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by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2010 at 4:30 pm 8 Comments


The old Pap & Petey’s located at 421 H Street NE is becoming Toyland. For those that live in the neighborhood they’re having a sneak preview this evening.

Here’s what it looks like through the window:


And in other H Street news it looks like the Rock and Roll Hotel has applied to open up a rooftop deck.


  • anon

    applying for a roofdeck now is key. black cat should have done the same. By the time blackcat applied the yuppies had already arrived and protested it. Which is bogus because black cat was there before they were. And they should have known what they were getting into moving so close to an entertainment corridor. Sticky Rice and others should follow suit and apply now while the gettins good.

  • The fact that Toyland isn’t an upscale sex toy shop is really disappointing.

    • Ragged Dog

      I went by the Pleasure Place in Gtown the other day. The place is so depressing. We need a “Good Vibes” in this city.

  • andy


  • I went to Toyland’s first soft opening last week. I dug it, but found myself saying to no one in particular “I don’t get it.” It’s called Toyland, but I didn’t get why. There was literally NOTHING on the walls except for a really cool rocket (that I think lights up, but wasn’t on that night). Supposedly they’ll be serving diner type food when they do finally open “for real.” But I don’t get the connection between the name and the decor (or lack thereof). Not that every bar needs a theme (even on H Street) but I was thrown by the lack of anything on the walls.

    When I was there, the taps weren’t yet up and running, but they had a decent bottle selection. (I stuck with the Troegs HopBack though.) Overall, I think it’s got potential (even though I’m so over “diner type food” unless it’s a real diner) and I’m excited to go back after it’s really open.

  • the interior of toyland looks cool!

    maybe they should have a board game night to tie in to the name?

  • MP

    It’s called Toyland because it used to be a toyshop – named something else but known as Toyland amongst the local kids. And the Rocket sign is from an old store (maybe launderette) across the street.

    It’s a bit bare at the moment but there’s plans to open a lounge upstairs as time goes on. Really nice to have something down the west end of H while we’re waiting for Ethiopic to open and for more businesses to be attracted to this section.

    • That makes sense – thanks!!


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