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  1. Yes.
    Four dogs, one guy?! Holy Jeebus, Mary and Joseph! Call the cops! Inform Interpol! Get Spiderman down here quick!

  2. 20$ to the person who puts up a sign with the picture of the moron who made this flyer to humilate them in public.

  3. Or better yet.. start calling and emailing the committe with random “sightings” from time to time.

  4. Is this the same guy from a few months ago who kept going out with 10+ dogs at the same time?

  5. Think this is a bit overkill?

    Probably. It’s also depressing that a dog park needs its own committee.

  6. I agree that it’s depressing, but it’s necessary. Dog parks only became legal in the District in 2005, and that was the result of a lot of hard work by citizen’s groups and various other committees.

  7. you need a committee because the dog-park relies on volunteers to keep it running aka cleaned, maintained, locked/unlocked. you think the city is sending folks to do that? uhm. no.

  8. Isn’t this the same guy who walks like 15+ dogs at a time?

  9. Oops. Warderite beat me to it…

  10. Well, is it 10+ or 15+?

    What’s the harm, or does he let them run free like a pack of wild dingos?

  11. You’re not really helping his cause if you actually think it’s overkill … a little Photoshop face blur might be in order.

    But good to know we can identify the dog park rule violators even if we can’t get a positive ID of guys who murder kids in front of multiple witnesses. DC, writ small.

  12. Actually I want to know who this guy is so I can congratulate and help him increase his army of dogs by letting him (and paying) walk my two dogs. — just to spite the waste of oxygen who made this printout.

  13. this just shows what happens when the community gets involved :)

  14. This must be a mistake. It’s clear in the photo that he only brings TWO dogs to the dog park. der…

  15. HAHAHAHA!!! Awesome, Stephanie!

  16. I think it is fine. Bad dog walkers are a menace and give other good dog walkers a bad name.

    If this guy is taking more than three dogs to the park, not only is he a problem for the park visitors but it is also likely he isn’t telling the dog owners what he is doing.

    I’m aware of one dog walker who recently took 15 dogs to Fort Dupont park — off leash — and they went into pack mode after a park ranger horse so fiercly that the park ranger had to fire off his weapon to break up the pack, and the dogs were all taken to to the Humane Society (where their owners had to bail them out). I know this is an extreme example, but I’d want to know what is going on with my dogs when I pay someone to care for them.

  17. I agree. Why should some dog walker- and I knew a dog walker in the 90s who walked dogs in order to pay for heroin because he couldn’t hold down any other job- get away with using a public dog park for his business.

    He runs a dogwalking business, let him obey the rules or let him walk the dogs to his own private property. If he doesn’t own private property where he can keep the dogs, IT SHOULDN’T BECOME OUR PROBLEM THAT HE DOESN’T HAVE THAT PROPERTY!!!

    Sheesh people. It’s his business, let him buy the commercial property for that business. It’s just that simple.

  18. It’s absolutely NOT overkill. Dog parks have a 3+ rule because one human cannot properly control more than 3 dogs. It puts other dogs and owners in the park in serious danger, and can lead to law suits and all kinds of other crap. A growl can easily escalate to an intense and horrible situation.

    p.s. That sign has been up for months. He hasn’t been back in quite some time.

    p.p.s. We get it. Dog owners are silly and ridiculous and are all worried about silly and ridiculous things and should really be more worried about trash collection and murders. WE GET IT.

  19. “Dog parks have a 3+ rule because one human cannot properly control more than 3 dogs.”

    What a stupid claim to make. Unless you have owned or dealt with more than three dogs how can you possibly know what one human can handle. I do own three dogs, and I foster other dogs for rescue. And despite your assertion, I don’t have a problem controlling my dogs. Meanwhile, some people who own only one dog are incapable of handling that dog and are generally the dogs that cause problems in park. The rule is the rule, and that’s that. It doesn’t require foolish rationalizations.

  20. He brought dogs to the dog park!? HOLY FREAKING GOD! Call the committee! Go to Kinkos! Make flyers!

    If we find this guy, we’re going to scold the living crap out of him, and possibly get the police involved so they can scold him too! Dear lord!

