Friday Question of the Day – Should Mayor Fenty Be Held Responsible if Your Street Wasn’t Plowed?

by Prince Of Petworth February 11, 2010 at 9:10 pm 88 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user SMWieland

Well DCist covered the harsh words from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews yesterday. And I was personally surprised to see the following tweet Tues. night from At Large Council Member Kwame Brown:

“Mayor needs to clear residential streets of snow now. Only getting worse with today’s storm.”

Believe me I wish all the streets and alleys were plowed but that is simply impossible with back to back storms like this and a limited number of plows.

I’m not trying to be naive but it seems like a simple calculation. Paving all the streets is going to take time. (Especially given the delay due to the whiteout.) But my question is simple – is it fair to blame the mayor if your sidestreet wasn’t plowed yet? When do you think it is fair to assume that all the sidestreets will be plowed?

Overall how would you say the city/Mayor did given this is the most snow the city has ever seen?

  • Matt N.

    Dumb comment by a politician looking to score cheap political points. Kwame certainly knows that the first order of business is getting the main roads clear so that emergency and service vehicles can progress through the city to do wire work, tree removal, etc.

    I’d say Sunday is a good target date to have most (if not all) of the secondary roads plowed.

  • ah

    I think the city has done a very good job, considering the historic nature of the storm and the limitations a city that gets an average of 15″ of snow per winter faces. And I’m not sure Fenty should be blamed for any blame due.

    Where I am they’ve done a pretty good job. Could they do better? Probably, but it would require better training for the plow operators more than anything. What would help is if people didn’t dump the snow from their cars back in the road. Or just didn’t drive at all for a couple of days.

  • Hmmm…
    On one hand it seems unreasonable to expect that all the snow should be plowed immediately. My street actually never gets plowed, which is fine with me as I don’t have a car.
    But two weird things regarding this happened today:
    a.) A snow plow with salt device went down my street (700 block of Gresham with the blade raised – all he did was sprinkle salt. I heard the driver say “You say you never see a plow on your street? Well what do you think this is?” Great – a token gesture, sprinkling salt. He had the plow blade raised and raised it higher when he started getting stuck.

    2.) As I’m typing this, there is an ambulance stuck on my street right in front of my house. I am getting dressed to go out and help push.

    • ah

      Yes, I’ve never understood #1 either. If you have a plow it should be plowing.

      What I also don’t understand: I used to live on a cul de sac with a turnaround. The plow would come down one side, go around the circle, and then go right back along the pavement he had just plowed! Perhaps make a second lane? No!

  • Eric in Ledroiit

    Ledroit park is unbelievably well plowed. The city gets an A+ in my book for dealing with this unprecedented storm.

    Any politicians trying to score points against the mayor by complaining about snow removal in this circumstance automatically loses all credibility in my book. You’ve gotta be kidding me. What else exactly should the city be doing?

    • Jeremy

      We must live in two different parts of Ledroit because First & V hasn’t been touched by a plow. Neither has the alley by Crispus Attucks Park, so everyone on my block who has a car parked behind their house absolutely cannot get out yet.

      For what it’s worth, Fenty is an asshole and I can’t wait to vote him out of office in November.

      • Alleys, as a matter of course, do not get plowed in DC. Someone asked Commander Kamperin on the MPD 1D listserv and he confirmed that alleys are not part of DC’s snow removal plan and never have been. If it’s an inhabited court (like Brown’s Court SE or Walker Court SE or similar)the plows often miss it, mistaking it for an alley. My friends who live in those places always have to call and request plowing.

        • Jeremy

          Thanks Eric & Nichole. I called the City’s Service Request Line, so lets hope we can get a plow back here. Everyone in the entire quadrant is snowed in =/

      • Eric in Ledroiit

        The city doesn’t plow alleys.

        2nd Street is incredibly well plowed from RI Avenue to at least V, considering the ridiculous snow fall.

        First street from RI Avenue to Florida was plowed nicely this morning, I dropped by Big Bear on the way to work today.

