Washington, DC

Photo from PoPville flickr user hellomarkers!

Are you out of booze? Food? Better stock up soon. But in the meantime feel free to vent and/or rave. And if you can help some readers out with a few questions they have:

“Dear PoP,

I was wondering if you knew of any underground parking lots that allow overnight parking during the snowstorm(s). Or anywhere along the green line. Side streets aren’t plowed up by my house and there is no available parking on the main roads- even so it would take a lot of shoveling. Any help would be great!”

I believe you can use DC USA’s lot in Columbia Heights. Did anyone have luck with them last storm?

“Dear PoP,

I was wondering if you know anything about mail delivery during the snowstorms. I checked the USPS website and DC was not listed as a place that is not receiving mail due to weather, but we haven’t gotten mail since Friday. Do you know if others are receiving mail or when regular mail delivery will resume?”

Great question. And when do you think newspaper delivery will start back up?


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