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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel and a Couple of Questions

by Prince Of Petworth February 9, 2010 at 12:00 pm 61 Comments

Photo from PoPville flickr user hellomarkers!

Are you out of booze? Food? Better stock up soon. But in the meantime feel free to vent and/or rave. And if you can help some readers out with a few questions they have:

“Dear PoP,

I was wondering if you knew of any underground parking lots that allow overnight parking during the snowstorm(s). Or anywhere along the green line. Side streets aren’t plowed up by my house and there is no available parking on the main roads- even so it would take a lot of shoveling. Any help would be great!”

I believe you can use DC USA’s lot in Columbia Heights. Did anyone have luck with them last storm?

“Dear PoP,

I was wondering if you know anything about mail delivery during the snowstorms. I checked the USPS website and DC was not listed as a place that is not receiving mail due to weather, but we haven’t gotten mail since Friday. Do you know if others are receiving mail or when regular mail delivery will resume?”

Great question. And when do you think newspaper delivery will start back up?

  • Anonymous


  • Emil

    I got my paper this morning. FIrst time since friday!

  • Same here for both Post and NY Times

    • Ah

      Sat: neither
      Sun: NYT
      Mon: Post + Sunday post
      Today: Post

      what’s up with that NYT?

    • anon

      nothin’ yet here. Of course, my street hasn’t been plowed yet either. (I’m a whooole block off Georgia Ave.)

  • Kalorini

    Rant: The metro. C’mon guys, every half hour and single-tracking it? It took me nearly 2 hours to get to work this morning.

    Rave: UPS is picking up shipments from its retail spots today, so the brownies I made for my Dad will get to NJ :-)

    Rant: Boston College Eagles.

    Rave: PoP used my photo in a post yesterday! I’m new to the photo-sharing thing, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more

  • Eric

    I’m parked at DC USA. As of now I have until noon Wednesday to move my car. Hopefully d dot will be smart enough to exend this so we’re not forced to find a spot on the street right in the middle of the next storm.

    • D=E

      “Free parking at the DCUSA garage has been extended through noon on Saturday” according to DCist on twitter.

  • K St.

    I got my paper this morning, though I live in a well cleared apartment complex near Capitol Hill. Still havent gotten mail yet…

  • Rant: someone stole my shovel.
    Rave: I got a replacement

    Rant: my trip has been cancelled twice now.
    Rave: I don’t have to work.

  • Emmaleigh504


    Rant: No work today and I’m out of PTO. This damn snow is starting to cost me $$$.


  • Kamala

    Rant: The Fenty Administration. I can’t believe he’s had my wife go to work for the past two days in this, when we don’t even have a clear street or a metro open to us. Seriously, lets take it to the polls in November. This guy is INSANE.

    Rhee too.

    Rave: The bartenders at Ben’s Next Door have been lacing me with some free drinks recently. I really appreciate them aiding me in my drunkeness.

  • Rachel

    I received today’s Post. My office has been getting mail, but I haven’t gotten it at home. Perhaps they are delivering to open routes?

  • Stuck

    Rant: Police officers who block the narrow snow covered road to stand around and chat causing motorists to get stuck while trying to navigate around them.

    Rant: Many roads in DC still look horrible. Why was the December response so good and this one so poor?

  • M

    Rant: Metro- I am not afraid of a crowded train, nor do I feel the need to complain about them, but when I cannot even get NEAR the doors of the THIRD train I have waited over an hour for…something is not right about that.

    Rant#2- finally made it in and I have nothing to do here.

  • Stephanie

    Rave: Shoveled out my car this morning so that I could drive it to my work garage (and leave it).

    Rave: A pedestrian helpled me.

    Rant: METRO. I am so tired of ghost trains and waiting for an hour to get on a train (only to be packed like sardines when in one).

  • Ragged Dog

    Raves: Working from home since Friday, local businesses staying open AND shoveling, neighbors shoveling, restock at the Teet this AM, feds stayed home.