        Sounds like you have an axe to grind with Fenty.

        • Jeremy

          I kind of do. He’s had my wife working all week in this. Clearly doesn’t care about his employees. Granted, there’s so many other reasons why I dislike the guy, but when it comes to family and how he directly affects mine..

      • Anonymous

        first and v isn’t le droit park, its unhistoric bloomingdale. a different anc, a different ward.

        • Jeremy

          Oh you from here? Because this place has always been Ledroit Park.

          • Eric in Ledroiit

            it’s not part of the ledroit park historic district

          • Anonymous

            i guess my point went over your head then.

  • Is it reasonable? No. But is it what people expect, yes? People are always amazed about this in regard to local politics: the only thing that matters, really, is whether the snow is plowed and whether garbage is collected. (Safety and schools come much farther down the list.) All mater of graft and corruption is overlooked if so-called basic services are met.

    DC is just like every other city in this regard. This is what gets people fired up and mad-as-hell. Not schools, not crime, not back-room development deals. (People are cynical enough to believe that schools will always be pad, crime will be out of control, and all politicians are corrupt.)

  • 20011 ExPat

    If George Washington himself were mayor, there’s no way this southern city could have gotten the once-in-a-century snowfall off the roads any faster.

    Remember the politicians who are using the storm response as fodder for making “echoes of Katrina” political cheap shots. And then don’t vote for ’em.

    Politicians will keep playing this disgusting game until it stops working for them.

  • Amsterdam

    I don’t think Fenty should be blamed for the snow removal job.

    I don’t know how some expect their side streets to be plowed when their massive cars take up half of the area of the street. But that’s neither here nor there.

    Fenty does deserve heat for keeping the DC government open when streets were yet to be very safe, sidewalks were not walkable, and Metro was operating at half capacity at best.

  • ParkRd

    Disappointed in Chris Matthews. What about all the problems in Northern VA and in Maryland? Everything is shut down there, too. This is the worst winter in over 100 years, and people expect the snow to be plowed as soon as it hits the ground.

  • horseydeucey

    ‘is it fair to blame the mayor if your sidestreet wasn’t plowed yet?’


  • Anina

    A lot of people are saying what I already wanted to say. It sucks, but it’s not really feasible to clear it all away without more plwes or magic dust.

    The people I this really sucks for most are sick people (dialysis, etc.), homeless people, and old people. I am more interested in efforts made by the city to make sure people who needed help got it.

  • ayno

    I’m sorry … but who cares about Fenty … the real losers (and the mayor will be one of them come election day) is METRO — I swear to God that company should liquidate all of its managers and 50% of its work force and start over …. METRO of DC should be ashamed of itself — I know I am … it took over 2 hours to get to work this morning … and Jim Graham has provided absolutely NO leadership on Metro … I live in Columbia Heights either the esclaators are broken half of the time or as was the case this morning the dam thing blew up …. no doubt about it the Federal Government of the USA shut down because Metro’s system is as weak as can be … I’d hate to see a real emergency hit this city …. if it does run for the hills because I think METRO officials would run the trains into the emergency …. what a disgrace!…. METRO prove once again that Wash DC is not ready to be a prime time city

    • Anonymous

      seriously. Take a deep breath. Metro has its flaws but it is not the disaster you describe. Metro needs dedicated funding and if metro is so critical to the operation of the federal government, the federal government should pony up more funds. The problems of metro in the snow stem from the fact that it is a suburban commuter system running far out and above ground. The true urban core of the system is running just fine.

      And, walk your lazy but down those stopped escalator and shut up.

      • new hampy

        well put anon! i think metro did a commendable job serviing the urban core. there are those who just don’t understand the very real difficulties facing public transportation, not to mention Metro’s strange tri-state funding compact, and all they want to do is bash metro for not having a stop that picks them up at their front door at the time they want!

