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Metro to host emergency response exercise with active shooter scenario at Friendship Heights Metro

by Prince Of Petworth February 22, 2010 at 11:30 am 9 Comments

From a WMATA press release:

“Metro and its regional partners will participate in the first of three planned emergency response exercises on Feb. 24-25 at the Friendship Heights Metrorail station. The exercise involves a report of gunfire in the station, and will test the multi-jurisdictional coordination and response needed to mitigate a major incident in the Metro system.

The emergency response exercise will start at 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 25, at the Friendship Heights Metrorail station. The drill simulates gunfire between two shooters in the station. Multiple passengers are injured or killed.

The Metro Transit Police Department special response team will respond to the incident, along with the police, fire and emergency medical services personnel from the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The drill will test the integrated response and incident coordination of Metro, and police, fire and emergency medical services agencies from the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

  • This would definitely make me pee my pants.

  • i want to move

  • Emmaleigh504

    Oh! I want to play an injured passenger!

  • IHeartShaw

    Wouldn’t it read better if the release said, “The drill simulates multiple passengers being injured or killed.” or something along those lines!?!?

  • huh?

    12:30 am? Is that a typo?

  • SDJ

    Doesn’t announcing the time kind of defeat the whole point of testing the system?

  • kimimary

    Red Line? Really? As if it wasn’t cursed already.

  • Andy (2)

    12:30AM not a typo – the system will be closed and this way they don’t inconvinience anyone.
    I second the call to play an injured victim.
    PoP you should get in on the action and see if you can’t report live from the demo.

  • 20011 ExPat

    Another sign that DHS has way too much grant money.

    I’m gonna ballpark that this single “exercise” or “test” has a budget easily into the 6 figures. All entirely paid for out of one of those Federal DHS grants to local police departments.

    And where’s the money going? Overtime pay for the cops, mostly.

    It’s a win, win, win: each participating cop gets several hundred extra dollars in their paycheck, senior local bureaucrats get to claim they’re “doing something”, and DHS gets to spend all its 2010 money so it can ask Congress for even more in 2011.

    Any benefit to our actual security is purely coincidental.

    Meanwhile, we have untreated schizophrenics basically living in Metro cars every day, because funding community mental health services isn’t nearly as politically popular as macho-sounding FOP pork.


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