Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user SMWieland

Well DCist covered the harsh words from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews yesterday. And I was personally surprised to see the following tweet Tues. night from At Large Council Member Kwame Brown:

“Mayor needs to clear residential streets of snow now. Only getting worse with today’s storm.”

Believe me I wish all the streets and alleys were plowed but that is simply impossible with back to back storms like this and a limited number of plows.

I’m not trying to be naive but it seems like a simple calculation. Paving all the streets is going to take time. (Especially given the delay due to the whiteout.) But my question is simple – is it fair to blame the mayor if your sidestreet wasn’t plowed yet? When do you think it is fair to assume that all the sidestreets will be plowed?

Overall how would you say the city/Mayor did given this is the most snow the city has ever seen?


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