    Rants: No drink sales before 9am in DC, 45 minutes to get out of the alley w/ snow chains, tired of the same faces.

  • Amsterdam Oost

    Rave: 5 day weekend. Wow. I am ready to go back though.

    Super Rant: The Colts lost the Super Bowl.

    Rant: I work for the Feds, but I still feel bad for people that work for the DC gov have to go into work when the city obviously isn’t providing them with the infrastructure needed to get them there safely and on time. What a friggin joke.

    Rant: Snow removal excuses continue from the DC government. I am incredibly tired of the excuse “it doesn’t snow here very much” like that gives the government an excuse to f$%% up snow removal every year. My guess is that it has snowed in DC nearly every year since it was first settled in, oh, 1800 or so, so by now the idiots that run this city should be able to remove the snow in a much faster manner.

    Rant: Metro, but is anyone really surprised that this incompetent system didn’t pull through? The ONLY time Metro did something right was during the inauguration (and even then they almost killed somebody) and they’re still patting themselves on the back about that crap.

    • Anon

      RE: snow removal excuses. I can’t take them to task on this one. This is quite literally a once-in-a-century kind of storm. Yes, it snows every year in DC, but I hope that everybody realizes that clearing 4-6″ and 20″+ are vastly different enterprises. If you want DC to be prepared for these rare events lobby to have tax money allocated for it, but then please stand up for DC when people howl about the millions of dollars in snow removal infrastructure that sits idle the 90% of the years that we don’t get large snowfalls.

      • Dog walker

        Not quite once in century: 2003 president’s day storm had about 18-20″. Anyone out there remember that one?

        • saf

          I do. I also remember January 96, Veterans’ Day 87, and February 83.

      • Mony

        Exactly. It hasn’t even snowed 10 inches until today in Chicago.

  • Lady

    Rave: Office was closed last Friday, Monday, I’m in today but leaving at 2pm, and we are closed tomorrow/Wednesday.

    Rant: I’m going a little stir coo-coo at home.

    Rave: I’ve knitted two scarves ;0)

  • Dirty

    Is there any reason why the “single-track” system can’t be applied to both sides of the track? I stood in CH metro for over an hour Sunday trying to get to L’Enfant Plaza, one northbound train with passengers passed through the station and six empty trains passed through the station, as if they were taunting me with “it’s your only option, deal with it”
    So they are paying an operator to drive an empty train, we got to U Street and that empty train was sitting in the station… mediocrity at its best.

  • dcsarah

    Rant: Office was open Monday, but metro was not going out to Rockville. Anybody not working had to take vacation. We are government contractor, so if our client isn’t working, why should we?

    Rave: I was able to work from home.

    Rant: Office is not closing tomorrow.

    Rant: Target in Columbia Heights

  • rg

    Who exactly is going to be the recipient of your toxic emotional garbage? Where will the frustrations and vitriol go, when i am gone? Its easy to think about revenge, to unleash the legal dogs of war, or use the kids as artillery.
    But I know you. You’re ugly on the inside. That ugliness is going to destroy any future you try to create for yourself. This free’s me up from the self-consumption of wanting revenge. I can just move on.
    Watching the way you treat people for years, I need not cause you any pain. You’ll do that all by yourself. You can have everything I own and everything i have worked for. All i want in return is to know what it is like to not be force-fed your ugliness.

    • wow

      rg, i hope things get a little easier for you soon sounds tough.

      • rg

        thanks wow. appreciate it.
        R2: (not statistics). I am suppose to sign a lease on my new place today. These %%^$# are slower than sh%$. I could have bought a condo in the amount of time these incompetent farks are spending on paperwork. Leasing agent is not a hard job. Chances are you’ll be replaced by robots someday. Got off your ass and finish my paperwork. Ya see, I need to go. If i wasnt paying a mortgage in addition to my upcoming rent I could rent 3 units. Got off your ass and fax the docs and have the keys ready for me.
        / uh oh. Got to calm down for my second round interview for a new job in 10 minutes.

