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Capital City Cheesecake Moving From Brookland to Takoma Park

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2010 at 4:00 pm 10 Comments


From an email:

“Currently operating out of the Brookland Tavern in Washington, DC and online, Capital City Cheesecakes is moving to the vibrant and eclectic community of Takoma Park, MD to open its first restaurant in the Spring of 2010.

The new bakery will include current favorites – miniature and petite-sized cheesecakes that offer just enough to satisfy even the most discriminating sweet tooth without breaking the calorie bank. When small is not enough, the large-sized cheesecakes fit the bill instead. Owners and sisters, Caitlin and Meaghan Murphy, will be expanding this current line of cheesecakes to now include baked goods and coffees during the week and more extensive breakfast offerings on weekend mornings. These former teachers, with a passion for both painting and teaching art, also plan to create an interactive bakery setting that offers activities for all ages, including cooking classes for adults, edible art parties for children and internships for teenagers who want to pursue a career in the food industry.”

They are taking over the old Savory Cafe at 7071 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, MD


  • MK

    Hallelujah! I saw the sign and with Ace Hardware coming in the spring I’ll be in heaven. Now if they’d just open a Pho place and bring the shoe/handbag leather repair guy back….

  • OH, thank Gawd! My daughter goes to school in TP, so it’s been killing me since Savory closed. I really hope their coffee is good.

    I wonder if there are any plans for fake…err, vegan cheesecake. It’s not my thing, but it seems like a must do in the neighborhood.

  • Synonymous

    Anybody know what happened to Savory? I tried to go there a couple of weeks ago and it was obviously closed. They seemed to do a good bit of business, but maybe not…?

    • I was just thinking the same thing. When I lived up by Takoma, that was my favorite place to sit outside during the day. And, the coffee was pretty good. Shame it closed.

    • carn

      Yea I used to go up there pretty often. My girlfriend at the time was friends with the owners. What happened? Food was great!!! Too bad.

  • Matt

    Heck yeah there will be vegan cheesecake.

  • JustJess

    Where the heck is “Brookland Tavern”? How have I been missing a tavern and cheesecake?

    -Brookland Resident.

  • Michael

    I thought they only did catering from their Brookland home… too bad for Brookland, would be nice if they would open a cafe there.

    (North Michigan Park resident)

  • m/

    PoP, I don’t know if you have ever spent time in TKPK, but the Savory was awful. It had a wonderful history with Takoma Park, and that was why many residents were sad to see it leave, but that was about it. In all honesty, in recent years the quality of food was in serious decline, and border line disgusting. The failure of Savory was inevitable. It had great potential, but never amounted to what it could have been. It failed because the people who ran it didn’t seem to care or take the time to understand what TKPK actually needs.

    I have are many issues with this:

    1 -Running a successful business in that location and space:
    I worry about this new cheesecake bakery, and how it plans on being successful in that location. I think a bakery is a good idea, but from reading the description of what their plans are, it does not seem like a strong enough business model for that area. I’m sure they are excellent bakers and that their confections are over-the-moon, but I doubt it will be enough to satisfy residents.

    2- The lay-out of the building:
    It is currently a split-level establishment, with a horrendous structural lay-out, and a pretty awful handicapped-accessible wooden ramp in the back. The building itself has been in desperate need of an overhall/re-design, structurally. The building could even stand to be bull-dozed, and be completely rebuilt to be more conducive to having a successful business there. The different, very awkward levels never allowed any room to house a well-configured seating area. In thinking about that, I have absolutely no clue how these new owners are planning on holding classes, and having kids parties on top of that. There simply isn’t enough useable space.

    3-Understanding The People’s Republic of Takoma Park, and why the Savory failed:
    It should be pretty obvious that there has been a major need for a modern/eco-friendly establishment in TKPK for years. Thankfully, Rosco’s opened. But, I feel very strongly that TKPK also needs something to reflect what it stands for. I had always envisioned an establishment in that Savory location as something which embodied Takoma Park as a whole. Many residents and I have always envisioned a better eatery there, but without the dowdy TKPK aesthetic. We wanted a roof-top garden for salad greens, more wind-power (as many of those local TKPK businesses already have), organic sweet/savory food with organic micro-brews and local wines, think gallery space for local artists on the walls, free wifi, a place for stay-at-home-moms to go to during the day with their kids, a place to hear a local folk group, a meeting place, a place that was open past 8pm, a space large enough with a lot of light to hold a large amount of people. Think all of those things… nothing loud, nothing roudy, just modern, comfortable, smart and sharp establishment, just like takoma park.

    As a TKPK resident,
    I simply don’t see a bakery being completely successful there, nor do others whom I’ve spoken to. If they truly want to be successful they might consider expanding into having more savory food options, and getting a liquor license, and bull-dozing the building, etc… but then again, that has nothing to do with their business model.

    All of this news just worries me. (Sorry to sound so negative.)

  • G

    The Savory was sold to new owners a couple of years ago and it was downhill from there. The original owners opened the second location across from the metro station but then sold both locations and the metro location really hit the skids.

    All the better, Mayorga should be a great addition in that space.


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