• Anonymous

    Was the first one was made with a tilt-shift lens or post processed with photoshop?

  • llahood

    It’s post processed with Photoshop. I wish I had a tilt-shift lens though!

  • ah

    I’m not sure the PS tilt shift works really well with the scene because of the way it blurs the trees. It certainly doesn’t give the classic tilt-shift miniaturization feel.

    I do like the colors from the warm glow of the sunrise (set?) and overall image composition. I might just ditch the TS.

    • Anonymous

      Tilt Shift always has the blur… and i feel the trees look quite minature .. it just works better in some pics of a wider area or from above.

  • anony

    it looks really cool. what effect(s) did you use in PS?

  • llahood

    I actually took the photo using my iphone and then used the Photoshop app to manipulate it a bit. If I would have used my computer, I would have toned down the blur a little. Either way it was fun to play around with the app and to capture the beauty of Grant Circle on my morning commute.

  • pretty shocked that this was taken and manipulated completely with an iphone… i mean… you could have taken and finished this photo while sitting on a bus during your morning commute. love it!

    • Mal

      Agree – that’s pretty awesome!

  • That dog’s feet look too small for its head and body. Were they photoshopped?

  • llahood

    Awww. No, his feet weren’t photoshopped. He just has very dainty feet. :)

  • anony

    dainty feet and all, that’s a good looking dog.

  • llahood

    Thanks anony!

  • Carla

    Awesome photos! :)

  • CM

    Yay Jack (the dog), great photos!


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