    • Worried

      You better be fighting for the kids or I don’t want to hear any more about how ugly their guardian is on the inside.

    • sarah

      wow, and here i was feeling just so sad about the whole situation. i wish you peace.

      • rg

        I should be calm when i get away. Or at least i wont be subjected to any new garbage.
        im looking forward to having the kids as often as possible. I am so much more relaxed with just them and me.
        and a follow up: slam dunked the 2nd round interview, they’re scheduling the 3rd now. new life in progress.

  • Rant: It’s cliche, but snow. I’m not just sick of it; I never liked it in the first place and I find the way that it reduces normally sane adults here into wide-eyed children both baffling and annoying. Spare me your fucking whimsy – it’s a messy inconvenience and it can bite me.

    Rant: Why can’t WMATA get the D6 or the 90 buses up and running? I don’t even know where I want to go, but not having the option is getting to me. Obviously, I’d prefer to just dig my car out, but I’m not moving it now with another snow emergency going into effect in a few hours. No point in losing my convenient (non snow emergency route) parking space just for a change of scenery.

    Rant: Not having anything to rave about. I am beyond frustrated with the weather, and it’s making me crankier than usual.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m with you on the snow BS. I think I need to move to Belize.

  • Jim

    Rant: agree with the above comment: I’m going to hunt down and throttle the next self-absorbed, irresponsible, condo-dwelling, trust fund f**ker that blogs about how “cool” or “awesome” more snow is. It’s not so “awesome” for those who have to shovel themselves and their neighbors out of 3 feet of this frozen crap. It’s not cool for people who don’t get paid when they can’t get to work. It’s not at all awesome for the tens of thousands of people without power in 18 degree temperatures. It’s not fun when the snow tears down your gutters, crushes and kills all the trees and shrubs people have spent years cultivating.

    Not everyone gets to go throw snowballs at each other and then sit around drinking martinis for a week when this crap pours down.

    Something tells me many of these idiots are the same people griping that every side street in DC was not cleared and dry within 24 hours of the snow ending.

    • wow

      im a trust fund f**ker, come and get me oh poor sad angry one… your probably right the only folks making the best and enjoying this are rich and living the good life…and all the naysayers are you sad woking place stiffs well…if having some bucks means a good attitude and enjoying what there is to enjoy in a situation and saying the hell with the rest, so be it… now for that dirty martitni hopefully in a “snow bar”

      • Jim

        Thanks for proving my point. By the way, you should probably get a dictionary and learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” while you are drinking those martinis, twit.

        • how did i proove your point? oh by the way one sign of a commenter being on the defensive is the obligatory critique of spelling or grammer.

          • Jim

            Among other things, your comments “the hell with the rest [of humanity]” and “sad working stiffs” undeniably proves you are a self-absorbed asshole.

          • wow

            jim, not the hell with humanity those are your words, i meant the hell with complaining about the negative side shoveling , cold, inconvience ect. and enjoying the good. my postings by the way were written in jest. it is impossible that the well heeled enjoy this difficult weather exclusively and those with less money do not. free yourself from your presumptions. not for that beer, american and in a can!!

        • Anonymous

          It’s sad to read the “let them eat cake” attitudes expressed here.

    • Matt G

      The next person who gleefully acknowledges the snow is creating grounds for a justifiable punch in the crotch.

    • Ragged Dog

      If the worst that happened to you was that you had to shovel some snow and repair your house, you need to stop complaining. Even god forbid your power went out, it’s not like we live in Utah. There are plenty of resources. You need to sack up and stop complaining. Boo-hoo I had to shovel snow and I need new gutters. Oh no, my shrubbery is broken!

      Stop blaming other people for your unhappiness. Turn of the computer and the tv and go read a book. Maybe something by Dickens.

      • Jim

        I think Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” might be more appropriate reading material under the circumstances. Or maybe “The Donner Party Chronicles.”