    • Anymouse

      I agree w/ ayno. When you need metro the most, they fall flat on their face. I understand not running trains above ground but at least run a semi normal schedule underground, not this 30 min schedule crap. A normal 30 min commute took over 90 mins. That’s unacceptable. I have to believe that they can improve that metric without incurring additional costs. It’s likely an operational/management issue.

    • K

      Columbia Heights metro did not “blow up.” Someone threw a flaming newspaper on the tracks. Whoop dee doo.

  • Amsterdam

    Why are Churches so chronically crappy when it comes to snow removal? With all the money they save every year by not having to pay any taxes, they should be among the best! This is ridiculous. Ebenezer Baptist Church on Park Road is one of the most heinous offenders.

    • Amsterdam

      Actually the place is called Kelsey Temple Church of God, 1434 Park Rd. NW.

      • Anonymous

        I walked down Park today to get to the metro and it’s a serious problem with all churches on that road (except the one with the meals for homeless- their sidewalks are excellent!). How sad is it that I get this excited/mad about sidewalks…

  • Anonymous

    What I can’t believe is that the 4000 block of 8th St. has not been plowed as of Thursday night. This block is the hill that the Petworth police station parking lot exits onto. This block is a solid sheet of ice. How can the city excuse not plowing around the police station? Particularly one on a hill?!?!

    • Salice

      Probably because the hill is a sheet of ice? Probably because of the danger of a truck not getting traction and sliding? How many snowballs have you been hit with?

  • Salice

    There is no reason to prioritize the plowing non-essential, residential side streets with limited equipment, personnel and resources. File it under “shit happens, deal with the temporary meteorological inconvenience”.

    Northern snowbound cities have a much larger budgets for snow removal and no logic can justify purchasing/storing/maintaining snow removal equipment for what amounts to a once in a century weather anomaly.

    The entitlement of DC residents/gentry whose cars hamper the plowing of said streets is nothing short of remarkable.

  • Anonymous

    Mayor Fenty is a god-damned moron who is more suited to riding his bicycle around in circles than leading a large city, but as infrequent as storms of this magnitude are in this region, it’s completely unsurprising how unprepared the city has been. That said, the city needs to learn how to keep sidewalks clear on public streets where they aren’t bordered by private properties. If private residents and business owners are going to be held accountable for keeping sidewalks cleared, then the city should be responsible for sidewalks on bridges, and those bordering schools and other government facilities. If anyone falls and hurts themselves on one of these sidewalks, I hope they sue the shit out of the District and win a ton of money in damages.

  • Eric

    I’m appalled at the difference in response I’ve gotten to snow removal between this storm and the December storm. After the December storm, I was parked on a side street in Dupont Circle (Newport Place – not a main thoroughfare at all). I called 311, and within 3 hours, 2 trucks came to plow – the first with salt, then the next an hour or so later to plow all the melted ice out of the way. Now that I live in Petworth, I’ve called 311 twice a day (starting 24 hours after the cessation of snow to give crews time to finish the main roads) to plow my block and it has still not been plowed once. Is this what I should expect now that I live in Petworth? Was I naive to believe that there are somewhat equal services in different parts of the city?

    • pworthit

      Eric, welcome to Petworth, and I certainly hope that you find your new neighborhood a good place to live. I don’t know what street you live on, but on our street, we had able-bodied men (young and old) out on the street shoveling not only their own sidewalks, but those of their elderly and infirmed neighbors (not to mention those of a couple of lazy able-bodied neighbors). After this last storm, the same guys were out shoveling the street itself when it became evident that the plows were not going to make it down our narrow street. Most of us on the block called 311 at least once, but rather than wait them out, we did something about it. The guys did a better job than any plow I’ve seen in this city (including the one that showed up here later, hit a neighbor’s car, and left). Instead of calling 311 and waiting, why not help out next time?

  • Otis

    As I hear it, we have a bit of a problem on our block (perhaps on others too). They apparently will not plow our block while there are still cars parked on both sides (which makes sense, as one side would get buried), but several of us are not going to be able to move our cars until the street is plowed.

