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  • Grand Marnier

    I’ve been there a few times, and while it is a little more expensive, the quality and variety of the plants is much high than the Depot. I think that Garden District has been open for around 4 years, and every year it seems like they add more things to buy (they have a fantastic herb selection!).

  • dl004d

    It might be a bit more expensive, but it’s much more convenient! And do you really want to go all the way out to Home Depot for a few herbs?

  • Anonymous

    More expensive, definitely, but I go there when I need some expertise. They were able to diagnose and treat a nasty something on my hydrangea. They’re very helpful for the novice gardener.

    A year ago or so there was talk that the owner was contemplating opening another store either on Georgia Ave or H St. I sent him an email that advocated for the Georgia Ave location. Haven’t heard anything recently about this, however. I really would love to have a garden store in the neighborhood.

  • J. Con.

    PoP–You’ve got to support the local garden store, man! I go there about twice a month–okay, fine, my wife drags me there about twice a month–but I do enjoy it. The staff is courteous and knows about plants. Try finding that at the Home Depots in D.C. or MD. We’ve received excellent advice from the folks at the Garden District and now we’ve got a thriving Petworth garden from which we eat nearly every day!

  • Heather

    We bought a lot of plants from the Garden District last year. The customer support they gave us and advice is something we could never get at Home Depot in a million years… I’d rather pay a bit more money to support locally and to get good information from an expert.

  • Anonymous

    They seem like nice enough folks there, and much of what they have on site is pretty good, but the small size of the location is not really ideal. Little variety and no speciality items. The two times we’ve gone there we inevitably end up having to go to Johnson’s on Wisconsin Ave. to get everything we need. It’s really a wasted trip unless you’re just getting a rosemary plant to sit on your apartment balcony. If they were to move to a realistic location (such as the aformentioned Georgia Ave) we’d go back.

  • Anonymous

    it’s a great place to have in town. I also recommend Ginkgo Gardens on Capitol Hill and Johnson’s Garden Center in Tenleytown. I use Home Depot though to buy cheap mulch and filler plants – you can get some great deals if you buy them fresh off the truck before the staff can kill them. I would LOVE to see a garden center in Petworth.

  • bogfrog

    The selection is limited, and the staff sneered at me because I was not a gay man. They said, “if you don’t see it, we don’t have it.” This was in April. Then they tried to convince me that I needed orchids… just about the opposite plant from what I was looking for.

  • Chris

    Its a great place to buy plants. The staff is quite helpful. Actually, it is part of a row of great stores. PULP, next door, is probably the best card store you can find in the mid-Atlantic. GO MAMA GO, just north of PULP, is fantastic gift shop with all sorts of interesting finds, from bento boxes to passport covers to imported candles. Noi, the owner, is probably the most socially responsible person there is. She is constantly raising funds for battered women, HIV research, the arts, and so on. She is tremendous.


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