasant riot as if there is some logical connection between a riot that was ostensibly about a purported incident of police brutality and people being fired because they submitted false documentation to an employer.
      I am a fan of Chipotle’s food but it’s clear that their hiring practices are in the crosshairs nationwide. Maybe it’s because 99% of their employers, at least in this area (and I’ve visited a lot of Chipotle’s in this area) are Latino. But most of McDonald’s employees in this area are Latino and they haven’t been targeted. Something is going on.
      It’s also interesting that Brown went to great lengths to say that this march is not about immigration status, but about former workers being paid for the work they did prior to being fired. I suspect that if these workers had a legitimate argument that they should not have been fired, they would be in court right now and not marching.

      • Anonymous

        Well on that issue he is correct then. Even if they are illegal immigrants and used fake documents, they are still entitled to be paid for hours already worked. That’s not even disputable.

        • Greg

          As far as I can tell, the workers were all paid for the hours they worked.

          • Eric in Ledroit

            I am on my way to dinner at the Chipotle in College Park. Yum.

        • Vinnie

          To be fair, if these people work and wasn’t paid their wages entitle them, I support their getting their wages. However, I am against illegal immigration and individuals working in the U.S. illegally.

  • Greg

    I am going to order Chipotle from Columbia Heights tonight too.

    Chips and salsa!

  • In case anyone wanted some actual background information, an article follows.

    Chipotle Under Scrutiny by ICE

    Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., a burrito chain that owns and operates nearly 1,100 outlets across the U.S., was forced to let go of hundreds of workers in Minnesota over recent weeks amid an immigration probe that has spread to other states.

    The publicly-traded company, whose aggressive expansion has fueled share-price gains in the last two years, was notified several months ago by Immigration and Customs Enforcement that it must undergo an audit of its I-9 forms, which verify eligibility for employment, a company spokesman said.

    Hundreds of workers were dismissed in Minnesota, where Chipotle has about 50 restaurants and employs about 1,200 people, after the company received notices of “suspect documents” for them from ICE, the spokesman said.

    Undocumented workers typically present fake Social Security Numbers or use someone else’s identity to secure jobs.

    It’s unclear why Minnesota was the initial target of the probe. In the last few weeks, the company was notified by ICE that 60 restaurants in Virginia and Washington, D.C., would also be subjected to inspection, according to the spokesman, Chris Arnold.

    “We have compiled and provided all requested documents to ICE and are waiting to hear back from them,” Mr. Arnold said. That action could result in more workers being let go if records are problematic.

    Chipotle, based in Denver, has more than 25,000 total employees.

    The company, whose slogan is “Food With Integrity,” is one of the most prominent to be targeted for worksite enforcement by the Obama Administration, which has made employers the center of its immigration policy by setting up raids of company documents. In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, ICE conducted audits of more than 2,740 companies, nearly twice as many as the previous year. The agency levied a record $7 million in civil fines on businesses that employed illegal workers. It’s unclear how many workers have been let go as a result of the investigations.

    Most immigration audits have targeted small employers, with few exceptions.

    Enforcement activity during the Bush administration focused on high-profile raids of companies in which thousands of illegal immigrants were arrested and placed in deportation proceedings.

    Relatively few companies and their executives were prosecuted.

    Chipotle plans to open 135 to 145 more restaurants in 2011; “This creates significant disruption to companies and in the lives of employees,” said Mr. Arnold, the spokesman.

    An ICE spokeswoman said that as a matter of policy she couldn’t confirm the existence of an ongoing audit. “We are targeting the magnet of illegal immigration… employers who knowingly violate the law,” she said.

    Last month, ICE announced that it planned to intensify a crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants with the establishment of an audit office to bolster verification of company hiring records.

    ICE chief John Morton said the Employment Compliance Inspection Center would “address a need to conduct audits even of the largest employers with a very large number of employees.”

    Mr. Arnold said that Chipotle “has been doing more than is required” to ensure that its work force is legal “by reviewing two documents for each hired individual.”

    Write to Miriam Jordan at [email protected]

  • Thought

    No SSN posted yet… As expected, those defending the workers are weak!

    As public officials on the payroll there has to be a way to find the Jim Graham and Brown social security numbers and post them online… anybody care to do some online invesitgative work?

    Awh Jim, you shouldn’t worry, you think sharing SSN’s is fine… even a right.

    • Anonymous

      And where’s your VISA card info, Mr. Thought?

