Washington, DC

Dear PoP

ignorance, originally uploaded by yosita_82.


“So, PoP, what do you do when you see one of DC’s finest throw his trash out of his squad-car window?”

Yikes, I would be very angry. Obviously unacceptable, especially from one who should be leading by example. I suppose if the car was moving you wouldn’t be able to approach the officer to voice your dismay. Hmm. I may be crazy but if it were me and the car was stopped I would go talk to the officer in a very respectful manner explaining why I was upset. If that wasn’t possible, I guess I would take down their license plate or squad car number and then contact my Council member. You can also email me the information and I’d be happy to pursue the matter. I think cops happen to have a really difficult job but this behavior is unacceptable. I’m sorry to hear about this – that is for sure.What would you guys do in this situation?


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