  • DC_Chica

    I don’t hold Mayor Fenty responsible for the fact that my side street wasn’t plowed. I DO hold him responsible for the fact that parts of Dupont Circle and Connecticut Ave aren’t plowed – and that Columbia Rd was a slushy mess on Monday/Tuesday after the first snow but before the second storm – so was Irving if I recall correctly – and the 42 wouldn’t go past Harvard St tonight b/c Mt P St wasn’t in good enough shape for it to proceed. Screw the side streets, how is it possible that major thoroughfares weren’t cleared?

  • MK

    I think the entire city council needs to shut the hell up because not one of them are doing or have done anything but run their fat mouths. I am not a Fenty fan by any means but instead of being critical do you think one councilmember came up with a rational idea on how to alleviate the situation? No. Frankly, I didn’t even hear anything from or about them until they were given their little soundbite opportunity. I do think Fenty should be taken to task for keeping DC govt and the schools open without the infrastructure in place to get people there safely.

    I have a special hatred for the CVS located on the corner of Willow, Maple & Carroll streets. They clear the snow from their lot but they never, ever clear the sidewalks surrounding the lot. They then pile the parking lot snow onto the sidewalk effectively blocking the bus stop, safe access to the street corners and a direct route to the metro. I saw a man in a wheelchair riding in the street followed by a line of cars because he couldn’t get onto the sidewalk. Why is it DC does not fine these people?

  • superdude

    Columbia Road, between 16th and 18th, was a slushy, icy mess for most of the week. It looks good today, though. I understand DC doesn’t have the funds to deal with a storm this big…I guess I just expected more to be done by today (Thursday). Also, WMATA sucks.

  • Andy

    the storms overwhelmed city resources. now you could complain that fenty or the council or somebody didn’t plan for it properly or something. but the reality is that there was simply too much snow for the city to deal with in the kind of time frame people are used to getting for plowing. there’s a natural frustration with not being able to live your life. but this is how long it takes to clear the streets with the resources we have. If you think the mayor was supposed to be clairvoyant and find a bunch of extra snowplows somewhere, I think you’re just monday-morning quarterbacking a bad situation. i doubt the mayor was in a position given the course of recent storms crossing the country to ask mayors of cities in ohio or county commissioners in tennessee to send hordes plow trucks in advance of the storm, and people sure would have been mad if we’d paid some contractor to bring a whole bunch of trucks before we knew the scope of the storm.

    so frustration is fine, but the scope of the snowfall was overwhelming.

  • Ragged Dog

    5 of my neighbors and I got together and cleaned our own alley since we all park there. They alley is as long as the block. If you’re on one of the unfortunate side streets, why not get your butt out there and start shoveling?

    The city is already going to get soaked by overtime for this storm. I think they made a good call with what they accomplished. I think metro are the big goobers in this.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto. Our Alley is clear. Each household cleared the spot behind their house and everyone cooperated on the access areas. Our street is not cleared down to pavement, but its good enough that we could drive if we had to, and the main road is clear. Plus, we can walk to Metro and grocery store, so I don’t think anyone is going to go out cowboy driving unnecessarily anyway.

      If you want your street clear, go shovel.

  • neener

    My street got plowed to pavement overnight. Fenty gets and A+.

    Of course I called Jim Graham’s office to remind him because God helps those who help themselves.

  • KStreetQB

    Coming from Philly, I can tell you there is an enormous difference in the way PennDoT prepares and deals with a storm compared to DC. There are armies of trucks spreading snow melt the night before a storm, and they keep rolling as snow is falling, covering streets over and over again. That’s not to say the system doesn’t break down during a large storm like this because PA road still accumulated a lot of snow, however DC never put together an adequate preventative or proactive strategy.

    The plows that came by my house were not plowing. They had the blades raised as if they were afraid to tear up the asphalt. I’ve got news for you, it’s going to do more damage smashing down the snow into a hard layer of ice over the streets that will create pot holes as it gradually gets broken up by cars beating on it.

