• GW

    Pop… please come back to Petworth, i.e. places we care about

    • jason

      nice to see him venture outside of Petworth.

  • Sully

    Nice, the blue really makes it.

    • mphs

      That there’s IHOP Blue

  • ET

    This place has been finished for about 2 years(?) and they still haven’t sold all the condos?

    Still I like the look.

    • Um, yeah, you know that whole global credit market meltdown thing that started to percolate about 2 years ago and hit full bore meltdown about a year and a half ago? Just saying.

      In other PoP news, my re-captcha was: “kiddos” “conceived” — in that order, no less. I do consider myself lucky some days.

  • Ragged Dog

    The new Cap Hill Kingman dog park is opening directly behind this building.

    I’ve heard this place *doesn’t* have murders or bedbugs.

  • I toured these almost two years ago with friends. Neat, but suburban blah. There used to be a Sanitary Grocery (later known as Safeway) on this site: my dad grew up right next door to this place in the 40s!

  • K St.

    I want.

  • KStreetQB

    I like the look. Love those pop outs.

  • Matt

    It looks like a high school that was built in 1999.

  • anon

    murders and bedbugs… elaborate.

  • Luddite

    I also LOVE the look! Very nice.

  • LeeinDC

    very nice look, bay windows etc are alot more detail than you usually get today.

  • wdc

    They look great inside, but that blue paint on the exterior was a mistake. Good area to invest though as the Hill continues to grow East and North.


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