    In fact, we ought to expand the power of the Shaw Dog Park Committee. I believe they should be able to declare martial law when someone is suspected of bringing more than three dogs to a dog park. We ought to go door to door and find this guy. He’s ruining the community!

    Also, to any of you who’d claim that there are bigger problems in Shaw than this dog park committee rule offender, I’d challenge you to name one. We ought to be devoting more time to stopping public enemies like this one.

    Come to think of it, I think I saw him with a 3-headed dog (clearly a rule violation) a few blocks from the park. And he had horns. That’s right. He’s Hades incarnate.

    Sic semper tyrannis!

  21. Prince Adam Only Experimented

    Always good to have a John Wilkes Booth/Brutus tie in.

  22. NOT DOGS IN A DOG PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. this is nothing, i went to a dog park in d.c where a sign was posted complaing about other dog owners who let their dogs bark to much……??

  24. If he is rolling in on blades guys, it’s the Dog Whisperer. He’s a trained professional.


  25. I’ve had to separate my two dogs from fighting (got a nice scar out of the deal), I’ve had my female dog attacked at an unofficial dog park by another dog and had to take her to the ER with serious abrasions, and I’ve had to separate the male dog from fighting with a family-member’s male dog (blood was drawn from both.) I think it’s really important for whomever is supervising the dogs to be in control of them and you simply cannot do it when you’re walking multiple dogs. Even the best behaved dogs have their moments and you don’t know what’s going to set them off. This is not just about him breaking the rules, he’s also putting the safety of the dogs he’s walking, the other dogs at the park, and the other dogs’ owners at risk. Every other official dog house I’ve been two had a two-dog per person limit and when they’re running around willy nilly two dogs are plenty to hold your attention. I cannot begin to fathom keeping track of ten.

    This guy’s been warned to stop, he keeps doing it, I don’t think it’s overkill when safety is the issue.

  26. While I can empathize, Giant Squid (I’m a dog owner in the community who goes to dog parks and has had similar issues), I believe that this ought to happen on a case-by-case basis. And if someone’s at a dog park who can’t control their dogs, we ought not to be passive-aggressive and we should call them out and tell them to get lost.

    Making a blanket rule and putting up flyers with this guy’s face on it is bizarre, and it’s also very silly. It’s very difficult not to make fun of this.

    Very difficult.

  27. He’s been told to get lost multiple times. The flyer is there to make people aware of the situation/rules so they know to tell the guy to leave.

  28. My dog was also viciously attacked at a dog park and had to spend an overnight in the dog hospital. There is no way a person can responsibly control 3 dogs and this flyer appears to be a last resort measure. Those who mock it have never stayed up all night waiting to hear if their dog was OK and then spent hundreds of dollars on medical bills.

  29. “There is no way a person can responsibly control 3 dogs”

    And another foolish person buys ino this stupid and uninformed statement. If you can’t control more than three dogs, fine. But I don’t have a problem controlling 3-5 dogs on walks and in parks. So don’t make foolish claims based on your own limitations rather than fact.

  30. “I think it’s really important for whomever is supervising the dogs to be in control of them and you simply cannot do it when you’re walking multiple dogs.”

    See the comments above addressing this same stupid, uninformed claim. What would we do without people attributing their own limitations to others.

  31. On the committee, each dog park must have a non profit committee/org to run it, per DC law/DPR rules. Those are the people responsible for cleaning it, maintaining it, etc. The dog parks are kind of public/private partnerships.

    I cannot tell if the guy in the foto is Johan Amaya, owner of Caninos Pet Services (www.caninospets.com) or not, but Johan is one of the big time offenders. I’ve seen him at that park with 30+ dogs before. It was an unreal site. He’s been at walter peirce with large packs as well. At $17 for an hour, your dog gets to run wild and he makes bank.

    The 3 dog per person rule also comes from DC/DPR, and is one of those things they can use to close down a dog park.

  32. 3-headed dog! Love it!

  33. Hey shaw dog park committee,

    Get a life.

    People who don’t bitch about every single thing they don’t like about living in a city.

    PS We mean it.

