Washington, DC

We first learned back in April ’09 that Red Derby (3718 14th St. NW at Quincy) was looking to get a roof deck.

Thanks to a reader for the heads up – permits have been issued, construction has begun and I’m told the progress is advancing ahead of schedule! You can see there is a huge gap in the ceiling:

The bar will be closed Wed. for more construction updates. I’m told that in addition to a deck, there will also be a bar on the roof and it will have a similar configuration to the one on the first floor. If all goes according to schedule the new roof deck should be open by the first week of August.

And let’s give big props to those working and supporting the Derby while construction is ongoing because when I stopped by Tues. night there was no air conditioning. I will gladly patronize the Derby in 90 plus degree heat without a/c if we are rewarded with a roof deck!

Stairs to the roof likely to go where the closet above is now


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