cafe paradiso
2649 Connecticut Ave, NW

A reader reports:

“The long time Woodley Park Italian restaurant was totally dark and had a closed sign on the door tonight. It appeared all fixtures and furniture were removed and the menu was removed from the display case.”

On August 7th Cafe Paradiso shared on their Facebook page:

“Today Sunday is the our last day at Cafe Paradiso after 27 and half years in business, we had wonderful time and met wonderful people, made lots of friends, got married and had kids, my brother Samer and I saw our business flourish, it is very hard to walk away and say good bye to our wonderful staff- family some been with us for over 20 years, I thank them all, also our customers and neighbors many thanks.

Cafe Paradiso was a great place to come to work every day for 27.5 years and it will be missed by Samer and I we tried our best every day to make a great environment to work and for our customers to enjoy.

For all of this we are blessed and grateful.

Thank you Cafe Paradiso.

Samer Zeitoun
Salim Zaytoun”


Update from The Delano Apartments:

“We wanted to clear up confusion since the article “I don’t know what kind of person takes the belongings of a recently homeless elderly woman in front of her while she cries” which was posted on 9/2/16 at 12:45pm is almost entirely fabricated, and we wanted to explain what actually happened.

There was an eviction which occurred, however the evicted was someone who was deceased. This person did not have any family, next of kin, will, or anyone with power of attorney. This was a very sad and unfortunate situation, and after attempts to contact anyone who could possibly hold power of attorney failed, unfortunately eviction is the only option. During an eviction, federal marshals oversee the whole process and require everything in the home be placed on the sidewalk.

It is extremely disappointing that the writer fabricated the events in this blog post, adding confusion and controversy to what was already a very sad event.

Thank you,
The Delano Apartments
2745 29th Street, NW”

“Dear PoPville,

An elderly African-American woman was evicted from her apartment on 29th St NW between Woodley Park and Calvert St on Monday afternoon. Her belongings were placed on the street in front of her building after the eviction. (more…)

2631 Connecticut Avenue, NW

From a press release:

“Nando’s PERi-PERi, the South African-Portuguese restaurant known worldwide for its spicy flame-grilled chicken, will celebrate its grand opening in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington on Sunday, September 11. Nando’s has transformed a vacant bank at 2631 Connecticut Avenue, NW, into a colorful and soaring dining space that embodies the Nando’s spirit.

all photos courtesy Nando’s Peri-Peri

During its grand opening day, Nando’s will donate 100% of proceeds to the nearby Oyster-Adams Bilingual School. The school’s parent-teacher organization, the Oyster-Adams Community Council, will use the funds to provide critical resources for students, including music and art education programs, and professional development for teachers.

More photos and info after the jump. (more…)


“Dear PoPville,

I ride my bike from my apartment to the Woodley Park metro pretty regularly. I lock it up and then take the metro to work. For the past month, my bike has either been damaged there or somehow abused. Here is a listing.

-Someone tried to steal my bike, couldn’t do it, so they undid my chain and then broke my bike bell.

-They tried to steal my bike again, couldn’t do it, so they stole my bike pedals (for some reason).

-My helmet was stolen.

-A LED light was stolen.

I know locking your bike anywhere in the city is “at your own risk” but I feel that that particular area is being targeted. Everyone who locks a bike up there should do so with extreme caution and never leave anything on it that you care about.”

3000 Connecticut Ave, NW

Boom! Duke’s Counter from the owners of Duke Grocery in Dupont soft opened on Friday across the street from the Zoo. It was certainly sad to lose Zoo Bar but Duke’s Counter is looking like a worthy replacement. This is a huge score for the Woodley/Cleveland Park crowd. Hell this is a huge score for those with little kids who go to the Zoo a couple times a month/week. Seriously, while the space was still being set up when I stopped by Sunday morning – you can get a good idea of how awesome the space turned out. The dark interior from the Zoo Bar days (good for Blues and Jazz) have been completely brightened:

mural still in progress

More shots and a look at the menu after the jump. (more…)