    • Mal

      Ugh thank you! It’s amazing how just 2 hours north of us can have snow removal equipment ready and raring to go, but here it just seems people FREAK out and then realize they should do something.

      PennDoT was always amazing – I grew up in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, moved to Philly for college, then came south to DC. I never really thought about the infrastructure needed to clear snow, because it always just happened without whining.

      I understand that this is the worst storm in a century, but didn’t we know this was coming? For a long time?! I don’t understand why plows weren’t working during the storm – get those main streets cleared, and while those are accumulating snow, start on the side streets! Wash, rinse, repeat.

      I drove back from Philly on Sunday. The streets in the city were impeccable, through DE and up until Baltimore the streets were cleared nicely, but then BAM – MD295 (Balt-Wash Parkway) was snow covered and icy!? WTF! It’s not just DC – it’s the whole DMV area.


      • Mal

        Oh and don’t tell me to move back to Philly or PA. I *do* like it better in DC for the most part; this snowstorm was just a ridiculous display of incompetence.

      • JW

        I don’t know about other roads but the plows were consistently working through the storm on New Hampshire AVE. The street was cleared pretty much immediately at least in Petworth.

      • dreas

        We had completely different experiences in Philly. I was in Center City on Sunday visiting my brother in the hospital. Streets were a MESS at 1PM when I arrived on the train and not much better when I left at 4. My SIL said the streets around their house in South Philly were even worse.

        • Anonymous

          here is the main rule:
          everywhere else does it better than we do it here in dc.
          pizza, beer selection, snow removal, education, NYE celebrations, BBQ, espresso, “ethnic” foods. it doesn’t matter. it’s better somewhere else.

          anecdotal evidence to the contrary will not be tolerated.

          • Mal

            lol I enjoy that – I guess being such a transient city we all have other places to which we compare DC, I know I am guilty of that. Maybe we all need to have a little more DC pride… Hmm I’ll work on that.

        • Mal

          I was up at 19th & Fairmount area (by the Eastern State Penitentiary), so maybe that area was just better maintained. Even driving down Broad to 676 was pretty good.

          No idea, all I know is that this is once in a lifetime experience, and I’m glad I got to witness it and take pictures. The snow will melt, we will forget about the snowplows or lack thereof, and just remember the blizzard of ’10 (blizzard of ten? that sounds dumb) when we reminisce in the future!

    • Park Viewer

      Snow Melt, salt, sand, and trucks all = money. For those of you who complain about high property taxes and unimpressive services, which of those services would you like to cut or render even more lacking (I’m assuming those among you out complaining don’t expect any city services to function well) so that we can keep our snow removal fleet large enough to handle once-in-a-century snow?

      We get major snow storms once every 5-7 years (’10, ’03, ’96 and ’92 for example). This is not often enough to warrant keeping enough snow removal equipment to rival NYC, Buffalo, or even a slightly more northern city like Philadelphia. You live in the south. We don’t do snow well. Buy a shovel and get over it.

    • neener

      yes, but I know for fact, speaking to relatives in Philadelphia that what you describe did not happen during this storm. Plowing sucked in Philadelphia and they got less snow than us.

  • Anonymous

    should we deep down really care? no. of course not. it was a crazy ass snow.
    but it is in our best interest to demand the best from city hall.

    we should always demand better.

  • Chris

    I prefer to blame Fenty for his low intelligence and mediocre work ethic. His delusions of granduer too.

  • Carmen

    The city cannot be expected to be perfectly prepared for a once-in-a-century series of storms! Given the amount of snowfall, they have done better than you should expect.

  • reed

    A friend of mine told me that for JFK’s inaugural, soldiers and Marines brought out their trucks, even tanks equiped with bulldozer blades. Men dried streets with flamethrowers. Downtown was cleared in 2 days. Totally.

    That left the city, even with the even more scant resources of yesteryears Dixiecrat occupation, to take care of uptown residential areas.

