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Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2010 at 3:00 pm 10 Comments


This apartment is located at 4014 Kansas Avenue, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Come see this 2 bedroom apartment just minutes away from the Metro. This bright apartment is in a completely renovated building. Rent includes water and gas. No pets allowed. Free parking available behind the building. Please respond to this posting to schedule a time to view the apartment. ”

Do you think $1195 is reasonable for this 2 bedroom?

  • Petworthian

    That’s it, I am moving

  • Anonymous

    how many bath

  • Excellent price. Grocery store is close. It’s nice enough around there. I lived a block over at one point. Near library. Etc. About what I’m paying to live in Brooklyn right now.

    Except for that carpeting. I don’t care how cheap something is. I can’t handle carpeting. Otherwise this has been the best deal I’ve seen on here.

  • Donovan

    Much better than the the 2 bedroom in progressive Takoma for $1500. That woman is SO rude! I would be surprised if she could keep anyone.

  • Sue

    It looks like a fantastic deal. Free parking? Granted it looks small, but it would be great for a couple who wanted more than a 1 bedroom. And I really like that the AC isn’t in the windows, so you can open them and get the light, too.

  • rg

    good deal. wish i ad seen it earlier.

  • rg

    huh. cant upload a 6k avatar picture thingy. new laptop new os doesnt like me.

  • Neighbor

    Great price. I live two doors down, and that building always seems to be well-kept.

    I question the free parking thing, because they have a few spaces available in the back, but I think it’s probably a first-come-first-served deal not too different from street parking.

    If people like that neighborhood, I’ve got my condo on the market for what I think is a fair price:



  • Columbia Heights Boy

    Seems about right maybe a bit on the cheap side even?

  • snow bunny

    Really, extremely good deal!


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