Where is the Best Bloody Mary in Town?

by Prince Of Petworth February 18, 2010 at 2:30 pm 32 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jess J

I know the above photo is not a bloody mary but I love that shot. Anyway, the post asking about Wonderland’s free waffles got me thinking. This is a question I often ask my friends but have never posed to PoPville in general. Where are the best Bloody Mary’s in town? I’ve heard many folks mention The Heights?

  • Jill

    Nellies makes a really great bloody mary. The Heights definitely has the variety and makes them well, but for a standard one I think they are amazing!

  • 1905 Restaurant (in the 1900 block of Ninth Street) has an AWESOME Bloody Mary. The homemade mix is unique (I’d describe it as celery salty, worchestershirey, smooth, and spicy). They usually serve their Bloody Marys with mean beans and olives. Oh god I want to be drinking one now.

    Speaking of, 1905’s brunch is hands down my favorite in town. Their menu is creative (e.g., brie french toast is very tasty) and really good.

  • MT

    Tune Inn. (And they’re cheap).

    • Second that! Tune Inn @ 331 1/2 Pennsylvania Ave SE.

  • GiantSquid

    I’m a big fan of Matchbox’s 9 (the one with the salt & pepper rim, spicy mix, and proscuitto-stuffed olive)

  • h to g

    Bar Pilar hands down.

    • I second that — it comes with a bacon swizzle.

    • jamison

      absolutely and without a doubt. i’ve been making a point of trying Bloody Marys everywhere this past year and these take the cake. (also kudos to tabaq and bourbon).

      highest booze content/bang for your buck is definitely at the diner in adams morgan.

      overall worst one i’ve had so far was probably at ‘kitchen’ in glover park. that place does have bangin biscuits though.

  • Mare

    Bistro du Coin makes an awesome bloody mary.

  • lainelout

    Red Rock’s are spicy and excellent, I like them so much I asked the bartender for the recipe. Not too thick, not too thin and plenty of brunch booze. Its like the Goldielocks of Bloody Marys.

  • Sleepy

    THe heights for sure. in fact, all of the eatWell stores – Heights, Commissary, Logan Tavern have exceptional Bloody Mary’s. What is great about the Heights is they have a full Bloody Mary menu where you can choose from various liquors and ingredients. Commonwealth is very good too. The Argonaut has a make your own Bloody Mary bar, which is a lot of fun. Although it’s not the best.

    • tree spoonduck

      it’s a shame the bloody marys at the heights are tainted by the taste of their dreadful, overpriced food

      • Anonymous

        agreed! i keep giving them another chance because they have great bloody marys, but am repeatedly let down by the awful food.

  • HK on RCC

    Bartender Dan at Rocket Bar has his own Bloody Mary Kit on weekend days and it’s delicious. Also- Old Glory in Georgetown is really good- they rim the glass with a mix of salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.

    • Jill

      I didn’t know Rocket Bar had anything to offer besides childhood memories of my dog peeing in the basement. I will keep that in mind! Is he there every day?

  • Ward One Resident

    Bourbon…love them! Although I do like the option of adding a pickle and bacon to mine at The Heights…

    • Wow, really? The worst bloody mary I’ve ever had in my entire life (in any city, anywhere) was at Bourbon. I had three out of town friends with me and they still say when they come to visit that they’ll happily go anywhere but there for brunch b/c the bloodies were so awful. We ended up choking them down, but were forced to switch to drinking bourbon before noon, so in that regard, the day was salvaged.

      My favorite is the Old Ebbitt. They use beef broth. It’s delicious. And I also like Matchbox for the variety. And anywhere that offers Clamato is always a winner.

  • TJ

    Tonic serves the Red Eye, half bloody mary and half stella. Served with a stick of bacon. Who doesnt like bacon?

  • Quetzal

    Tonic. It’s simple and to the point. Plus you can add bacon!

  • Andy

    The $2 Bloody Mary’s with Brunch or $4 without at Red Derby are great. It’s not a pint glass, but spicy and well worth it.

  • Clyde’s of Georgetown makes a great bloody mary, believe it or not. Yeahhhhhhhh I want one nowwww.

  • Leeroy Sputnik

    Bourbon, hands down.

    The Diner on 18th Street is tasty as well.

  • Park&Park

    I love Domku’s bloody domku, but since the rest of the Domku experience is so godawful, I’ll probably never have it again. But the bloody domku is almost good enough to make me sit there and wait an hour for my food to come.

    • evan

      Domku’s ‘Bloody Domku’ is amazing. Super spicy and incredibly flavorful– made with chili aquavit, not just timid vodka. On top of all their great drink and tap beer (Ommegang, Rogue). And the food is great! Pancake balls, Mushroom Eggs Benedict, Salmon Hash?

  • Anonymous

    Pollys on U st between 13th and 14th

  • MK

    Firefly on NH Ave and Chart House in Alexandria

  • Et Ux

    My favorites are at Busboys & Poets and Belga Cafe. I think the one at Bourbon is completely undrinkable.

  • Thoughts

    The Heights’ bloodies are good… but they put Old Bay on the rim regardless, and its too much for me. I’m not a fan of Old Bay… yeah I said it!

    And bacon doesn’t seem to be a new or original thing anymore… I’d like to see some beans, pickles, olives, cucumbers, etc. I haven’t found the best but will try some of these places!

  • Melanie

    I wouldn’t recommend the ones at Eatonville… They come with an awesome triple olive garnish, but they are overly seasoned – can’t even taste the tomato!

  • Liz

    since when is putting a pickle enough to get you on the “best of bloodys” list? Where I come from a bartender would be punched for serving a bloody mary without a pickle, olive, and a stalk of celery.

  • Anonymous

    i wonder how many posts on PoP contain the phrase, “where i’m from”

  • Becca

    Belga Cafe on Barracks Row – topped with spicy celery foam!


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