    Lesson is that govt–even Metro–can request help and do things if it wanted. This isn’t snow management. It’s emergency planning and response, and this snow was merely a metaphor for exposing glaring deficiencies–even in people: Fenty, us.

  • snodaze

    The city did a good job in keeping major roads cleared – that’s their first priority. And my priority too – I’d rather keep 16th St clear than streets back in my neighborhood.

    Cities farther north would expect more snow, put more money in their snow removal budget including equipment and be in a better position to clear roads quickly.

    Should DC double their snow budget, taking money from public health or education, etc for this singular event?

    I blame Fenty for being arrogant and thinking he can operate outside city regs when it suits him. But not for how he handled the snow removal.

    I second/third recommendations to fine businesses and churches that don’t clear their sidewalks. There is NO excuse for stores to be open for business but not shovel their sidewalks.

  • I don’t think it’s fair to hold the Mayor responsible for whether or not one’s residential street gets plowed one day after the second of two major snowstorms in 4 days. But I do think he should be held responsible for the poor condition of the streets in the central business district downtown, particularly since he went out of his way to proclaim that DC was “open for business” when the streets downtown were still in terrible shape.

  • Anonymous

    While I expect problems when a snowstorm of this magnitude hits a city that rarely gets this sort of weather event, the lack of plowing of anything but the top 15% major traffic arteries is not an adequate response. Take a look here at what has not been plowed in Petworth:

    I don’t expect that every street could be cleared in 48 hours, but c’mon…one would expect 10-20% of the streets to have been plowed. In Petworth, that ain’t happening.

    My neighbor and I managed to dig out 35-40 yards of the alley behind our homes all the way to Ingraham St., only to wait in vain for Ingraham to be plowed. It’s currently sitting 18-24 inches deep in slushy snow, untouched by a plow.

    • JW

      I think that map only shows major roads… could be wrong. So roads could be plowed that are not on the map. For example, I am pretty sure at least part of Webster has been plowed but it doesn’t show it on the map. If we are looking at the same map.

      • Anonymous

        unless you count the 100 block of Ingraham, the 5200 and 5100 blocks of 2nd St. NW, and all the side streets between New Hampshire and Eastern Ave. north of Riggs Rd. in NE DC to be “major roads,” it’s showing ALL plowed streets. In fact, it’s showing some plowed that haven’t been, like the 100 block of Ingraham, where a 4 foot berm from a half-plowed street sits across the middle of the the block.

  • Asti

    Well considering my street wasn’t plowed from the 1st snowstorm, I think there are some issues here. Emergency vehicles couldn’t even access my street with all the snow and ice. So when a tree fell down and knocked out power, nothing could be fixed with no access to roads. So no power, meant no heat, and with 2 small children we couldn’t leave even with an SUV, so that is troubling to me.

  • I read this before I left for work this morning and my opinion now has changed. After taking over an hour to get from 13th and T to 20th and E I learned how bad most of the sidestreets are and how jammed the main roads are due to only 1 or two lanes being available due to snow being piled in the aprking lanes.

    DC is still under a snow emergency as I learned from my “rate 3” cab fare. If we are still under snow emergency I don’t think DC governement should be open.

  • Anonymous

    Not that it was my first choice, but I was out driving around the District on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and I could get everywhere I wanted to go without the benefit of 4WD. Following a storm this severe, I think that’s impressive and shows that the mayor focused resources where they needed to be.

    If people really want side streets cleared more quickly, here are two ideas: (1) support the pols who campaign to raise your taxes, because that’s what pays for plows, salt, maintenance, and drivers or (2) when you go out and shovel your sidewalk and front steps, do the street in front of your house, too.

  • You know Mayor Fenty wanted all his employees at work…thus my belief is that he should have had all the streets plowed so that the employees could get to work.

    He is clueless, and his desire to be the hard boss makes him out of touch w/ his constituents and employees. I am still walking on the streets, cars still wiz by me like there isn’t a ton of snow and ice, and getting to work on the metro and home takes over an hour.