  • james

    I haven’t gone to Chipotle since I heard about the mass firing (a few weeks after it happened)…. but not necessarily because of the principle of the thing, though I support comprehensive immigration reform, think no human being is “illegal,” and support my neighbors’ desire to have gainful employment regardless of their country of origin.

    It’s because since the firings, the service there has been downright abysmal. That Chipotle used to run like a well-oiled machine, with friendly employees who knew how to roll a burrito and how to work the cash register. Sadly, at least as of 3-4 weeks ago when I was last there, it no longer runs like that.

    I want the old workers back because they were better at doing what they were hired to do. Isn’t that what this country’s supposed to be about, that the person who can do the job most effectively should get it?

    • Vinnie

      James, so are you saying, countries shouldn’t have a right to enforce their immigration policies and borders? I guess, U.S. citizens can pack up and go live in El Salvador or Mexico illegally. Let’s see how those governments react to millions of illegal U.S. citizens moving to their countries illegally. You can throw in France, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, and Russia in the mix. Those countries enforce their immigration laws and borders.

      • james

        I’m saying that whether or not their documents were in order, the people who were working there before were better at the job than the people working there now. If their documentation wasn’t an issue, I would choose to hire the former employees over the current ones every single time. They did the job better, they did the job more quickly, and they were friendlier while they did it.

        Preparing meat, veggies, and salsa, putting together and rolling a burrito, and running a cash register aren’t innate skills; they’re learned abilities, and not incredibly challenging ones at that. I’d be willing to wager that most people can do them well if they just put energy and time into learning how to do them right. Similarly, having a friendly and positive attitude towards customers isn’t an innate personality trait, but something a person chooses to do.

        Seems to me that no matter the industry, people who are willing to put in the time and energy to learn how to do a job well, and who treat their co-workers and customers with a friendly and helpful attitude, are the kind of people we need more of in this country… wouldn’t you agree?

      • Anonymous

        Funny you mention EU countries where people can move from one country to the next without having to worry about immigration issues. Poles working in Ireland, Latvians in Spain, Cypriots in Finland. Other countries find ways to allow people to work in neighboring countries. May learn a bit or two if you switch off that FOXhole.

  • linda

    Gallery Place Chipotle=ABYSMAL…It used to be worth the line around the restaurant, but now it is nearly tasteless, sometimes the rice is mushy, the counters are gross, people lean over the damn glass, the roasted corn is so pale now, and the line is mad slow. AND THE GUAC WAS SEMI-BROWN yesterday, yikes. Quality has gone downhill, big time. Sorry, I’m done.

    Have all Chipotle restaurants in this area gone down the toilet? I miss that flavor and deliciousness–took it for granted.

    • c

      “the roasted corn is so pale now!”

      possibly my favorite PoP complaint of all time.

      • Anonymous


  • crin

    I stand not corrected. Telling people to go back to their native lands is a clear reference to race. Native identity has everything to do with race and ethnicity. Or do Salvadoran and Honduran immigrants come from Denmark? I’ll worry about the brown illegals the day the xenophobes start crying about the white illegals.

  • Miquel

    Crin, Hispanic is not a race. Hispanics can be of any race. There are many Hispanics that’s black in Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, etc. You have many whites of the Caucasian race in Spanish speaking countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico. There’s the Mestizo or the Indians in many Spanish speaking countries. Let’s face reality, the majority of illegals are from many, many, Spanish speaking countries. Yes, there are many white Irish from Ireland living in New York City. One thing on behalf of people from Ireland or Jamaica illegally in this country, they can blend in to look like any black or white U.S. citizen because their native language in English.

  • Bongo

    As someone who owned a business in the area during the riots,watched this one party city do nothing about prosecuting the rioters and looters,I am quiet disturbed by our politicians using the riots as a rallying cry to support people who broke many laws before they even wrapped the first burito in Chipotle.
    Par for the course,pathetic,and quiet disturbing.

  • ‘Legal’ Immigrant

    As someone who has recently come to the U.S. “legally”, I totally sympathize with anyone who does not want to go through this ordeal. Not only is it very expensive to start working and living here, you’re also treated like a criminal – retina scans, fingerprints, the works.

    Nationality is like race, gender or sexual orientation something you have no control over. So why do you all feel entitled to look down on people that have been born in a different place than you and judge them for their crime of trying to make a living through hard work? It’s not like they’re living off social welfare or your tax dollars. Would you behave any different if you’d be born south of the border?

    I’ll continue to boycott Chipotle for the way they treat their employees.


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