Washington, DC


Wonderland is located at the corner of 11th and Kenyon Streets, NW. The party will start at 7pm and will go till around midnight. Come on up to the second floor when you get there though I imagine the party will circulate around the whole bar eventually. Remember to wear your PoP t-shirts (t-shirts will also be available for purchase) to take advantage of the generous tab donated by Wonderland and Looking Glass Lounge for those wearing PoP t-shirts. Also Pete’s Apizza has also been kind enough to donate pizza so get there early to take advantage! And for those who have never caught the band O’Tasty, fronted by Red Rocks Pizzeria owner James O’Brien, be sure to get there by 9pm. DJ Stephen Outlaw will be spinning at 10pm. Thanks to all who have been kind enough to contribute to the party. I look forward to seeing and meeting folks in “real life”!


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