    Yes there was a lot of snow, but yes i do blame his management style for not having the streets plowed. My street was plowed ONCE and has not been touched since.

  • Anonymous

    let me just add that i’m over in the SE today for work, and there are MANY streets that never saw a plow. it’s icy and hard to drive on some of the streets. sad. if anyone has a reason to complain, it’s many of the SE residents.

  • Ragged Dog

    By the way, Grey sounded absolutely ridiculous this AM being interviewed by WTOP. His entire segment was devoted to blaming Fenty for not calling him during the storm and then sounding like an idiot when asked why he didn’t pick up the phone and call Fentry instead. “I’ve reached out to him on many occasions in the past”. Really? Really Big guy?

    You’re a dillweed Chairman Grey. (to the tune of, “You’re a mean one Mr Grinch”)

    Also, if MD/Va are so big on DC streets being plowed, why didn’t the offer to send their plows over? It’s not like they’re getting shipped from the Eastern Block, just keep driving when you get to the boarder….

  • Krssy

    I thought the city did a good job during the Dec. snowstorm. I don’t think they’ve handled this one two punch all that well though. Someone needs to be held accountable and Fenty’s on top. The fact that 1/4 or more of the city’s plows are out of commission is ludicrous. There has to be a way for the city to get the parts it needs. If MD has the National Guard hauling salt around the state in the middle of a storm cause it’s in the wrong place, than the city should be able to find someway to get the parts it needs shipped in. Assuming they don’t keep those things on hand, which they should. I also think its ludicrous that only half of many of streets are plowed. The fact that they dont get the streets clean in a timely manner only makes it more difficult to plow, because the residents start parking their cars crossways for easier access.

    It seems like after the first storm the administration thought, “glad that’s over for the year” and this time they were caught off guard and unprepared.

    • Ragged Dog

      It’s the city council’s job to pay for and provide working equipment. It’s the mayor’s job to use what he has.

  • lou

    What was really galling about that Chris Matthews segment is the Harry Thomas, who was in Miami at the Superbowl, was there griping about the mayor’s performance. Yeah, and where were you again? Who has more in common with Marion Barry during the big snowstorm that brought him down?(answer: Superbowl in warm places)

    I’m not extremely happy with Fenty at this point in his tenure, but this is something he can’t be blamed for. The equipment had to be used so much that about a third of it actually broke down.

  • Janson

    These snows, as everyone knows, have now exceeded all recorded prior events going back well over a hundred years. This snow is literally exceptionally unlikely. It would be catastrophic financially for the city to be prepared for this kind of unlikely event.

    Where do people get their expectations? Chicago, for example, 1) has never gotten this much snow in a single event 2) maintains a very large snow management process and urban taxes are higher as a consequence.

    I’m impressed all around by the effort of the city given that they have neither the tools nor the skills to cope with a problem they shouldn’t be prepared for.

    I’m less impressed by the residents of DC who seem to be addicted to entitlements and services. The person driving the plow has a family at home snowed in and they are doing our street instead of their stoop. We would all be well served to appreciate and emulate their commitment.

  • Anonymous

    Some knob abandoned their car in the middle of my street- so no I don’t ame Fenty for not plowing. I do however want to kick the knob

    • Anonymous

      we live on the same block, I think and it is ridiculous that a car and be abandoned in the middle of the block for 72 hours. the 311 dispatcher told me to wait until the middle of next week to expect it gone. THAT is unacceptable, but do I think Fenty is to blame? No.

      • Anonymous

        I think I spotted the knob trying to shovel his way out this afternoon. He had a shovel in one hand and was holding his cell phone in the other and was in deep conversation.

  • PM

    No. This is not normal for DC. We’re all dealing with the same thing

  • David T.

    I think the city workers is doing an incredible job. I am eager for the lettered streets in the neighborhood to get plowed, but perhaps they already have been while I was at work. once that work is in place, I can finally finish cutting in the ped-x walk throughs. I’ve been impressed about how available the DDOT and DPW directors have been to the media as well.