        • victoria

          I recommend one of the books about Shackleton’s Endurance expedition – shipwrecked and stuck for 2 years in Antarctica does give some perspective! “Endurance” – “South” – “Shackleton’s Stowaway”

  • Rant: Even though we are closed I am supposed to move forward on several projects.

    Rant; Hurting my back shoveling snow.

    Rave: Holding teleconferences while on percocets. Hey…they wanted some ideas for a “wow” factor for a non-profit’s iPhone app.

    • Jim

      Percocet…that’s good stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Rant: Pharmacy’s open, gotta get to work, gotta count your pills and collect your co-pays.

      Rave: dispensed nothing but Percocet, Flexeril, and ibuprofen all day. haha!

      Rave: burned a lot of calories getting to work and back

  • carsten

    ok so this morning i was really pissed at metro and how bad their metro service was.

    but then, remembering both saturday and sunday i have to say that so far i think the storm has brought out the best in people. i can’t recount how many times i walked by houses where neighbors where chatting while shoveling, or helping each other out. people greeted each other. i have to say this weekend was a joy to live in DC … not just because of the snow, but mostly because of the people.

  • carsten

    sure i do … best sight of that storm was a Hummer stuck on top of a pile of snow.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    DC USA Garage still has about 800 free spaces that are not being used, FREE PARKING in the DC USA Parking Garage until Noon on Saturday

  • snow bunny

    @ Ragged Dog


  • victoria

    Rave – DC trash guys were out emptying the sidewalk trash cans – at least along 14th st. – wading through the plowed berms, struggling to get the cans out of their plowed in cages and dragging them over the mounds of snow to the truck.

    Rant – people who throw away their coffee cups & bottles still half full of liquid and pile their cups two feet up over the rim of a full trash can. The poor guys were getting drenched, cups were flying all over, and liquids are heavy.

    Come on people – quit it with the trash Jenga! And how about the stores that generate all this carry-out trash – Starbucks, Chipolte etc. pitch in a bit? Put your own trash cans outside to handle the overflow.

    • bdh

      +1 for “trash jenga”

  • victoria

    Snowbound housing available – My scheduled vacation rental guests had to cancel so I have an apartment available if anyone knows someone stuck in DC – particularly those who really do not need to be sleeping in the airport – families, old people, etc. 1/2 block from CH metro, so easy to get to. You can see it here.


    • rg

      ugh. Im stuck in dc for all the unusual reasons.

  • Mike

    Rant: Woman who paid two young guys to shovel her car out on Saturday who piled a 3 foot mound of snow right in front of the previously cleared entrance to my house and then wanted $20 to move it!

    Rave: I’m old and wise enough to control my temper. And young enough to shovel two feet of snow…twice in the same day.

  • angrychicken

    Rant: If the feds are closed for the rest of the week I’m concerned they won’t be ready for me when I show up to start my job next Tuesday. I really can’t afford to wait two more weeks to start. :\

    Rave: My boyfriend is one of those people who gets wide eyed and happy at the snow (growing up in Florida and living in Hawaii and the Middle East for work will do that to a man). So not only is it really cute, but he loves the novelty of shoveling – he helped me dig out and shoveled the sidewalk in front of other homes that weren’t addressed by their owners.

  • DCster

    Rant: spending four hours in commute today (an hour wait for the Ride On bus!)

    Rave: carsten’s attitude and the beautiful snow

  • Anonymous

    Rant: snow means I’ve had to cancel 4 performances and 2 rehearsals of a play I’m working on

    Rave: snow means no jury duty!

  • dynaryder

    Rant: for the second time in less than a week I have to spend the night at work. Not stuck,managment wants somebody on site in case something happens and they’re worried about people having to come in through the bizzard.

    Rave: studded tires on my bicycle. At least I can get through this crap.

  • sara

    i live on 16th street, 2 blocks from the columbia heights metro stop, and i have not received mail since friday. if they can’t get mail to a huge building on a snow emergency route, what are they doing?


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