Snow Emergency Routes

by Prince Of Petworth February 9, 2010 at 12:45 pm 48 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user CarrieA

“Dear PoP,

Though the snow emergency route parking scofflaw did generate some amusement, you might want to post this link so people can actually find out what roads not to park on. Snow Emergency is supposed to start again today at 4p.m”

Snow emergency routes can be seen here.

  • ontarioroader

    There are also orange signs, like ‘no parking’ or ‘2 hour parking’ signs, on every block that say ‘snow emergency route’.

    • Victoria

      The signs are few and far between however, at least on Irving St.

      • Anonymous

        yep. i’ve lived on kenyon for 4 years and never noticed that i lived on a “snow emergency route”

  • And, for those of you that prefer a map of the routes, that can be found here: http://app.ddot.dc.gov/services/snow/SER_Snow_map.shtm

  • Dave

    Dear Pop ~ We want to let Columbia Heights residents know that DDOT and the Deputy Mayors Office and Central Parking is offering free parking to neighborhod residents in the DC USA Parking Garage which has entrances on Park Road and Hiatt Place. The Free Parking is in effect at least until Noon on Wednesday February 10, 2010 though we are waiting on word from the District about whether the free parking will be extended beyond that time with the approaching winter storm. I will let you know as soon as we find out. For questions, you can call the DC USA Central Parking Office at 202-232-0936.

  • jcm

    I can’t believe Colorado Ave isn’t a snow emergency route.

  • Los Politico

    Why do all you urbanophiles on PoP have cars? You live along tons of bus lines (the only ones working yesterday even) and have the metro. You’re walking distance to most bars and restaurants, too. Sell your car and if you must, join Zipcar for out of town trips.

    It just seems so phony to me for you to move from some flyover state (Colorado, maybe?) to Columbia Heights and maintain a car. It means you must be at least libertarian if not flat out liberal—all the GOP staffers live in VA, let’s be real. Sell the car. Your wallet, your waistline, and your conscience will thank you.

    • GiantSquid

      Because Los Politico, some of us live in DC yet work outside of the district, in areas that are not accessible by bus or metro. Because DC has a lot more going on than say… Columbia, MD, and yet sometimes it’s nice to get out of the District. Because Zipcar or even renting a car isn’t fiscally sound when you are making out of town trips every few weekends. Because the car is over half-way paid off. Because I like driving. Shall I keep going?

      • Los Politico

        Move or get a new job

        • Park&Park

          I have to drive to Annapolis two days a week for my job. For my job. I’m confused. Should I move to Annapolis or get a new job?

          Let me rephrase your point: “The world operates according to a strict dichotomy whereby no one in a city should have a car and everyone in a suburb does have a car. You are a hypocrite to violate either of these binary categories. It is simple to just pick up and move and find new jobs during an economic depression. The world is simple and uncomplicated and I get pissy and snarky and make stupid comments on a blog when confronted with evidence to contradict my view of the world.”

          Seriously, people. Think before you post.

          • Los Politico

            Let me rephrase, everyone should live within 30 minutes of their employment.

            “White Washington” has the lowest unemployment in the nation– less than 6%. We have no recession.

            For the record you should get a new job. Any employer that values your time so little that they feel they can force you to travel between multiple locations at the expense of your personal time is not worth working for. You need to buy sh*t form China that bad?

    • Anonymous

      yes, and i’m required to have a car for my job, so shove it. and yes, i did live in CO once.

      • Los Politico

        You drive POTUS? No? You don’t? Your work isn’t vital to the continuation of our society? Then get a new job.

        • Anonymous

          actually, i work for a non-profit helping kids, and am required to drive a car. what do you do? ass. or, hall monitor?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been looking for about an hour now, but I can’t find your name on my paycheck, mortgage, tax returns or anything. Mind your own business, and maybe you need to go for a walk. I’ll put my wallet, waistline, and conscience up against yours any day. Go get drunk:-)

  • Petworth Newbie

    Man, looks like car owners near the Target got royally shafted in the snow emergency route distribution department. Move to spacious Petworth and fart in the general direction of sanctimonius car spurners.

  • feeder

    its “phony” to have a car in DC? what does that mean?
    can you really think of no reasons at all for people in the city to have cars?

    • Los Politico

      People move to Columbia Heights (I never said DC) for lifestyle reasons (I’m not talking about the widow you live next door to who has been here since before the riots). Those lifestyle reasons are completely averse to car ownership.

      • feeder

        i’m sorry, columbia heights.
        still, you seem a bit narrow in imagination if that is all you can fathom.
        but its great you think you know whats best for others.

      • boo

        Such a troll. You made your point, now stop poisoning the comments.

        • Los Politico

          It’s a snow day, whatcha gonna do

          • feeder

            hahaha. good point.

      • enus gobunger

        Man…you’re really awful. Who the hell are you to say why a person moved to Columbia Heights? You don’t know, but I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, just like I’m entitled to live here for my reasons and to own two cars.