  • CleanWheels

    i think the city needs to reassess its policy regarding alleys. a lot of homeowners still heat their houses with heating oil, and those tanks are typically accessible only through the alley. this amount of snow could mean that people don’t have heat, because the oil trucks can’t get through the alley.

  • mphs

    Fenty doesn’t drive the trucks, and he doesn’t make it snow. But he is responsible for each misleading assessment he makes at every grandstanding press conference.

    And, he must despise his workforce, the non emergency ones, who he made report to work all week. But to keep them home, he’d have had to admit how bad conditions were/are and why would we expect him to be accurate and truthful at that point.

  • Half Side

    The problem with Mayor Fenty is that he is half ethnic, he can,t make up his mind about which ethnic half of the city streets he will clean first. Ward 1 vs Ward 8… Po Fenty,nice guy but in over his head like the other leader in dc who is in over his head.. wink wink.. next time we need to vote for a non half person regardless of ethnic background. Fenty for X Mayor, he can start a company with Sharon Pratt Kelly, Marion “Barley have my fast ball” Barry, Walter “No Juice old school” Washington, Doug Duncan, and Charlie “like to party” Wilson
    John Mayer, singer, song writer and pop culture racist!!

  • Concerned parent

    As a DCPS parent I was alarmed when Fenty and Rhee wanted to open the schools on Monday. To me this seemed more about wanting to make himself look good for keeping the schools and DC govt open at the risk of harming children. He only caved with public pressure.

    My street is still not plowed. I understand that we had more snow than ever before but Fenty keeps doing press conferences around the city describing the streets like they are in a lot better shape than they really are. That is my other beef.

  • 1. I blame Fenty for opening DC govermnment (and all the business that follow it) this morning even though DC was still under a snow emergency.
    2. I blame Fenty for the toally gridlocked downtown DC traffic tonight. Where were the police directing traffic at intersectionms? Where were the tow trucks towing cars/trucks blocking lanes?

  • I also blame Fenty for my typos today (sorry…forgot my glasses).


    I have come to realize, Adrian Fenty might be suferring from a mental health breakdown. Fenty have turned into a monster and many D.C. voters/residents in Ward 4 hate both Fenty and his puppet Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser.

    I would vote for a Demon in hell before I voted for King Adrian Malik Fenty.



    Mr. Chris Matthews and Mr. Jerry Phillips were on point with their comments about Mayor Fenty. Mayor Fenty have lost many D.C. voters support with his aloofness and his style of management. Fenty’s decision to open the D.C. Public Schools 2 hours late and keeping the D.C. Government open showed his lack of concern for our children and D.C. Government employees lives to score political points during this horrific blizzard. Most Metro buses weren’t operating and the Metro trains were operating only underground on last Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday there were no Metro bus service and how did Mayor Fenty expect for D.C. Government employees to get to work and many of them live in the States of Maryland and Virginia? I am beginning to think something is seriously wrong with King Adrian Malik Fenty mentally.

  • Half Side

    I told everyone that Fenty does not know whih half of his race he prefers, consequently; he is a confused half baked of a person. Time for Fenty to manage his parents running store and elect a person who is sure of him or her self — Enter Jim Graham for mayor of “Dupont Circle” DC.

  • Chris Matthews

    Half Side, for a minute I forgot Adrian Fenty is a black man. He did such a poor job of removing the snow, that I just think of him as a bad mayor.

  • Pamela Lowe

    Yes – he should be held responsible. He should be held responsible b/c it was like he was so concerned with getting DC govmt back to work and school that he didn’t take into account what snow crews couldn’t do. It’s almost like a “let them eat cake” mentality.

    Anyone who bashes the DC Council – you are outright wrong. The mayor is the Executive – it’s his job to execute. Thankfully some Councilmembers got on the horn to say what most of my neighbors in Ward 4 were saying – but didn’t have the platform to get the message to the mayor or out on the airwaves. Thanks for the statement on Monday made by Kwame Brown asking for the Mayor to reverse his decision.


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