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Governement and Politics January 11, 2016 at 4:57 pm

If DC wants to stop small time crime, they need to stop crime "wasp nests" first

In my neighborhood there is a wasp nest. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week people exit and enter. There are often lookouts pacing up and down the block ready to alert people inside that cops are coming. Some even peer at their phones as if they have a means of early warning for when police are coming. I get random people at a ll times of day leaving trash in front of my house, and pissing on my basement steps, even though they know I live there.

Ambulances have been to this particular house on many occasions to treat people who overdose regularly… Why the activity at this house hasn’t stopped is beyond me, but one thing’s for sure, it’s a magnet for almost all the crime activity in our area, it’s obviously a wasp nest…

Neighbors are too scared to confront people as they smoke weed on the streets, and quite often, groups of kids congregate and sell drugs and litter in broad daylight while moms walk down the street with baby strollers… Heck, there’s even a school nearby with young children, but somehow the Bowser administration and Chief Lanier have no clue that this is going on in so many neighborhoods in DC, and even in NW DC, which didn’t have this kind of activity just 2 years ago.

I own my house, as any other people do, I can’t imagine how I’d sell with people hanging out all day in front of it, as this kind of activity drives home values down. This also makes me think that someone has an interest in leaving negative activity in my neighborhood to do just that. Lucky for me, I’m not selling right now, but it makes me wonder why this situation is perpetuated when I get pulled over by cops for just walking home, or for talking to a friend on the side of the street?

More recently, patrons and possibly residents of the house I’ve cited have been more aggressively hanging out in my living space, asking me questions when I’m outside, such as “Are you renting?” and for spare change… They even do drugs in my front yard, and obviously exchange drugs and cash in plain eyesight. This is not acceptable. If cops truly patrolled the streets, and if there were undercover police operations in my neighborhood, this drug house would have been closed over a year ago. Also, stiffer sanctions need to be placed on landlords that regularly rent to people who are later convicted of crimes. The landlord is very cognizant that illegal activity is happening in their property, they may even be involved in it as far as I know.

I think it’s long overdue for citizens to demand more from DC government in all neighborhoods of DC. The surge in petty crime is growing into much more serious offenses and it’s eventually going to start affecting the lives of more innocent people. DC needs to institute more operations to end drug dens (wasp nests) and carry it out in a fair and transparent manner. It is not acceptable any more for the local government to say they are “working on a solution”. The only reason why crime rates are temporarily on the decline is the colder weather, if nothing new is done, we’ll experience an even bigger surge next summer. I think this situation is coddled by a lack of neighborhood/community enforcement and foot patrols and too much reliance on speed cameras as an enforcement angle of policing. Cameras only monitor, they do not deter other crimes, nor do they catch perps. Revenue generating cameras are not a good solution for crime enforcement overall, especially citing the sheer amount of money we pay in taxes for services that law enforcement is bound to supply to us as DC residents. I hope we as citizens grow to expect more for our adherence to the law and tax payments.

Neighborhood News March 25, 2014 at 10:29 am

For those who thought it was a NIMBY issue – Group home on Taylor

Well guess what…turns out all the neighbors concerns were legit. The group home has been in less than a month and here is what the neighbors have had to endure.

Last night one of the residents had a buddy at the back gate waiting for him and made a run for it out of the facility. As far as we know he is still out there. When an attempt to contact the POC for DYRS was made there was no answer and the voice mail was full so couldn’t even leave a message. Neighbor saw whole thing and called the police but people inside facility had no clue till police showed up. As for his friend waiting for him in the back yard, wonder who he was and what his history is and real great he is making his way onto the block.

Sunday evening 3/23 4 MPD cruisers pulled up and arrested one of the residents. Neighbors were told that it was a curfew violation. Well seeing how we can’t get 4 MPD cruisers to show up for a major drug bust and if your in the facility at the time how is it a curfew violation. DYRS lied about this one.

Residents are suppose to be supervised 24/7 but on Saturday 3/22 a resident was observed leaving the facility with non-staff person. It was obviously one of the residents because his ankle bracelet was visible.

Neighbors have seen the residents using drugs in the backyard.

So they have been there less than a month and this is what is occurring. What is to look forward to in the next 6 months or a year. They need to shut it down now. Life Deeds is just making money (taxpayer money) by warehousing these kids, not supervising them properly and scooping up taxpayer money by charging enormous amounts of money per kid per day with no notion of actually rehabilitating them. Life Deeds is an evil company who does not have the interest of these children as it’s priority. Something has to stop this from continuing. If your asking what CM Bowser is doing….did you hear that? Its called the sound of crickets and her doing nothing. BTW this company also made big contribution to her election fund just before they started accepting residents.

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