No Parking Lot For Old Bruce Monroe School on Georgia

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2010 at 3:30 pm 19 Comments


Last week a reader sent in word about a group, Stop the Lot, opposing a parking lot for the area bounded by Georgia Avenue, Irving Street and Columbia Road.

A reader sends an update from Council Member Jim Graham:

“The Deputy Mayor’s office has informed me that they will not recommend parking as part of the interim use for the former Bruce Monroe School site at Ga and Irving.

Therefore that idea is off the table.

We can now proceed to work with the Mayor and his people on an contributing design for interim uses for this location.”

So what do you think realistically could work in this location? I like the idea of what the Stop the Lot folks mentioned about a garden/park area like is being done at the old Gage School in LeDroit Park.

  • anon

    bikini carwash

    • the white yuppie conspiracy


  • DC Thinker

    I’m sure Stop Lot would love another Dog Park. (rolls eyes)

  • ZT

    We could use some more recreational field space for sports in the neighborhood.

  • anon

    HOw bout an outdoor beer garden for the spring summer and fall?

    • mphs

      Isn’t that the complaint about the park at 11th and Monroe, that it’s a beer garden?

  • Jay’O

    Who said anything about Dog parks? I guess you’re part of the Corporate Parking Lot Lobby?

    You probably think they should just sit down and shut up when developers or the City comes to the neighborhood

  • Ward One Resident

    The difference between this space and the old Gage school is that there are plans to eventually 3-5 years, build a school back on this site. There are not plans to rebulid on the Gage site, thus the garden/park. You’d need to put something that you wouldn’t mind being temporary there.

  • rocketnerd

    i second the beer tent/garden idea. the Bullpen at nationals park was just such a concept – great semi-temporary use of an outdoor space that’s otherwise unused…and minimal impact to turning it back over to its eventual use later.

  • DB

    Leave the fences up* and farm the mother sucker.

    *-take out the building & macadam

  • johnboy

    yeah, but if the consolidated Bruce-Monroe/Parkview school is working out well in Parkview, maybe there’s no need to rebuild the school? Isn’t it better to have an elementary school in a residential neighborhood than right on the corner of Georgia Ave. and columbia road (if you have a choice)?

  • ET

    Whatever people want (assuming that matters to the powers that be) it ain’t gonna happen for quite a while. It will be an empty building and then after the demo it will be an empty lot for a long, long time. It will dickered over for a while and then forgotten for a while and then be dickered over and then forgotten. By the time some consensus develops (if it ever does) some developer will buy it and turn it into something that people can “discuss.”

    Seriously, considering the state of the economy, the state of city finances, and how long it takes anything to get done I doubt seriously it will be anything other than an empty lot for loitering or a target to complain about how it could be used for something better.

  • Dog walker

    A no public access urban forest with fencing on all sides. Chop it down when development is ready to come back.

  • Drewlove

    If the city leaves it as open space hopefully they will consider allowing weekly flea/farmer’s markets.

  • Hoodrat

    maybe this would be a better spot for the new farmers market than right next to the Mt. Pleasant market. probably a non-starter so far from a metro. but still.

    as sucky as parking lots are, they’re better than empty buildings, which seems to be the current and only foreseeable use of that space. if on weekends it can also be flea market, farmers market, etc, EVEN BETTER.

  • Anonymous

    A farmer’s market or something will be great. Once the Georgia Avenue streetcar comes in, the market or whatever is there will be very accessible to those in Upper Petworth, Greater Georgia Ave, and us on the east of GA.

  • Jay’O

    I think folks are underestimating neighborhood resident’s resolve for getting something done . I think everyone is realistic about the ecoonomy and resources available, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a realtively low cost community-benefiting use for these three acres.

  • snow bunny

    I would just invite the generic big-box stores to take a look at it. Once the old school is down, it will be a huge vacant lot. They keep saying “Lowe’s doesn’t want to build unless they have a lot of space” and here we have a big space.

    Romeo mentioned something about spending 1.3 million to renovate the school just before it was torn down.

  • Alex

    I suggest a cinema! there is a decreasing number of places to watch movies in dc!


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