The Dog Walker is Ripping Us Off by Wayan

by Prince Of Petworth November 3, 2009 at 4:00 pm 46 Comments

This Dog Walker is Ripping Us ALL Off: walking 14 Dogs at once, some without leashes

Speaking of dogs, I thought this note from Wayan was very interesting. He writes:

“Dog Owners

He’s ripping off the dog owners who think their dog is getting an individual dog walk service. At 14 dogs at a time, this isn’t attention or exercise for your dog, just a factory-walk where the dog is pulled along with others. Small dogs could get hurt and he would not notice, or be able to stop it – he has 13 other dogs to try and control too.

Dog Supporters

With a 14-dog pack, this dog walker is exploiting those who support dogs and dog parks in Washington, DC. He is unable to control the dogs – three were off leash in this park – which will lead to complains about dogs running after people off-leash. And at 14 dogs, he is not possibly able to pick up all dog poop, leaving dog feces for others to step in and complain about.

Dog Walkers

If you enjoy making money walking dogs, dog walkers like this will have the city regulate or ban your industry. At 14 dogs, he cannot control this pack. All it takes is for one dog to get in a dog fight with another dog or a child, where he cannot control it because he’s trying to rein in the rest of the pack, and he (and you) will be front page news for all the wrong reasons.”

What is the maximum number of dogs a professional dog walker should be able to take out at once?


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