Washington, DC

Thanks to Lindsay for alerting me to the new 911 policy mandating all police calls go to 911 instead of non emergency calls to 311. Now, as I’ve mentioned before I’ve been hit in the head on more than one occasion and I’ve killed many a brain cell through my own behavior, but why on earth would you combine non emergency calls with emergency calls? I’m sure there is a proper answer here, I just can’t imagine it. I mean will they double they amount of operators answering 911 calls now? Also, before when I called 911 I knew my call would be taken with the utmost seriousness but now if we have dozens of people calling 911 because there neighbor is playing the stereo too loud – won’t 911 be cheapened. Do you know what I’m saying? Someone explain the merits to me, please. Anyway, here is the email from the listserv Lindsay found:

POLICE RELATED CALLS MUST BE CALLED INTO 911…311 will now be used for
the Mayors Customer Service Requests

911 – all police related matters – emergency and non emergency, need of
ambulance, fires

311- all other governmental agency requests/city services – cars towed,
streetlights replaced, streets repaired, animal issues, abandoned
vehicles, trees trimmed, trash pick ups, etc..


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