Washington, DC

Thanks to a reader for sending word and snapping a few photos of this great development. The reader writes:

“I saw a Permit sign in the small retail space on Columbia Road right by the BB&T at 18th Street, NW – it used to be a locksmith shop. Well, the sign shows it be slated to become a garden supply shop. That would be pretty sweet. The C of O sign lists the operating name as Urban Sustainable and the retail type as Garden retail.”

Looks like this is 1787 Columbia Road, NW.  I remember the locksmith because they used to have a sweet Dean Martin bobble head in the window. I look forward to checking out the garden store when they open!

UPDATE From their Web site:

“Urban Sustainable Supply is your one-stop shop for hydroponic and urban organic gardening. We carry complete hydroponic kits, hydroponic components, nutrients, gardening tools, High Intensity Dicharge lighting (high pressure sodium, metal halide), fluorescent grow lights, grow medias (soil, rockwool, hydroton, perlite, vermiculite, coco coir, etc) various diagnostic meters, home composting systems, 100% organic seed… virtually everything you need to turn your home, garden, or rooftop into a paradise urban sustainable gardening.”


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