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  • Rukasu

    E and South Carolina, def a cool house

    • It’s actually 6th and South Carolina SE. E runs parallel to SC.

      • Rukasu


        • hehehe sorry! This blog is so NW-centric, I just like to get the Hill facts straight when I can!

  • Anonymous


  • That’s across from Marion Park on the Hill. I can’t remember exactly now, but I think this house is either known to be haunted and/or have something especially historic about it. (As opposed to the normal historic stuff that every house on the Hill has.) I’ll check with The Hill is Home’s two history writers (who are also tour guides w/ Ghost Tours DC) and see if they know.

  • MK

    It’s the Carbery House, home of the sixth mayor of Washington DC Thomas Carberry. He was mayor back in 1822. The house was built by master plasterer Hugh Densley who worked on the White House and the Capitol and built other houses around Capitol Hill including the one next door to this one.

  • Ah, I figured it out. I got it – it is called the Carbery House, but it’s James not Thomas. James was the architect of the Navy Yard.

  • MK

    No I’m not sure @Nichole and neither is the fool who told me this who is now asleep on my sofa too drunk to go to his house near 7th & G SE because he left his keys in the restaurant.

  • crin

    Check the chimneys. There’s an original 1820s house buried behind that late 19th century Victorian facade and tower.


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