  34. On the committee, each dog park must have a non profit committee/org to run it, per DC law/DPR rules. Those are the people responsible for cleaning it, maintaining it, etc. The dog parks are kind of public/private partnerships.

    Did not realize this – thanks, Bloomingdale.

  35. Serious Resident 99

    You guys must have a really hard life if you spent this much time to our the rogue dog walker. Get over yourselves, this is borderline pathetic.

  36. Serious Resident 99

    *our = out

  37. I think that might be Cesar Milan’s son, actually. Bobby Millan.

  38. @Bloomingdale

    You’re kind of a snitch, you know that? Grow up.

  39. Colonel K, you’re kind of an asshole, you know that? Grow up.

  40. And how do you feel about the “Stop Snitching” and “Snitches get Stitches” culture in general? Bet you like it when people are willing to talk about things that you find important.

  41. commissar murphy

    Snitchin’ is bitchin! PoP, engrave that on something.

  42. can’t people have different priorities from your own without being told to get a life and that they are pathetic? what kind of life do you have if you have time to post such petty, unthoughtful and unreasonable comments back? people don’t want their dogs getting attacked by an uncontrolled pack, is that really so difficult to understand?

  43. I love that you wrote “different priorities from your own” instead of “different priorities than your own.” Thank you.

  44. “people don’t want their dogs getting attacked by an uncontrolled pack”

    I’ve been in a lot of different dog parks, and while I have never seen a pack of dogs attack another, I’ve often seen single poorly trained and poorly controlled dogs with inept owners attack other dogs. In fact, the problem is far more often incompetence in dog owners rather than problem dogs.

  45. @ Anonymous 3:39PM

    If it’s such a problem, take your dog to another park. Like the dog is really going to complain! This is bloody ridiculous. What’s next? A post complaining about the dudes who post up in front of the liquor store?

    Dang dude, if you want peace and quiet move further uptown or to arling-tron.

  46. So you take Mommy’s money to “slum it” in the dark and dangerous city. ooooh, if somehow it got peaceful and people stopped getting shot then your fantasy world of how tough you are just would be shattered.

    Go back to Iowa.

  47. I am amazed at the level of vitriol in these comments.

    Dog park rules are dog park rules. There are reasons for the rules – reasons that have been laid out by the likes of @GiantSquid

    @He Man’s Gay (and anyone else who said something along the lines of “just talk to the guy”) – you’ll note that it says in the flier that they HAVE talked to him, and he has refused to comply.

    All of you people whining about how stupid the rules are probably bitch when drivers don’t stop at stop signs, or when pedestrians walk against the signal. Rightly so, because there are reasons for the rules.

    Good lord, internet anonymity makes people stupid.

    PS. I don’t (currently) have a dog. Nor have I ever been to the Shaw dog park.

  48. The rule is arbitrary and the flyer is profoundly silly, whether I’m anonymous or not. It depends on the person and it depends on the dog. I break rules all the time, often because they’re stupid.

    This flyer is hilarious and if you can’t see it — and you think what I’m spewing is vitriol and not sarcasm — then boo hoo for you.

  49. This is a perfect example of how some people would rather repeat their own beliefs ad nauseum, rather then listen to disconfirming evidence or contemplate changing their minds or admitting they might be wrong.

    IF what Bloomingdale said was true (and I am assuming it was), i.e., that “The 3 dog per person rule also comes from DC/DPR, and is one of those things they can use to close down a dog park.” then indeed the rule is NOT arbitrary nor, therefore, is the flyer “profoundly silly” as He-Man’s Gay would like everyone to beleive.

    RATHER, the involved parties are justified and acting in accordance with local rules. For that matter, they are a manifestation of what those people who actually use the dog park) are concerned with.

    In other words, this is a local issue and local residents are getting involved because it AFFECTS them.

    If you don’t like it, then don’t comment. It clearly doesn’t affect you and you just like to bitch. But the people who are affect have EVERY right to deal with this matter in the legal, and frankly, restrained, way in which they have done.

  50. it is only a dog park!! if i am with my dogs and there are problems i leave. i come back another day or time flexibility.. when did dog parks become a junior high play ground and the up tight dog owners become the monitors? relax people.

