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Dear PoP – “Why oh why does the yellow line mock me?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user cacophony76

“Dear PoP,

Why does the yellow line stop service at Mt Vernon Sq during rush hour? It would be so much more efficient if it just traveled 4 minutes further to U St or 6 minutes further to Columbia Heights. I am tried of getting of the yellow line only to have the green line show up completely full. I don’t accept the excuse about the yellow line trains not being able to service Huntington effectively if it travels 2, 4 or 6 minutes further into the District. Those 4 minutes are better spent moving people from Mt Vernon Sq home!

Who can make this change? Do you think the readers of PoP petition enough pressure on those individuals to make this change?

It would really be better for more people. Utilitarian principles should run the metro!”

Sadly, I think this comes down to a budget issue. Given WMATA’s well known budget woes and safety issues I’m fairly certain extending the yellow line will have very little priority. I believe it was even in jeopardy of being cut completely. When the Metro system becomes a bit healthier (literally and financially) I def. agree that this is an issue worth pursuing. But at the moment I think a petition – even with 50,000 signatures – will not make much of a difference.

Do you guys think the yellow line will ever be extended north to Ft. Totten?

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