        • Park&Park

          Seriously. Everything boils down to simple stereotypes for why people live where they live. Car ownership is a direct function of political ideology, not necessity or convenience. It’s easy to get a job. I wonder if Los Politico has ever struggled to find a job. Certainly seems to struggle to cope with reasonable counter-arguments when making blanket statements. Cities all over the world have people with cars. Many people in cities don’t need cars, but not all. Having a job within 30 minutes is a nice ideal that often can’t work out for pragmatic reasons. You really sound like a young person with very little experience making actual life decisions. Fair enough, but be aware of your own cognitive/experiential limitations about this subject.

        • Los Politico

          So you pay above average rents for a below average amount of space, because?… For the schools? For the religious community? For the weather? For the infrastructure? For the parking?

          • Lots of people read this blog and live in DC but not Columbia Heights. So aside from it apparently not applying to a lot of people in Columbia Heights, it doesn’t apply to a lot of other PoP readers either. So uh, yeah – you’re speaking for yourself there, buddy.

      • Anonymous

        your dumb.

  • enus gobunger

    Los Politicos…way to ignore really rational reasons for a person to own a car in the city. I bet you’ve never been wrong, have you? You and my mom should go bowling.

  • Park&Park

    Seriously. Everything boils down to simple stereotypes for why people live where they live. Car ownership is a direct function of political ideology, not necessity or convenience. It’s easy to get a job. I wonder if Los Politico has ever struggled to find a job. Certainly seems to struggle to cope with reasonable counter-arguments when making blanket statements.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    DC USA Garage still has about 800 free spaces that are not being used, FREE PARKING in the DC USA Parking Garage until Noon on Saturday

  • snow bunny

    @Los Politico — very nice suggestion to live near work if you’re single — not so easy for a couple to find 2 jobs where they’re both happy, and within a 30 minute walk.

    • Los Politico

      Central DC has the second largest concentration of employment in the nation. You can’t find a spouses job within an hour of that and split the difference?

  • Columbia Heights tribe

    Los Politico has been voted off the island. Please do not engage.

  • Los Politico

    Nichole, you live in the swankest part of Capitol Hill. A lifestyle choice if I ever saw one.

    • Fair enough. (I guess.) But it further illustrates my point that you can in no way generalize the community that reads this blog and why they should or should not have cars or what each of our urban experiences should be based on your world view.

      • enus gobunger

        No…not fair enough. It’s your choice where and how you want to live. This schmuck on wheels (oh the irony) doesn’t get to make you feel bad for living in a great place.

        • Oh, I don’t feel bad – although you’re probably right that that was this guy’s intention! I just think he’s kind of making everyone else’s point (that we all make our choices for whatever reasons) with his statement that I made a lifestyle choice by living where I live.

    • its funny, i know tons of people that live on the hill because it used to be dirt cheap, and either they bought, or have rent control. even the now “swanky” parts.

      • Shhh… you’ll ruin his (extremely limited, self-righteous, misguided and ill-informed) perceptions.

        • sorry.. lifestyle choices… swanky…. car owners are librarians or something. check.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Columbia Height tribe; off the island, and excommunicated.

  • Anonymous

    @Los Politico, I’ve been laid off and trying to find a job since April, and my husband has a job, but hates it and had been trying to find a new one for over a year…I’m looking for anything and can’t even get hired by a temp agency and he’s looking for something specific, and can’t even find open positions. So it’s very glib to tell someone to find a new job as if they’re growing on trees.

  • Anonymous

    Look, living in Columbia Heights is a lifestyle choice associated with living in one of the most liberal precincts in the nation. For these people owning a car is also a lifestyle choice (for ‘convenience’, whatever), but it is incongruous with the uber-liberal lifestyle. That is my point.

    For those stuck in crappy jobs or unemployed, that sucks for you. Take heed in the fact that you live in the region with the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and on top of that you are probably in the demographics least affected by the recession.

    I’m not telling anyone they can’t own cars, I’m only suggesting that anyone who boasts about their liberal street cred because they rent an apartment in Columbia Heights and then complains about snow emergency parking rules is full of crap. Can we not agree on that?

    If not, take solace that I’m just some uber-liberal dude bored on a snow day. I am not the overload decreeing your car to death.

    • Park&Park

      “I’m only suggesting that anyone who boasts about their liberal street cred because they rent an apartment in Columbia Heights…”

      This is a fantasy. No one does this. People simply do not live places to boast of liberal street cred. Probably where your logic went wrong in the first place.

    • victoria

      When many of us bought in Columbia Heights 25+ years ago, the “lifestyle choice” was quite a bit different.

      • saf

        Same for Petworth.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of protesting happening. Sounds like a lot of guilt spilling out on the page. Looks like a nerve was hit to me.

  • dcndc

    LOL Los Politicos! \We have no recession\. I’ll let my laid off husband know that he and all his out of work white-collar colleagues aren’t experiencing a downturn. The fall in my home’s value isn’t hurting us either. Thanks for the clarification!


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