  51. My dog was attacked in the blink of an eye. Not always possible to leave before there’s a problem; as a dog owner, please be aware of that (in all seriousness). You should consider yourself lucky to think that this guy (apparently) repeatedly breaking rules is no big deal.

  52. it isnt any big deal at all in my opinion..im tired of overly righteous worriers very very tired…

  53. well… then you’re just willfully ignorant. i hope your dogs aren’t attacked by a dog with an irresponsible owner and end up with serious injuries.

  54. I have the solution! No more dog park = no more pack of dogs in the dog park = no asinine signs.

  55. Anon 3:39 has it absolutely right. There are lots of topics covered here. How about a little EGO CONTROL and chew back the urge to comment on posts that don’t readily apply to you?

    The comments can be (should be) 50% of the value of community blogs but when they get hijacked by bored verbal masturbators, it renders the whole thing pointless. Many dog owners would have a reason to be interested in this. If it isn’t your scene, shrug and move on. Nothing to see here, go be fashionably cynical somewhere else.

    Unless this is what people DO now… It’s like going to a movie you really don’t want to see, then bitchin’ about it through the whole effin’ thing. Real bucket o’ laughs. Great times.

  56. Dude. The flyer’s ridiculous. It’s a wanted sign for a dogwalker. I don’t spend a lot of time commenting on here, but this made me laugh really hard. I appreciate your general sentiment, but this particular sign deserves even more ridicule than I have time to offer this afternoon.

  57. You prove my point: you just like to bitch. You’ve admitted as much. Maybe your job is boring? Maybe you need another hobby? But I would suggest that you get a life of your own, rather than spend your time telling other people how silly THEY are. You just end up looking like a fool.

    And, oh, boo hoo hoo, I’m posting anonymously. Wanna bitch about that too?

  58. So, He Man’s Gay, you just admitted that you have no dog in the fight, but simply like to bitch about other people’s posts and belittle their opinions?

    And, well, you say you “don’t spend a lot of time commenting here” but you apparently do. Just go to google and search for

    site:www.princeofpetworth.com “He-Man’s Gay”

    Looks like 72 hits come up.

    So, which is it? You just like to bitch about other people a lot, and then lie about it in an attempt to take the high road…or just need a life?

  59. 16 hits, dude.

  60. Seriously, most of these people who are complaining about this flier are either a) not dog owners, or b) just trying to stir shit up on a slow work day. Because if they were a dog owner, they would realize the importance of the 3 dog limit.

    Being a dog owner, I understand the importance of dog owners/walkers controlling their dog.
    When I take my dog to the park we go very early in the morning so we don’t encounter many other dogs and their negligent owners. I’ve been in situations where owners are too busy flapping their lips on the phone while their dog is going around causing havoc in the park. And like others have said it really does not take much to set dogs off.

  61. dogs are pack animals and are probably loving the hell out of their walks. you really think they would me more stoked to walk with just the dude alone? As long as the handler is talented with dogs. And this guy clearly is. Then whats the problem? At the core of this complaint I think its not about the dogs at all. Just the fact that this dude probably pulls in 50k a year walking dogs. And that makes people bitter.

  62. Wait. What?

    I have a big dog. I own a home in Columbia Heights. I certainly have a stake in the game. Where’s the ‘vitriol’ coming from, exactly? I haven’t made any ad hominems, and I’m hardly bitching about other people.

    The flyer’s ridiculous. That’s my comment. Why is it such a big deal to post that comment? PoP’s question was ‘Is this overkill?’ My answer is YES! And my original sarcastic reply was just that. Sarcastic. Get over it and take a breath. It’s a freaking wanted sign for a dog walker for bringing dogs to the dog park.

    It’s hilarious, and it’s absurd. That’s my commentary. Eat it.

  63. Sorry if I upset you guys with what I said. I’m having a rough day because my boyfriend just left me. Peace.

  64. Well done. Touche. You’re a comic genius (though not an intellectual one, surely, since I bet you’re the guy who doesn’t understand how to use google.

  65. i know that orko was really a jerk to you…but do yourself a favor and don’t go crawling back to skeletor again. you know he’s bad for you.

