Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I’d love to get your readers’ thoughts on a business my family is trying to open. It’s a French coffee shop and bakery, with authentic French pastries and several varieties of bread– including real baguettes!– baked on site. We’re thinking wi-fi, comfy chairs and good coffee. It’s the sort of Mom and Pop operation where the proprietors will get to know their regulars, and take special orders, and keep little treats on hand for your kids.

We’ve found what seems to be an ideal spot, in DC USA. However, the main office of the development company has been blowing us off for months. The good folks of the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights are excited about our proposal, but have also expressed frustration with the passive resistance of the head office. It’s true, we don’t come with the backing of a nationwide chain. This is, however, a local, woman-owned business, exactly the sort of thing that the developers claimed they would be seeking out. We’ve just about given up on this property, but Jim Graham’s office has indicated some willingness to facilitate between us and the landlord; it’s too early to know if anything will come of that.

So if you think this sounds like the sort of place you might patronize, let’s hear it! Maybe some support from the community, along with our solid business plan, long small-business experience, and singleminded determination, will encourage the landlord to talk to us. We’d also love to hear suggestions for elements that would make you love a bakery/coffee shop even more.”

This sounds amazing. I’d definitely support it! I’m really frustrated reading about your experience. I can’t believe some people would rather have these store fronts sit empty than have a promising business like this. Would you guys like to see a bakery like this go into the DC USA? If so, show your support and let’s help them make it happen.


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