• anon

    It is now 2 weeks since the last snow fell. 90 percent of which has melted. Let this be your warning. if I come across one more “saved” parking space I will be parking on top of whatever peice of household junk you have placed there.

  • JW

    Rave: Scored a vintage front door at community forklift for $17. It needs some work but I will be so happy to get rid of the current front door as it blocks sunlight from coming in now.

    Anyone know of a good place to get glass cut?

    Rave: Saturday was the first time we were actually able to get our car out after the snow storm.

    Rave: No rants today!

    • anon

      I know Pheiffers cut’s glass.

      • Ragged Dog

        Fragger’s Hardware in CapHill. Glass cutting shop is in the basement.

    • saf

      Miles Glass, on Piney Branch in Takoma Park is great.

  • Mal

    Rant: taxes
    Rave: tax refund!

    Rant: I have a lot of expenditures coming up, and very little money saved.
    Rave: Credit cards almost all the way paid off – two more payments and I should be good! Then it’s on to savings town!

    Rant: Full week of work
    Rave: I have a job that I love going to every day

    Lots of joint rants/raves this week.

    Hey PoP! Any news on the “official” happy hour?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I totally dropped the ball on the happy hour. How ’bout a celebration of Spring in early March? Any requests on a location, time and/or date?

      • Mal

        Yeah! You can call it “A Spring PoPup”! Haha I crack myself up.

        I’d say a Wednesday – that gives people time to get their beginning of the week stuff out of the way, and it’s not yet approaching the weekend events. As for location? Someplace generally central DC, maybe in Columbia Heights? That’s kind of in the middle of Petworth and downtown, a little closer to the blog’s namesake.

      • On Board

        Not for early March, but I can possibly get us on board the Miss Ann for free but it’d have to be BYOB. PoP Spring Cherry Blossom Happy Hour! Just a thought…

      • rg

        columbia heights will work. Only place I have been to is the basement bar at social. Its pretty much a basement bar like any other but not at your buddies house.

      • PFL

        What say we show Moroni and Brothers some love? And Fusion is right next door, so maybe a two-fer? Actually it’s a three-fer since there’s Italian, Mexican, and Indian food between the two places!

        The farthest north I’ve seen happy hour’s go is Domku, but these spots have booze and I swear the food is worth it! Plus they didn’t benefit from the walking boost during the snowpocalypse since they’re off the beaten path. Moroni’s pizza is better than Pizza Paradiso IMHO, and the yuca con chicharron and pescado fritos rock!!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: finally ordered myself a Fleurty girl shirt (brake tag).
    Rant: still not independently wealthy.

  • Lex

    I ran across this awesome photo in the DC Public Library Flickr stream. It’s from 1899, but it looks like it could be from a couple weeks ago!


  • Argh

    RANT: Amazing, after 5 calls to the Mayor’s Hotline after nearly getting killed by motorists on New Hampshire Ave because the DC government failed to clear sidewalks along its property, the sidewalks are still not cleared. DC clearly doesn’t value its pedestrians! Seriously!

    Time for an ADA lawsuit against the District for failure to clear and for intentionally blocking wheelchair ramps at its properties.

  • grr

    Rant: Fight with the girlfriend. I’m usually one to suck it up and apologize first, but I really don’t think I’m wrong on this one!

  • Zee

    Rant: What is it about snow that invites dog owners to not pick up after their animals?

    • Not defending this practice AT All, but one thing that I noticed that happened w/ my dog was that sometimes, she’d poop and it’d drop deep into a snow drift and be nearly impossible to fish out. That’s not an excuse (and is why I finally just directed her to go on my patio, which is normally a huge no-no) but I do think that’s the source of some of what’s “turning up” post melt.

      I’ve definitely noticed a lot of dog sh*t on the sidewalks and in the treeboxes post-melt and I’m guessing this is the reason.

      Again, not a defense – just a possible explanation.

      • victoria

        Not buying it – unless you have a 500 lb. dog that eats uranium.

        • You can not buy it all you want, but it happened to my dog more than once, hence the move onto the patio. Particularly when the dog is up to its butt in snow to begin with.

        • anon

          hot poo drops through snow like lead. so… yeah.

          • victoria

            I have a dog – she poops – steaming fresh – in dry powder – it could sink six inches maybe – (but I understand your confusion, six inches is a length commonly misread . . .)

            She also likes to climb on top of some distant deep pile of snow to do her business, but I wear boots, wade over and pick it up. No excuses.

  • DC Thinker

    Rant: People still saving parking spaces. On my street a guy decided to dump snow back around a car that took “his” parking space.

    Rant 2: cold starting yesterday

    Rave:G ot a new ipod.

    • fomer Georgetowner

      I saw several saved parking spots in Mt Pleasant this weekend. It really pissed me off. Some people were using the official looking orange cones and/or orange traffic barrels.

      Sorry. not buying it. Anyone can get that. If you have a legitimate reason to save a parking space (like you’re moving in or construction), you go to the city and apply for a permit AND display the permit.

      if I see one of these damned cones without the appropriate displayed permits, I’m moving them.

      And yeah, you can rebury my car. I carry a shovel in my car and will gladly put snow back onto your sidewalk.

  • rg

    good weekend. No longer rolling over what happened. I guess I am done thinking about it. Very glad its over.
    things are good. hopefully we can finalize this and be done. a friend of mine told me numerous times that once this happened i would wish it was done years ago. Guess i should tell her she is right.

  • Anonymous

    well, I stopped saving my parking spot because it did seem ridiculous, and now my lazy ass neighbor who didn’t even shovel their sidewalk as taken to parking in the spot i shoveled out. There’s still a huge mound of snow as well, prohibiting me from parking due to this persons laziness and my refusal to shovel out a spot for the 3rd time (thanks snow-plow, but you were a week too late and basically undid all the digging I did). And to the person who called the mayors office regarding new hampshire avenue, THANK YOU! WTF is up with that? My walk home is treacherous and dangerous and total bullshit.

  • I had a dream I was bing drinking and trying to hide it from my mother.
    I woke up with a hangover.

  • Brad

    Rant: Whatever my dog ate that inflamed his whole digestive tract, made him lose 1 of his 14 lbs, made the vet open up his stomach looking for obstructions, and made me worry SO much because I’m 8400 miles away for another 6 weeks.

    Rave: My wonderful petsitter, my supportive mother, and the kind and patient vet who have been taking wonderful care of him.

    I’ve never entered him in “Coolest Pet in PoPville”, both because it wouldn’t be fair to all the other pets and because “there’s always next year” — but after this scary incident I think I’ll definitely enter him in the next one.


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