  66. He-man, give me a ring sometime. I’ve always been more of a cat person.

  67. it totally looks like the person bloomingdale pointed out.

    if you look at the second video on that website, it looks like the same guy. how he can have that many dogs out running free in a field is ridiculous! no way i would trust him with my dog!
    my dog was bitten during a game of fetch in a park by a golden. happened so quickly, there was no way to know it was going to happen. not like some situations which escalate, this happened without warning.

    this guy sounds like he has been warned repeatedly. i do not think the flier is ridiculous. if i was at the park and saw him coming with a bunch of dogs, i would leave.

    i am so tired of people thinking that the rules do not apply to them!

  68. It’s sad that it is necessary but it’s not overkill.

  69. I enjoy walking my large dog around the neighborhood, too. Let’s just leave it at that, alright guys?

  70. Not overkill at all.

    This guy has been around for a while, and he consistently trumps a very legitimate rule, a rule that exists for everyone’s comfort and safety. It’s the DPR’s job to enforce that rule, so there’s no harm at all for someone to call the ranger if this guy shows up with his dozen-or-so dogs.

  71. Is there anyway to get security fences, barbed wire, a full time armed security guard and possibly a moat to make sure this crazy man does not attempt 3+ dogs again.

    We should check ID’s and fingerprint all who let their dogs in this park.

    Its the only logical way to deal with something like this.

  72. Is it just me, or are the two topics that bring out the most vitriolic back and forths in this forum gentrification and dog parks?
    To answer PoP’s original question, no this is not overkill if, as someone said earlier, there is a rule against having more three dogs in the park and violation of the rule can get the park shut down. This flyer was not posted all over the city, it was posted at a dog park and the intended audience is dog park users. It is in their interest to identify and report someone who’s selfish behavior could get the entire park shut down.
    I don’t know why so many people feel the need to hate on dog owners. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Kudos to them for organizing and getting public spaces dedicated to their usage.

  73. Whoooooo Cares?!?

  74. Just to clarify, taking Cerberus the three-headed hellhound is okay?

    I never take my dog to a dog park; they’re like the canine version of Lord of the Flies and my dog is way too meek and gentle to get much enjoyment out of the experience. However, I think this approach is perfectly okay if the guy has repeatedly refused to abide by a reasonable rule.

  75. It looks like he could actually handle about 5 or 6 more……

  76. William Waybourn

    as if this is some new phenomenon? I think wayan is just mad that this dog walker is prob making a ton of money. At ten bucks a dog thats 140 bucks for an hour or two of work and prob in cash.Well, at least the dogs look like they’re having a good time. Now that young urban professionals are waiting until at least the age of 40 to procreate, dogs have taken the place of children in their lives. Seriously, the constant doting over dogs in this city is annoying and crazy, and this is coming from someone who likes dogs. They fact that there are even dog parks in existence is still crazy to me.
    Interesting to hear George Kassouf say he spoke to the guy–I’m glad to hear you spoke with him before taking his picture and creating this post. Did you verify everything you mentioned in your original post? Was he actually a dog walker with 10 clients? Was he not picking up feces? Were the owners unaware of what he was doing? Was he charging $20? Was he telling the owners that they were getting solo walks or walks with fewer dogs? I’m not trying to be a jerk–I just see everyone spouting opinions here without anyone having any idea what the guy was doing and under what circumstance/pretext. Seeing a guy walking 14 dogs doesn’t necessarily mean he is a scam artist. Sure, good excuses are thin, but facts first, please. Opinions second. Here s the other blog he was on, http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2009/11/the-dog-walker-is-ripping-us-off-by-wayan/

  77. this is not how we do it in colorado.

  78. I am guessing that all of you making nasty comments about dog park rules either (1) do not own a dog or (2) never take your dog to a dog park. You have to keep control of your dog(s). That is not always easy in a dog park — dogs take on pack behavior. That’s what they do; they’re DOGS. People who cannot or will not control their dogs can be a big problem. Shaw Dog Park — thanks to the volunteer committee — is very well run and a great place to go. Not like the 17th Street Dog Park, which has been plagued by problems with irresponsible owners.


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