Washington, DC

ADT Security, originally uploaded by JaeYong, BAE.

“Dear PoP,

Tonight three men saying they were from ADT security came up to my basement apartment window asking me to come outside to speak to them. My roomate was inside and aware of the situation so I went to speak to them. They were asking questions like if I lived alone, and how big the apartment was, and if I had my own system installed and wondering if I was a student. They were dressed up as ADT men with polos and badges and gave me a card, but the questions they asked and the fact they were walking around after dark put me ill at ease. Have you heard of these men walking around recently and do you know how to find out if they are legit?”

A few months ago I heard from someone saying something similar happened in the Bloomingdale neighborhood. I’m not sure if it was ADT or another company. I know I had a representative from another service come to my door and start asking about my alarm system. I simply told him I was happy with my service. He then continued to keep talking about his service and I said I wasn’t interested. He continued talking and I raised my voice a level, not yelling but firm, looked him in the eye and said, “did you hear me? I’m not interested”. At that point he walked off.

My suggestion if this happens to others is to first to say you’re not interested if you open the door at all. If you are slightly interested I would highly recommend asking for identification. If they refuse to give you ID, say thank you, and close the door right away. You should also feel free to call the police if they don’t show you ID. If they do show you ID, make sure it has the companies name on it and it would also be smart to write down the name of the person.

My general rule is to never engage folks who come door to door. Has anyone else been receiving these visits?


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